Be fatal: The best way to charm his horoscope sign

Virgo is in most cases a 'control freak', Scorpio is motivated by jealousy. They will want a girl who they know is desirable for other men too...


Aries enjoys being someone's trophy. He likes showing off first, and only after that making love. Also, he will expect you to 'pay him a tribute' and admire him when you are in the company of other people. The thing he can't stand is you flirting with other men.


The Taurus are great lovers. They will enjoy the most a nice dinner after which you'll be kissing him from head to toes. Make sure that the surrounding is decorated with luxurious details that the atmosphere is peaceful and – you can expect being rewarded for your effort. The Taurus don't like sleeping in a bed that's not their own.


All of you who keep falling in love with members of this sign, don't get upset when you realize that, even though they dress provocatively, many Gemini aren't too interested in sex. They love flirting and witty conversation that comes right before the intercourse. Once you get a Gemini into the bed, you'll be facing the next challenge – how to make him faithful. One possible way is always to keep him in some sort of unresolved situation because of their curious nature.



If you are attracted to a person born in the sign of Cancer, get ready for having to play the card of his ego. They may be most demanding of all the signs. They lust for physical contact, affection and much more emotional ensuring than usual. You will have to show and prove your love for him all the time. This means that you will, before everything else, have to keep your promises. Cancer has to trust you, or there will be no erotic freedom whatsoever.


If you are dating a man in the sign of Leo, try paying him compliments all the time, and be as honest as possible – about his amazing abilities thanks to which he earns serious money. Make sure he thinks that you see him as some kind of a genius. Leo likes people that make him feel good about himself. Never criticise him because that definitely won't bring you sex. 

Be fatal: The best way to charm his horoscope sign


Virgo is in most cases a 'control freak'. They most often imagine the world and then live in it. It is usually a very practical world whose point is reaching a long-term goal. Nothing excites them more than the idea of commitment. Avoid too revealing clothes because Virgo doesn't fall for that. 


Men born under this sign have an innate sense of humor which is almost programmed to chase away every form of intimacy. It could be weeks and weeks before you get an honest answer from him. That is their defense system because they don't like it when people get too close to them. Libra likes taking initiative and he will soon lose his interest in a person for whom they think they can't control or for whom they don't have to try too much. 


Scorpio is motivated by jealousy. They will want a girl who they know is desirable for other men too. On the other hand, you can be barefoot, pregnant, be the subject of gossips, but if he thinks you are desirable, he won't give up that easily.



These sensual beings like food and drinks, perfumes and everything that smells good. They don't like jealousy nor attempts to control, and they like to look hard to get. Since this is a sign that symbolizes travelling, it shouldn't be specially mentioned that planning for any trip will satisfy Sagittarius. Seducing them in a train or a hotel is a great idea! Also, they are fans of exotic places such as deserts or mountain tops. 


Capricorn feels most comfortable when they are convinced that they have plenty of support and unconditional love to back them up. You will collect points with man Capricorn just by being by his side- at the right place, at the right time. Capricorn is prone to luxury, so offer to decorate his apartment and he will consider you sexy straight away.


The favorite scenario of an Aquarius is sitting and having a long conversation with somebody they love. He loves talking about himself and his long-term plans, so make sure to share his enthusiasm regarding the planning of the future. This sign enjoys everything that is on the verge of fashion or culture. If you dress well, a man in the sign of Aquarius will definitely notice you. 


Pisces want to share everything with you, even the money because they believe that joint bank account is pretty sexy. However, emotionally they are a very insecure sign. You will always have to convince him that he is the number one.

Be fatal: The best way to charm his horoscope sign