Zodiac signs weakness: Aries have a weakness for a fine wine, Gemini for travels, Leos for exercising

Everyone says that they like to sleep, enjoy good food or travel, but it seems that each sign likes something more than others.


A glass of wine for Aries

Arians like to be accepted and loved by other people. They enjoy fine wines, clothes and everything that can help them to stand out in the crowd; they feel the best when they have money to spend.  They like new trends, exotic cuisines, flowers, vibrant colors and to be dominant in sex.

Taurus enjoys sleeping

Taureans are focused on enjoyments, so things they enjoy the most are sleeping, great food and sex. They are lovers of massages, smooth surfaces and soft materials, spending time with family, and keeping order in life. Their priority is their financial security, and emotional as well- so they tend to make safe and rational decisions about their future.


Geminies want to travel

New experiences, new people- these are the priorities of this sign. What unifies these two things are traveling, which they simply adore. Apart from that, they are crazy for socializing of any kind, they like to discuss, even argue, do several things at the same time and save time, they like gadgets and technology in general.

Cancer loves his family and food

Cancers feel the best when with their families around the dining table, with a lot of delicious food on it. They put a lot of energy into the relationship with their partners, friends or family members. They like to be praised and complimented, to be rewarded for their work, they like flowers, to tidy history and watch documentaries. They enjoy reading books, learning, and they also like alcohol. 

Leo likes action

Exercising, good looks and staying in shape are important things in the lives of every Leo. They like all kinds of physical activities, provocative clothes, to stand out in the crowd, silk, gold and to save money. In love and friendship, they insist on a lot of attention, they like to be complimented on everything they do. They appreciate erotic and sexuality exploration, they like it when their partner makes an inner for them, and they have a weakness for sweets. Generally, they like animals.

What do they have a weakness for: Aries have a weakness for a fine wine, Gemini for travels, Leos for exercising

Virgo likes to plan

It is not important whether the plans are realistic or not, Virgos will make them and do their best to realize them. Planning is one of their favorite activities. Apart from that, they like to have several possibilities in everything, to have their medicine cabinet full (just in case), perfumes, having a shower, helping others, practical things and comfortable shoes.

Libra likes to be pampered

Libras like material thing, space and decorating. They enjoy to be pampered, to receive flowers, presents and other tokens of appreciation. They like to discuss the things they're interested in, to read and listen to interesting information, and visiting trendy and luxurious places. They like credit cards and shopping, and to have someone to talk to.


Scorpio adores sex

Scorpios have a weakness for physical pleasures, not for food and sleep, but for pleasure in bed without which they cannot live. They like to prove themselves and to make their way to promotions, be innovative, have new ideas and secrets known only to them. Strong emotions are important to them, as well as people who differ from the majority. They have a weakness for cars and homemade cakes.

Sagittarius likes to be different

Sagittarian like the sense of freedom and moving- at work, travels or relationships without limits. They like to philosophies and play smart on something, and adore small children and animals. They also like people with an unusual approach to life who help widen their horizons, kissing and romance, spontaneous parties and sports.

Capricorn likes to be appreciated

Capricorns want to become important and appreciated in their environment. That's why they like to be assigned different responsibilities and opportunities to demonstrate everything they can. They do not appreciate money as such, but the comfortable life and commodities it can buy. He likes expensive travels, nice food and beautiful things they can share with the people they love. They like partners that impress them, but above all else, they love their families.

Aquarius adores barbeque

Aquarians are great fans of barbeque as a symbol of hanging out with friends. They like to develop new things, to build with their own hands, plant flowers... The sense of freedom and lack of restrictions are very important to them, so they like people who do not ask questions and do not have big expectations, but let them define their relationship. They like to be recognized and to spend money.

Pisces likes romance

Pisces are, deep in their hearts, hidden romantics; for them, there is nothing better than to be on a vacation with a person you love by your side. They like the sea and everything connected to it, nature and animals, daydreaming and visiting new places. They have a weakness for healthy, organic food, mountains and waterfalls, people who are gentle and polite and for their own privacy hidden from other people.


What do they have a weakness for: Aries have a weakness for a fine wine, Gemini for travels, Leos for exercising