Powerful and composed– this is the best woman of Zodiac

Find out who is the best woman according to horoscope ...

She has various qualities, starting with strength, composure and tolerance to being highly enduring, responsible and focused. In a word - she is a super woman!

This is a woman born in the sign of TAURUS. Your main virtues are great patience, composure and sensitivity. But, on the other hand, you have the fiery side that you exhibit when it is triggered by someone. She always has her own opinion about everything and she firmly believes in it and nobody can manipulate her.

What are you like when it comes to:

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When you meet the person with whom you simply ‘click’, this friendship will last forever. You are loyal and always willing to help, cherish friendship and love to socialize, especially when it comes to friends from childhood. In return you are looking for the same loyalty and affection, which is logical, because you love to be equal in everything. You know that man is happy with just one best friend, and this is how things are with you, because the quality is more important than quantity! You avoid quarrels and don’t like conflicts with the ones you love.

Powerful and composed– this is the best woman of Zodiac


Woman Taurus is one of the ideal partners of all horoscope signs. You never rush and prefer to get to know potential partner first, and only then engage in a relationship. Therefore, your relationships last for a very long time, and often for life. When a woman Taurus enters a relationship, she gives all of her and she is a great support, a friend and a lover. In return she wants loyalty and safety and protection. Her best relationships or marriage can be with Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo and Cancer.

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Style of a woman Taurus is elegant, feminine and of the highest quality. To her quality is essential, not quantity, so she has fewer clothes, but each item is of amazing quality that highlights all her attributes. She loves business and serious look, so in her wardrobe we can often find tailored suits, skirts, dresses and jackets. Since her style is simple, this is also the case with the choice of colors: neutral and pastel colors are your biggest ‘love’ when it comes to clothes. She regularly goes shopping, but always prepared, because organization comes first, instead of aimlessly roaming around the mall.


Powerful and composed– this is the best woman of Zodiac