How does your karmic seed grow: are you going to owe or profit

In each new birth - in the process of reincarnation - we meet again about 60 to 70 percent of people we knew in our past life

(or past lives)...

Jyotish, in Western civilization known as Vedic or Indian astrology is very powerful, accurate method for predicting the future. However, it is less known that Jyotish very precisely describes and reveals our relationships with people close to us in a past life ...

This role of Jyotish is completely acceptable and easily understood by connoisseurs and lovers of astrology, because this ancient doctrine is entirely based on the theory of karma (law of action and reaction, destiny, fate) and reincarnation (new embodiment).

The greatest minds of Jyotish, originators and creators of the best-known astrological classics, Parashara Muni (approx. 3000 BC) and Varahamira (505-587) based their observations and records on the past, present and future birth of an individual in this material world. They tell us that we re-born and transfer our karma from past life, so in the present life with our personal acts we create new karmic seeds (profit and debt) until one day we reach moksha (ultimate liberation from attachment to material world and its products) .


In each new birth (in the process of reincarnation) we meet again about 60 to 70 percent of people who we knew in our past life (or past lives). In simple terms this means that, with about 60 (more or less) close people who belong to our family or social circle (father, mother, husband, wife, children, grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces , cousins, lovers, mistresses, boyfriends, girlfriends, close friends, close colleagues, great enemies and similar), so the people who we were in close friendly or hostile relationship - we meet again from past lives.

Someone who was our father, mother, husband/wife, children, grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nephews/nieces, cousins, lovers/mistresses, boyfriends/girlfriends, close friends, close colleagues, enemies ... also reincarnated (embodied), just like us, and in this life with them, we have given a new (and sometimes old) type of relationship (in one of the above mentioned ways).

How does your karmic seed grow: are you going to owe or profit

In other words, someone who in our past life was the father, in this life can be our mother, daughter or brother ... And someone who in past life was a close friend, in this life can be our uncle, sister, grandfather or aunt. (Of course, above mentioned examples are only hypothetical and don’t represent a certain rule that should be taken into account for the determination of the right kind of relationship.)

Type of relationship we had with these people close to us in past life can be very easily discovered based on the layout and position of the planets in our natal chart, as well as in natal chart of a close person.

By comparing these two charts, Jyotish (Vedic astrologer) can easily identify and describe the existing relationship and tell us almost everything about the following important things:

kind of relationship we had with our loved ones in previous life,

whether the relationship was good or bad, friendly or hostile, the

amount of karmic debt between close people, who owes more and what he owes (according to the universal law of the Universe, karmic debt has to be repaid), if there is a need to repay great karmic debt in the shortest possible time (this is important, not to transfer debt to a close person again into the next life), area of life or more of them, in which the one who owes (and it can be us or someone close to us) supports and thus repays the karmic debt,

if there is unsettled or a tight situation in which there is the same amount of karmic debt between two people (we and a close person owe each other the same amount of karmic debt)

We are witnessing different relationships we pass through in life, family, love, social or business etc., which can be extremely positive and friendly with a certain close person, while with someone else who is also close, our relationship is full of enmity, rivalry and unpleasant situations that you would rather avoid. So, some of our loved ones through different periods of life selflessly offer their support and encouragement, sacrificing their time and energy for us whenever we need it, while others close to us (from family, social or business circle) cause problems, trying to make life quite difficult whenever it's possible.


Why is it so? While we try to maintain good relations with everyone, some situations simply get out of control and despite our best wishes, a person close to us is going to ‘stab us in the back’ whenever they get the chance. Evidence of this is everywhere around us - in real life (in the family, at work, among friends), crime, Facebook, novels, newspapers, movies, TV series, etc.

If you get a chance to compare your natal chart with the chart of a person close to you try to understand your relationship fully. Good understanding of the relationship from the past will help you better handle a particular person (or assume a ‘better guard’) to resolve some currently existing conflicts in a satisfying way (which will significantly improve the quality of your relationship) ... That would be the way to more peaceful and more settled life, which provides much-needed peace of mind and happier future in this time of chaos and turmoil.

How does your karmic seed grow: are you going to owe or profit