Every morning, millions of people wake up with the feeling that everything is reversed, upside down and that nothing suits them.

The door handle is on the opposite side of the door, gear shift in the car is placed to the right which they find impractical, the tool is adapted for right-handed people ...

The whole world seems to be turned to the right. Term ‘Left' became a bad epithet. It generally denotes something wrong, incorrect and inappropriate. Is it wrong to be left-handed? Opinions are divided, but first things first.​

Who are left-handed people, and are they different from right-handed people? These are mostly men - two-thirds of them belongs to the male sex. Handedness is often inherited from parents. It has been determined that 50 percent of parents who are left-handed - have left-handed children. Scottish-Irish family Kerr, had so many left-handed offsprings that in 1470 in their castle 'Ferniehirst', they built a special staircase to help the male family members who were into fencing.


However, left-handedness is not solely attributed to genes. About 84 percent of left-handed people were born into families where 'things are held and changed with right hand’. In addition to that, there is 12 percent of genetically identical twins, where one is left-handed and the other right-handed.

Left-handers make up only 10 percent of the population. This is, of course, true in humans. All other species from chimpanzees to chinchillas, equally used both hands. Looking for the explanation - how the brain works with the left-handed, scientists have come up with observations that the right hand is associated with the left side of the brain and - vice versa. Right-handed people in 95 percent of cases have a center for speech and communication located in the left hemisphere of the brain, while it is different with the left-handed.

LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE LIVE LONGER THAN THE RIGHT-HANDED: Everything you didn’t know about them

Unusual statistics​

Some scientists believe that the left half of brain produces linear, logical information, while the right rules human emotions and mood. This also explains why left-handed people are more than others at risk of developing schizophrenia and suffer from various phobias and manic depression. Results of one study showed that left-handers are more likely to commit suicide. There are about three times more suicides among them than in the right-handers. ... One scientist has found that with left-handed people, it is 12 times more likely to develop dyslexia and stuttering. With these listed predispositions at first glance it is amazing that these people are capable to survive.​

But it is not so, on the contrary. Being left-handed has its advantages. Specifically, scientists found that 20 percent of mathematical geniuses use their left hand to write. Mensa, an association whose members are people with high IQs, also reports that one-fifth of their members -  are left-handed. The ability to integrate in themselves features of 'logical' left side of the brain and 'intuitive' or artistic right side, often allows left-handed people to express themselves in many fields of human activity.


Interesting facts about left-handed people​

- Left-handed persons are more numerous among children whose IQ is higher than 131.​

- Left-handed people have three times greater chance of becoming alcoholics, because they use the right side of the brain, less tolerant to alcohol.​

- There are two times more left-handed men than women.​

- The study has shown that left-handed men are 15 percent richer than right-handed men who finished high school, and 26 percent of those who graduated from college.​

- If both parents are left-handed, the chance that their child is left-handed is 50%. At the same time, both parents who are right-handed have only 2 percent chance to get a left-handed child.​

- More than 2.500 left-handed people die each year due using items adjusted to right-handed people.​

- They reach sexual maturity 4-5 months later than right-handed people.​

- Left-handed people who experience a stroke, recover faster.​

- In Pennsylvania there’s a college, the only one of the kind in the world, where only left-handed persons get educated.​

- Right hand symbolizes masculine energy and the left female.​

- Right-handed people live about nine years longer than left-handed people.


LEFT-HANDED PEOPLE LIVE LONGER THAN THE RIGHT-HANDED: Everything you didn’t know about them