Get in touch with your subconsciousness

We could say that radiesthesia is as old as humanity itself.

In drawings found in caves of prehistoric people there can clearly be perceived possible originally forked sticks which helped tribe’s sorcerers to find the most suitable accommodation, food and water. Egyptian priests used a pendulum to advise those who came to them for help, directing them to the most suitable occupation for them.

Ancient Greek’s records from the year 4000 BC, talk about the practice of radiesthesia in Crete, and it is assumed that pendulum was used at the Pythia’s oracle at Delphi. Around the year 2590 BC in ancient China, specially trained imperial officials analyzed the terrain before the building would start so that the premises wouldn’t be built on sites where there are ‘evil spirits who bring disease and misfortune’, or they were looking for one, sources of water and hidden objects.

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Radiesthesia may sound like a complicated skill that only a small number of people understand and a number of those who master it is even smaller. It is actually a skill that more or less everyone has, and that allows us to feel radiation as something like encrypted information. In fact, there are rays and radiation around us that we can’t consciously feel with the help of five senses (X-ray, infrared and ultraviolet rays, and radio and television, radar and space), but that body recognizes through sensors that are built into it (some call them the sixth sense).

Explanations of these fields of information we find in the eastern term ‘Akasha’ (ether or pervading space), which was brought to the West by psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the form of the concept of ‘collective unconsciousness’, but also in quantum physics as a ‘unified field’ (the theory which is considered to had been finished by Nikola Tesla just before his death). People who practice radiesthesia believe that out of that unlimited field of information around us, with the help of the body as a sensor and radiesthesia tools as amplifiers of these signals, we can get all the required information.

When a radiesthesist holds a pendulum in hand, he, on a subconscious level, ‘reads’ radiation around him, and his body reacts to subtle movements, causing the pendulum to move in a particular direction. That way he gets an answer to a question.

Get in touch with your subconsciousness


Large numbers of people can practice radiesthesia under the condition that they don’t have a mental block, that is to feel negative about it. There is a wide spectrum of its application, and most often it is used to detect harmful radiation (from underground, universe, environment), technical radiation, underground water, ore, lost or missing person, diseased parts of the body and for the choice and cleaning of crystal and jewelry.

The most practical radiesthesical tool is pendulum (clapper or sinker). It is believed that it came to West from China and India, and it received greater attention at the end of the 19th century. It can be made of copper, brass, silver, gold, amber, glass and similar. Inside it is usually hollow in order to put a sample in it when searching for it particular material (water, metal), which will greatly facilitate the task.


If you don’t have a real pendulum, you can use any object hanging on a thread, ring, clip, or a pocket watch on a chain. Before you take the pendulum, relax, silence your mind and bring yourself to a meditative, so-called alpha state. Sit with your back to the north. Heat the pendulum between the palms of your hands because warmth will increase its movement.

Hold the thread of the pendulum lightly between your thumb and forefinger. Palm is facing the ground, elbow rests on a solid foundation, and forearm is slightly lowered.

Then, mentally or aloud, ask the pendulum to show the movement for ‘yes’ and then for no’, these movements can be circular, rectilinear or elliptical, and generally these will be valid in your further practice.


During operation keep neutral, don’t get emotionally attached to the questions, whether they are related to you or someone else. Carefully design the questions because subconsciousness interprets them literally. The wrong answer can actually be correct considering the literal interpretation of the question. You will get a clear and correct answer only to a well-defined question.

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Remember that you should never be hasty with answers. If you are not sure, you should rather ask more questions about the same object in different ways, and make a conclusion based on multiple answers.

After working with pendulant, remove accumulated harmful radiation by holding one hand under a slow stream of cold water while watching the movement of the pendulum in the other hand, as an indication of completion of discharge pendulum will move as long as the procedure lasts and stops when the procedure is completed. Be curious in the application of this method, which will help in reaching some otherwise unattainable responses for your own good and for the good of people who surround you.

Get in touch with your subconsciousness