The reasons people leave you in a horoscope: Pisces is full of spite, Sagittarius thinks only of himself

Cancers take every criticism personally, and fickle Gemini can deny their partner tenderness and attention.

Libras one day promise one thing and another day, something other.

When in a relationship or marriage something goes wrong, many don't want to realize how much their mistakes and bad attitude towards the partner contributed to tensions in the relationship. You need to have the courage to look in the mirror of truth and face your weaknesses. Some of us have a sudden nature, the second are principled, the third are too possessive.

Aries are blind to their partner's needs

Aries can be self-centered and not sufficiently tolerant towards their loved ones. They find it difficult to admit to their partner that he was right, and it can hurt him and make him feel unequal. The Aries think that, when they are interested in something, their partner is equally interested in it or, if they want something badly, that must be the case with their partner too. Sometimes they are blind to desires of their loved one or don't have the patience.

The Taurus feel cozy in marital routine

Taurus in long-term relationships become lazy too quickly. Over time, and they are not even aware of it, their relationship becomes monotonous. Once they settle cozy into a routine, it is hard to get them to move. They expect the same behavior from their partner, but if he likes company and going out, selfishness and inertia of Taurus may disrupt the relationship. Due to their materialistic comprehension of life, they don't have much understanding for emotional partners who might have been happier with more tenderness than with expensive gifts from Taurus. Women can't stand it when they criticize their cooking or their maternal role.

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The Gemini are ironic

Their fickle nature is a major obstacle to achieving a stable relationship. They are hasty and impatient, and they often don't let their partner finish saying his thought, but immediately interrupt him and start talking about something else. Even though we have to give credit to these Mercury people for lucidity and emphasized intellectual capabilities, most of them are ironic and like to be mentally superior to their partners, who they criticize for their flaws or mistakes, and can't see their own. They can be cold and calculated so that the other party may be deprived of tenderness. Let them follow their pace because they are not supporters of the system work but current inspiration.

The reasons people leave you in a horoscope: Pisces is full of spite, Sagittarius thinks only of himself

Cancers smother their partners with emotions

Emotional Cancers are constantly looking for proof of love so that they may become boring to their partner. Their offensive nature is something that could be put in order with a little self-control, but due to their excessive sensitivity they take every criticism personally.They are sensitive so don't be rude and tactless because they despise that. Don't underestimate them and don't say they are bad parents or that they don't know how to deal with the children, because they will never forget it. Don't call them being economical, being cheap. Since they are romantic, don't let them see by any chance your lack of interest while they are trying to awaken the memory of how you met.

Leos like to humiliate and boss around

Proud Leos 'suffer' from the absence of self-criticism, and that's why, when something goes wrong, they will almost always blame their partner. Leos also make mistakes when they expect that their partner has to support them in everything and admire them, and they are not aware that they are not perfect. In family life, Leos love to have the final saying, and since they are very bossy, their partner may feel unequal. All Leos have great pride and are self-centered so they can't handle criticism. To them, you are ideal if you can give in and give compliments at the right time.

Virgos split hairs and criticize

Because of their need to experience everything in life rationally, they are very difficult and demanding partners. They can be critical and look through a magnifying glass for partner's flaws and then complain. Their biggest mistake is that they give themselves the right to criticize, and if the other side tries to warn them about their mistakes, they react by arguing and insulting. Virgo keeps perfect hygiene and care of the food, so if you don't show enough interest in that, you won't achieve a lot.

Libras don't keep promises

Unstable Libras are not aware of how many headaches they can give their partner because of promises they don't fulfill. They don't do it on purpose, but they often don't do what they promised. Because of their need for comfort and easy life with as few obligations as possible, they are rather a tremendous burden than an equal partner. In long relationships, Libra relaxes so much that they will allow themselves to be half an hour late for dates, and those who are married, will regularly forget their partner's birthday or anniversaries. Be as just as you can because Libras have a great sense of right and wrong.

Scorpios are skeptical and sarcastic

Possessive Scorpio expects total commitment, loyalty and obedience. She is not even aware of what kind of pain she may cause to her partner by constantly reminding him of all the affairs he had before her or when she suspects of infidelity because he didn't come home immediately after work. Scorpio's nature is such that she always suspects that there is a conspiracy against her, she becomes jealous and full of dark thoughts. Due to her sarcastic nature she can revenge to her partner, especially if he doesn't 'play' according to her rules. Don't encourage her jealousy and don't look at members of the opposite sex when she is there.

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Sagittarius only think of themselves

Optimistic Sagittarius can't understand their partner's bad mood and fatigue, so they usually misinterpret these. Since they are mobile and social, they exaggerate with absences from home without even asking their partners if they want to go with them. They have a traditional partner by their side; sometimes they don't realize just how much they can hurt the other side with their wandering. If they see you sleeping or just sitting doing nothing during the day, they will think you don't know how to live your life to the fullest.

Capricorns are too strict and cynical

Emotionally stiff Capricorns may unconsciously smother their partners with their too serious understanding of life. They expect complete partner's loyalty, and since they are suspicious, it doesn't take them much to start accusing partners of infidelity. They don't have much sense of humor; they are cranky and it's difficult to please them. They hate laziness and lack of discipline, which may turn them into real tyrants and they can't stand when the partner is resting. They will condemn any tendency to luxury. You will push him away if you define his serious and cautious nature as arrogance.

Aquarians are unstable and capricious

Free-minded Aquarius seem to be totally free of jealousy so they give their partner complete freedom, which may be quite confusing. As a sworn opponent of marriage and fighter against conventions, Aquarius allows himself different whims and thus doesn't leave the impression of a reliable and responsible person with the partner. Since they are not too interested in the material side of life or money, in life together they show no sense of property or providing so partner loses a sense of security. Since they don't tolerate arrogance, they won't pay attention to your raised voice. Whatsmore, they will look at you ironically.

Pisces do everything in spite of others and resort to lies

Offensive and prone to mood swings, Pisces may certainly make life miserable for their partner. They will rarely admit that they made a mistake and then they are defiant and in doing so they will deliberately deny their partner normal communication. They can be sudden and hysterical and then they torment their loved one with capricious behavior. They have a different logic and they use intuition. Show your love to them because no Pisces can live without romance.