Horoscope and holidays: Taurus likes beaches with a lot of natural shade, to Sagittarius, it is important to travel as far as possible

Whether you believe in Astrology or not, it is the fact that some traits of a certain Zodiac sign are characteristic for all those born under it.

Every day you can read what stars predict you in love, business, health, but, this time, they reveal what is the best way to spend your vacation.


Always on the move, s/he chooses beaches where s/he can swim play volleyball, ride a water scooter. S/he likes beaches where the night swim is allowed. Ideal vacation for Aries means a lot of activities. Lying on a beach with a book is their worst nightmare. An active vacation is an ideal option for a restless Aries.


S/he likes beaches with a lot of natural shade. Taurus especially likes beaches with restaurants that serve delicious food, or s/he will just take a portable fridge. Taurus doesn't need much fun on a vacation. Full fridge, soft bed and no one to bother them would be enough. Stars suggest that they should spend a vacation on their one and at their home.


If there is no crowd on the beach, they immediately search for another one where they can meet beautiful girls or handsome guys. And if there are music, and the beach turns into an open-air club, that is the real thing. Gemini doesn't consider a vacation to be a vacation if they don't meet a lot of new people who will be fascinated how friendly and talkative s/he is. They adore group vacations. The destination is not important as long as it is something new and unexplored.



S/he adores water and doesn't choose much. It is important that the beach is clean, that's why s/he prefers the seaside over pools and rivers.

An ideal destination for cancer is a desert island. They don't need much, just the sea and the sun. They don't need company either; a good book will do. Quiet Cancers will avoid crowds and strangers.


It is important that it is sunny, and Leo will be happy. Of course, a beach has to be clean, peaceful, but not deserted; s/he needs 'audience' to boast. Vain Leos will choose destinations according to popular events. It doesn't matter what kind of event as long as there are cameras, reflectors and photo reporters. It is important that they have a lot of photos to show and stories to tell when they get back home.

Horoscope and holidays: Taurus likes beaches with a lot of natural shade, to Sagittarius, it is important to travel as far as possible


A beach has to be close to their hotel because Virgo works the on vacation. It is desirable that the beaches have Wi-Fi, and that it is clean. Virgos don't like sandy beaches; they prefer those with pebbles or those covered by concrete that can be washed. Quiet and calm Virgos choose such a vacation. Stars suggest that they should go with Cancers because they will be fascinated by them.  


Libras like to lie on the popular beaches, with comfortable beach chairs and matching umbrellas. You cannot see Libras on rocky beaches or wild coves because there is no one who can see their new stylish swimsuit. A romantic Libras doesn't consider her/his vacation to be a good one if her/his loved one is not with her/him. Picky Libras will choose the destination based on the appearance. Before they decide where to go, they will go through travel brochures and choose the best photo for their vacation. The price is not that relevant.



Hotel beaches are boring to them, especially if they are fenced and safe from sharks and other sea creatures. Scorpios like extreme sea sports and everything that brings them in danger even when on vacation. For passionate Scorpios, the stars suggest going on vacation with active Arieses. Their mutual understanding in avoiding boredom and lounging around makes them the perfect match. Stars also suggest that Scorpios should spend their holidays without partners although their presence will not stop them in their summer adventures.


To Sagittarians, it is important to travel as far as possible. The beach is not that important since it serves as a resting place between two destinations. They adore traveling, and they thoroughly prepare- they learn languages, history, culture and customs of the country they travel to. Adventurous and sociable Sagittarians could have an ideal vacation with a Gemini if they let them choose the destination. They like long vacations, and can be easily adapted to a new way of life, so it is good if they have someone to go back to.


Capricorn likes quiet beaches, as comfortable as possible, where everything is in their reach- deep shade for a nap and something to eat and drink.

It is hard to move them from their work, so it is possible that they forget about vacation. But those who go will spend most of their time in the forest or mountains. Finding a Capricorn at the seaside is hard. 


Aquarians like hidden and unexplored beaches, reserved for curious and persistent ones. They like nature, so there are not many Aquarians on tidy hotel beaches. Unlike strictly organized Capricorns, Aquarians will not plan their vacations. It could happen that they forget to let their boss know they're leaving because they decide on a spur of the moment without any notice.


They are not picky when it comes to beaches. It is not important whether it is a sandy or a pebble one, do they lie on the rocks or comfortable chairs, as long as they can swim, swim, swim. An ideal vacation for Pisces is by the seaside with his/her partner. They feel the best when their love ones are with them, add water to that, and you'll get the happiest people in the world.