THE BIGGEST SIN OF EACH SIGN: Virgo is torn by jealousy, Capricorn by greed and Libra is too vain

Committing a sin is easy... especially when it's lurking from everywhere. It's hard to find a person who has never done anything wrong, and there is a good reason why.

Our horoscope sign plays a large role in this, when it comes to smaller or greater sins.

Learn what your zodiac sign 'makes' you do ...

Sagittarius - adultery

Sagittarius are often prone to too much flirting. Sex for them represents fun, so it's hard for a person in this horoscope sign to sustain a long and dedicated relationship. Although they are in love with their other half, their eyes would 'look for' other potential person with whom they'll be able to flirt.

Pisces - laziness

Pisces seem to be the kind of people who like to keep their head 'in the clouds'. Sometimes it seems as if they only exist in their own world, not with other people. Since they spend their time day-dreaming, people walk past them and advance while they are still moving at a slow pace. This makes Pisces extremely lazy when it comes to life in the present.

Gemini - dishonesty

Gemini have a terrible habit of altering the truth that they have to tell. Maybe this is so because your sign represents people with two personalities or you have a different perspective of the situation that happened and that needs to be talked about. Gemini love to lie about little things, but also about more important ones. For them the rule is - if you want to sabotage something, lie!


Aquarius - self-proclaimed ruler of everything

Aquarians like to think that they are more special than other people, because God created them that way. They always talk about how they have more brains in their little finger than all the people that they spend time with. Saying such things makes you look weird. 

Cancer - putting others before yourself

As a Cancer, for the person who loves you, you don't feel the importance of time and you think that this person is the most important of all. What matters to you is that this person has everything she needs and that it's always there, by your side. You don't think there's something wrong about it, but consider this – you are no longer thinking about yourself. You would rather give your life for someone else. Be careful with who you love!

THE BIGGEST SIN OF EACH SIGN: Virgo is torn by jealousy, Capricorn by greed and Libra is too vain

Capricorn - greed

To Capricorn it's difficult to get out of the office because they are constantly competing with everyone. They keep thinking about how they have to be the best and to earn more money than everyone at work. You don't even want to spend that money; you just want to win and rub it into everyone's face.

Leo - too much pride

On the border with narcissistic, Leo can prove that he's one of the most selfish persons when it comes to personal relationships. You are natural in everything and you know how to impress everyone in a simple way. You are arrogant and full of yourself, so sometimes even the people who love him don't want to have anything to do with him.

Taurus - gluttony / exaggeration

When we say gluttony we don't mean just the food - but everything. The Taurus are kind of in love with themselves and they only consider things that they will need in the long run. Whether it's food, sex or an expensive car, the Taurus exaggerate in everything sometimes.

Virgo - envy

Virgos are unstable when it comes to decision-making - do they want to be the best or how to get there. They want to be constantly talked about, especially when it comes to attracting lovers. If you like someone who is not interested, you will be able to follow them, observe them and think about how jealous you are because that person has something you want. You are not a natural lover.


Scorpio - lust

Scorpio is automatically linked with lust, as a sin. This happens because of their passion for being intimate with everyone. You always lead people with your words, making sure that they listen to your every word. You like too long for someone and vice versa. However, you can't find love in everyone.

Libra - vanity

Libras hardly care about anything else except their beauty. As long as they are able to look into the mirror and see their pretty face, they have the reason to go on with their lives. Although Libras can spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, they are still trying to work on their inner beauty.

Aries - hurts others

Aries can be full of fury and unpredictable. If you face the wrath of Aries, you may not 'survive'. Not only can they be pretty intense, but also unbelievably spontaneous. This spontaneity almost always leads to some problems. You must be careful, because if you give in to your anger, you might hurt someone.

THE BIGGEST SIN OF EACH SIGN: Virgo is torn by jealousy, Capricorn by greed and Libra is too vain