While some love, others cannot stand each other: What other Zodiac signs think of you...

Read how does Sagittarius, Virgo and Libra see Leo, Capricorn, Gemini, and other signs ...


How Aries sees:


Taurus: Too slow, inactive, bothersome


Gemini: God!


Cancer: Cry too easily


Leo: Okay, but why not to admit that I'm better than him


Virgo: freak, but there is something...


Libra: Indecisive is trying too hard to calm down


Scorpio: Honestly, I do not know what I think


Sagittarius: Fun!


Capricorn: We argue regularly. Even when he's right, I have to fight back

Aquarius: Something is wrong with him
Pisces: Weak man


How Taurus sees:


Aries: Too impatient. It's a little aggressive!


Gemini: Chill dude….


Cancer: It's great, but has a problem with emotions


Leo: Nobody cares for you, stop bragging


Virgo: I like him, I like organized people. Maybe a little too organized


Libra: I like him, but he asks to be treated like a king


Scorpio: It's cool. I do not understand him exactly, but I like him


Sagittarius: I like his personality, but not the way he acts


Capricorn: He's great! He likes to command, but, in my case, it is not bad because I need someone to move me on




Pisces: Adorable!

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How Gemini sees:


Aries: He's fun, but has anger issues


Taurus: Booooriiiiinngggggg!


Cancer: I do not like his mood swings


Leo: Brags too much. I just need to troll him, it is very funny when he doesn't realize that I’m joking


Virgo: I think he has obsessive-compulsive disorder


Libra: too worried about his hair


Scorpio: Who?


Sagittarius: Fun to hang out with, but he needs to solve the problem with anger


Capricorn: Why are you acting like that? It’s not the end of the world if I broke the vase, it happens.


Aquarius: Sometimes annoys me, but I can talk to him. I guess he's ok.


Pisces: Too dreamy. Not a good company.


How Cancer sees:


Aries: Why is he so harsh?


Taurus: Able to help has a nice personality


Gemini: I do not like that his family is not in first place for him


Leo: Too into himself. I mean, he has a reason to be, but sometimes exaggerates. He's not that much better than other people.


Virgo: Sweeeettt


Libra: He's good, but sometimes too worried for no reason


Scorpio: Great guy, quiet, just what I need


Sagittarius: Freak! He doesn’t seem to like me


Capricorn: Some people think that is too bossy, but I think he's more than okay


Aquarius: Why is he like that?


Pisces: Soulmate!

While some love, others cannot stand each other: What other Zodiac signs think of you?

How Leo sees:


Aries: Yes, not bad – BUT I’M BETTER!


Taurus: Not my kind of person


Gemini: Chatty, but funny


Cancer: Very nice, has a nice character. However, too shy


Virgo: Do not worry, my shoes and bag perfectly match. Can we hang out now?


Libra: “Think fast” is an abstract noun for him


Scorpio: For some reason does not want to hang out with me. Whatever…


Sagittarius: The Strongest!




Aquarius: strange…..


Pisces: No


How Virgo sees:


Aries: He needs to get boundaries


Taurus: Okay, a little lazy


Gemini: Terrible, who will catch him?


Cancer: Helpful at home


Leo: It bothers me


Libra: I guess s/he's ok


Scorpio: Charming. However, I cannot figure him out.




Capricorn: He’s the best!


Aquarius: Why is s/he so lazy when it comes to obligations, but for the entertainment is always in the mood?


Pisces: It's too nice. TOO NICEEE


How Libra sees:


Aries: Too playful for my taste


Taurus: Well, he's cool, not so much, but still cool...


Gemini: Interesting to talk to


Cancer: Romantic. Sweet with others, but constantly change his mood


Leo: charming but arrogant


Virgo: S/he always needs to reach perfection. I want it too, but not so decisively


Scorpio: A little afraid of him


Sagittarius: Chaotic, but a great guy. We share same interests


Capricorn: I’m kinda afraid

Aquarius: Great sense of humor, but often can offend other people
Pisces: He's great; I like his personality, but is too shy, so I can’t talk to him that much

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How Scorpio sees:


Aries: Ahahaha, no!


Taurus: I like him


Gemini: Too talkative. In fact, he talks all the time, PLEASE TURN HIM OFF!


Cancer: Well, he's good


Leo: I guess he's not so bad


Virgo: I'm not sure if I have an opinion at all


Libra: Fun, but is not determined


Sagittarius: Amusing, but very childish


Capricorn: Okay, serious and determined - I like that


Aquarius: I do not have time for this


Pisces: Sweet but shy


How Sagittarius sees:


Aries: Great, but competitive


Taurus: Not exciting to hang out with, sometimes does not appreciate my sense of humor, but a good friend.


Gemini: Fun! I love to hang out with him


Cancer: He should go out more; staying at home he is missing so many interesting things


Leo: I love it!


Virgo: Uuuughhh. Who spends an hour in the shower when there are so many fun things to do?


Libra: Boring with eternal dilemmas, but a good friend


Scorpio: I do not know what to say... Cool, but too mysterious. Relax, you can tell me everything


Capricorn: Why won’t hang out with me?


Aquarius: Phenomenal person! Only we can come up with so crazy ideas and always have a good time.


Pisces: I do not like.


How Capricorn sees:


Aries: What is he doing with his life?


Taurus: I like him. Great guy, but needs to be more active




Cancer: Too sentimental, but he wants to do everything for me, so I need him




Virgo: The only person here that I cannot trust


Libra: Um, no


Scorpio: Mysterious, I like him


Sagittarius: I can’t think of so many insults right now. I mean, look at him! He is in total chaos


Aquarius: Who?!


Pisces: Am I the only one who realizes that he’s two - faced?


How Aquarius sees:


Aries: Too risky. Yes, I’m also saying that


Taurus: A true friend


Gemini: Great to talk to


Cancer: Oh my God, I do not like this sensitive kind


Leo: Come on, stop thinking that you're the best, you're not


Virgo: Why should he care whether the lamp matches the carpet?


Libra: Great to hang out with, but sometimes too bored with dilemmas


Scorpio: He is interesting...


Sagittarius: Funniest person in the world. When we hang out, the madness has no end


Capricorn: I do not like


Pisces: I'm not sure


How Pisces sees:


Aries: Why is he so angry?


Taurus: Great and reliable friend


Gemini: His jokes are sometimes funny, but sometimes mean


Cancer: It is the sweetest!


Leo: I do not want to make him mad, I'm afraid he will attack me


Virgo: Too hard with himself, he needs to relax


Libra: I really like her, has a versatile personality


Scorpio: I do not know what everyone is afraid of him, he is great guy


Sagittarius: Do not attack weaker 

Capricorn: Although too bossy and detested, I think that deep down is not a bad person

Aquarius: Offbeat…