Horoscope: Things you should avoid if you want a nicer life - Libra should avoid food with too many toxins, Aquarius should avoid dangerous sports

Each Zodiac sign acts differently in certain situations. Astrology can give you useful advice on how to improve your life, health and karma.



You are not the type of person who can slow down and 'pull the handbrake'. Just the opposite, you tend to run ahead of yourself and rush into uncertain situations. When something disappoints or upsets you, you like to take it out on the first person that comes along. You should avoid exaggerating of any kind and plan your activities more carefully. When it comes to your diet, avoid alcohol, sugar and meat because they make you take action and to behave aggressively.


Organize your life in the way that you never have to hurry, because a Taurus who is in a hurry is one of the least efficient signs of Zodiac. Your body and emotional metabolism are slowed down, so you'll have to adapt all the changes gradually. Sudden changes disturb your balance. Eat more fruit, fish and vegetable, and avoid sweets. If you sit at work, take a little walk every morning, but not too slow. 


Your weak spot is breathing, so you should be avoiding very high or very low temperature, as well as staying in rooms with a lot of dust or smoke. Also, beware of the draft, avoid alcohol drinks, heavy meals and unvaried diet. You need calcium, a mineral which is important for your bones, teeth, tendons, circulation and bronchi. A sport which demands agility suits you, for example gymnastics.   



You should stay away from excessive water and food that you are prone to due to your emotional nature that finds her comfort in an enormous quantity of food, especially sweets and drinks. Avoid greasy food and fizzy drinks, and also hard vegetables, sour fruit and savory dips aren't recommended. You need as much walking as possible, preferably by the water of some kind.


You are representative of the sign that doesn't do anything halfway, and you often unnecessarily waste emotions and nerves on things and people that don’t deserve your attention at all. Also, try to communicate with others on an equal basis. You could use regular back massage and breathing exercises. Include foods rich in magnesium,  a mineral that you can find in kale, broccoli, spinach, whole grain cereals, walnuts, beans, corn and meat in your diet. 

HOROSCOPE: Avoid these things if you want a nicer life!


You are one of the few signs that impose enough limitations on themselves. You shouldn’t dedicate your whole life to work and responsibilities. You are subject to nervous stomach, intestinal, liver and pancreas diseases. You should include in your diet blueberry juice and cumin in order to prevent digestive problems. It would be good to learn to relax through sports, music, meditation, or the best, in a merry company.


Avoid food with too many toxins, because your weak spots are liver and adrenal gland. You shouldn’t eat in a hurry or eat fast food and it is necessary to avoid cold. It would be good to wear wool which allows better functioning of kidneys and urinary tract. You should completely exclude sweets, salt, dried fruit, and canned food from your diet. Drink a lot of water, preferably with a little lemon, and you should definitely include brown rice in your diet.


Even though you possess exceptional intellectual abilities you can’t control your instincts. You haven’t got the measure in anything. When you get an idea in your head, you have to realize it, even at the expense of others or even your own. You are prone to infections and poisoning, so you should include plums in your diet for better digestion and hops for purification of blood. Lose excessive energy wisely, by avoiding excesses, which eliminates the possibility of having any psychosomatic ailments.


You tend to exaggerate in everything, eating, drinking, sports, even work, especially when you get interested in something. And when you get lazy, there’s also no match for you. Avoid jobs where you sit a lot and enclosed spaces and stay as much as you can in the fresh air. Stay away from high-calorie foods because you are prone to fat accumulation in hips and thighs. Change your diet and start avoiding exactly the things you love, strong spices and alcohol, and eat more vegetables, fish and white meat.



You shouldn't be taking you and the rest of the world so seriously. Make sure you reject pessimism and innate bitterness for good, the rush of bad and negative thoughts that slowly destroy you, killing your will for things that you loved until recently. Learn to eliminate bad emotions that consume too much of your energy and spoil your mood. Stay more in the fresh air and have more physical activity, walking, sports or enjoying pleasant company, you need it more than any other sign.


Avoid dangerous sports, especially the ones that take a lot of energy. You are very prone to stress, so it would be good to stop and relax from time to time. Your built is fragile, with weak tendons and joints, due to which you should avoid carrying heavy loads and physical activities that require greater efforts as they may lead to swelling of the legs. Circulation is your weak spot, so being exposed to sunlight too much is not good for you.


Since you get tired quickly, you are subject to a variety of health problems that even experts can’t completely explain. Your psyche is under the influence of Moon and Neptune, which makes you prone to neuro-vegetative ailments and problems with the pressure. Pay special attention to your feet, because they are your weak spot. You are also prone to viral infections and mild forms of poisoning, so you should avoid alcohol, cigarettes and strong spices, and consume foods rich in iron and protein. In any case, pay the most attention to your psyche, because when you have a healthy psyche, your body will be healthy too.


HOROSCOPE: Avoid these things if you want a nicer life!