The first thing you saw in this picture will show the most pronounced trait of your character

Everyone knows that the conscious and unconscious are in constant interaction and affect one another.

This is a test that will reveal your personality traits with the help of the subconscious.

Look at the picture, then find the meaning of the object that you first paid attention to...

Firs: You like to dominate. You have expressed organizational skills.

Girl: You only look for beautiful in your life and try not to pay attention to the dark side.

Sun umbrella: You are not used to showing feelings and you keep your emotions under control.

Seesaw: Your mood is very changeable, you get upset over small things.

Flowering shrub: You are sensitive and you are not indifferent when it comes to the problems of other people.

Picnic basket: You don’t act hastily, you are used to planning things in your life.

Bush: Sometimes you want to be alone. You probably have unresolved problems.

Boat: You miss changes in your life. You may want to change your job or place of residence.

Swim ring: Your life is monotonous, but you're not ready for a change.

Sand castle: You are a competitive spirit and are not afraid of difficult tasks.

Bird: You have a good sense of humor and you are sure of your future. You can be unpredictable and you're a little naive.

The first thing you saw in this picture will show the most pronounced trait of your character

Child: You like to feel needed, and you are willing to make concessions.

Fisherman: You are often busy with a complex and intense job which requires serious monitoring.


Dog: You are open and friendly. You don’t like conflicts, good relationships in the collective and at home are important to you.

Sun: You miss warmth and attention. You fantasize about friendship and tenderness.