HOROSCOPE: Top list of the biggest virtues and disadvantages for every sign. Taurus is patient, Libra is politeness...

Each horoscope sign has positive and negative qualities that represent him and make him unique. Find out what is the best, and what is the worst quality of your horoscope sign.


Virtue: Courage

The most prominent thing about Aries is his courage. Aries goes through life bravely always trying to use it to the maximum, which often gives fantastic results. Not many other signs can be proud of faith in themselves and fearlessness, so it is not surprising that these people are leaders and pioneers who can cope with any situation.

Disadvantage: Impulsiveness

Their innate impatience and impulsiveness often cost Aries dearly. People in this sign don’t know what patience means, they want all and they want it now, but that’s not how things work in life. Often, due to their abrupt nature they say or do things that they quickly regret, but there is no turning back. If only they could learn a little more to be patient, they would be unrivaled.


Virtue: Patience

No one is as patient as Taurus. People born under this sign are known for their slowness and thoughtfulness, due to which they never give up on the goal. Even though it is hard for them to move, once they decide something, they will certainly do it. Besides that, they are very persistent, rational and stable, so you can always rely on them. They are reliable both as partners and as friends.

Disadvantage: Stubbornness

These people are so stubborn that they often work against themselves. It is impossible to prove to them that they are wrong, and even if they realize it themselves, they will never give in. Their love relationships and relationships with other people suffer the most because of stubbornness since it is sometimes difficult to talk to them and make them see all aspects of a story. Stubbornness is a problem for them in making progress, and they will often refuse many tempting offers just because they don't like changes and insist on keeping everything the way it is.


Virtue: Intelligence

This sign is a synonym for intelligence and resourcefulness. They are often brilliant mathematicians, with strong logic and can easily overcome any problem. They are very entertaining and witty and often are experts in the general culture who know the answer to every question. They love to read, explore; their mind is always active, but unlike some other signs, the Gemini stick to general information, since they have no time nor concentration for deeper study of some topics. In any case, these are very intelligent people who learn, write and express themselves with ease.

Disadvantage: Fickleness

This is usually attributed to Gemini. Indeed, these people so often change their minds that their environment has a feeling that they are not consistent. To their defense, the Gemini have an active mind that never stands still; they are always attracted to new things and that's why one day they think one thing and the other day another. This characteristic shows them as a person you can't rely on, as it is fickle and unreliable, and Gemini knows how to be with people they love in their own way.



Virtue: Caring

These gentle people have a nice word and good advice for everyone. When things are hard, Cancer will give you a shoulder to cry on, he will be your best listener and will do everything in his power to help you. Cancer has a strong need to care for others, and they can make almost intuitively sense when someone is in trouble. Their generosity and willingness to be at service are truly fascinating, but sometimes it can make them a magnet for people with problems who want attention from anyone.

Disadvantage: Hypersensitivity

As much as they are caring, they are also sensitive. These people can be deeply hurt by someone's well-intentioned comment, constructive criticism, but also the wrong word or scowl. They are very gentle and prone to mood changes, so if they are having a bad day, everything you say will carry special weight, and one wrong word will make them sob in tears and talk to you until you ask for forgiveness. They are aware that they are too sensitive and that they change moods as often as Gemini changes opinion, but they can't change that. This is a trait that goes with them in the package, but with all their advantages, their close ones learn to live with it. 


Virtue: Generosity

Leos are people with good heart, who selflessly give to their close ones and jump to help them when there's need. They love life and know how to enjoy it and they are happy to include the others in that too. Leo will always borrow your money, buy the biggest present, you will always be welcome and well treated with him. It is a positive and optimistic person who loves people and in whose company everyone feels comfortable.

Disadvantage: Vanity

It is recommended to everyone not to offend Leo in any way by any chance because these people will strongly hold it against you and will never forgive you. His vanity often costs him a good relationship with his close ones, because he is unable to accept criticism at his expense. If you belittle or humiliate him in any way, he will erase you from his life. No one dares to mess with the king of the Zodiac. 

HOROSCOPE: Top list of the biggest virtues and disadvantages for every sign. Who is a diligent critic and who's optimistic scatterbrain?


Virtue: Diligence

Virgos are very hardworking and meticulous people who can be trusted with every task. They take their duties and responsibilities seriously, so there is no chance that they will let you down. They are ready to work hard and diligently, and in that they are guided by their personal desire for perfection. They strive to do everything worked out in detail, which is also their best quality. They are very precise, meticulous and reliable, and when they promise something, they will make it happen.

Disadvantage: Tendency to criticize

Striving for perfection with these people can turn out to be their worst characteristic because it makes them demanding and prone to criticism. Virgos are not evil and don't intend to hurt anyone, but their criticism and advice often provoke discontent and resistance with others. It's hard to compliment a Virgo because they always think that they can do better. They just want to help and be useful. In time, they can learn to refrain their need for criticism for the sake of peace in the house. However, deep down inside them, there is still desire to point to what you did wrong, so it takes a lot of self-control to resist the urge and praise you for your effort.


Virtue: Accessibility

Libras have a lot of nice characteristics, but their friendliness and politeness are certainly among the most prominent ones. They are very friendly, charming and sociable, and others can learn from them how to behave in society. These people can have many acquaintances and friends due to their pleasant personality, who will gladly step in and help them, and that way make their business progress easier.

Disadvantage: Hypocrisy

To Libra it's important to be on good terms with everyone. They tend at all costs to avoid quarrels and conflicts, which often makes them take the path of least resistance. Besides that, they are able to look at every side of the story and agree with each to a certain extent, which their surrounding may see as hypocrisy. However, Libras are not as hypocritical as much as they want everyone to like them, but in the end it turns out that this exactly is their biggest flaw. In other words, others often think that Libra lacks consistency and character, which is far from the truth.


Virtue: Loyalty

If you have Scorpio on your side, you can be calm because she will never betray you. Whether you are her lover, partner or friend, she will always take care of you and protect you, and even if she does you harm, she will make sure that you never find out so you wouldn't be hurt. Scorpio is good to have to keep your back because this person is really capable of risking her well-being for people she loves and respects.

Disadvantage: Vindictiveness

This dark sign has a couple of negative traits, so it was difficult to single out one, but neither jealousy nor possessiveness are not as harmful to her and her surrounding as much as her vindictiveness. When threatened or hurt, Scorpio forgets everything else and gives in to desire for revenge and completely takes over control. Vindictiveness is stronger than her and desires to pay back quid pro quo and show that it was wrong to play with her, Scorpio is willing to sacrifice a lot, and along the way she often destroys herself. However, it is stronger than her and every true Scorpio, no matter how evolved, has this trait, which often costs her dearly.


Virtue: Optimism

If you have a new idea and you need someone's support, contact Sagittarius. This sanguine person will enthusiastically react to your every idea, which will fill you with confidence and positive energy. Sagittarius is always open to new things and new experiences, so it’s good to have him around. This joker doesn’t worry too much about problems and truly believes that everything will be resolved in the best possible way, which is praiseworthy quality, and it makes him the person people like.

Disadvantage: Loss of interest

As easily as he gets caught up by the new idea, he cools off that easily too. Sagittarius is famous for his enthusiastic approach to new things but quickly loses interest, so many of his ideas are never fully realized. That is a real waste because he really has interesting ideas, so it would be good to be a little more persistent and not to give up easily from everything as soon as he feels tired and bored.


Virtue: Perseverance

Capricorn is a synonym for a person who came to success with a lot of effort and sacrifice. These people don’t believe in overnight success but invest in themselves and their knowledge from an early age. They are the best in class, enroll the desired faculty and finally get a job in companies where they start from the bottom, and in a couple of years become bosses, directors, and sometimes owners. Capricorns are very ambitious and ready to make many sacrifices in order to achieve success and feel worthy. Their persistence is truly fascinating and shows how with a lot of effort and will, any goal can be accomplished.

Disadvantage: Emotional coldness

For these people it's very hard to show their feelings because they consider it a weakness. For them it is normal to keep their emotions under control so you'll never see them argue in front of others, raise a voice or express anger. No matter how frustrated, angry or disappointed they may be, Capricorn will seemingly remain calm and won't show with anything that they are hurt, they won't give that pleasure to anyone. This often leads to repressed emotions, frustration, psychosomatic ailments, even depression, and in intimate relationships it brings problems because the partner may feel unloved or neglected. You won't get a constant showing of affection from a Capricorn, but rare moments in which he allows his cold mask to fall will be worth the waiting. 



Virtue: Liberal

You will hardly find someone among the Aquarius, who is stubborn or full of prejudice towards others. Aquarius loves people of all colors, races, sizes and nationalities and it is not in her nature to judge somebody by these things. To her it’s more important how interesting and intelligent someone is, than what religion or nationality he belongs to. The same is true on a personal level. Aquarius will never judge you for any mistake, she won’t hold you back and make you live your life by other people's rules and will encourage you to be what you are. Their liberal understandings are sometimes not consistent with those of the environment, but in time they learn to coexist.

Disadvantage: The need for originality

The biggest disadvantage of these people is their need always to be different in everything, which is not always positive. Sometimes they try too hard to make an impression that they don’t care about anything and they don’t fit into frameworks, which creates an opposite effect. They always want to be different, they love being talked about, they love to leave an impression, and they are especially happy if they can shock someone with their appearance, behavior or ideas. They should pay more attention to the content, not the form. 


Virtue: Compassion

No sign owns so much empathy as Pisces, which makes them very desirable friends and partners. They will sincerely sympathize with you when you are in trouble and will do everything they can to help you. They never judge and can understand someone's mistakes and flaws, which is a great characteristic that distinguishes them from other characters. These warm people do everything with their heart, and if they love you, they don’t find it difficult to make any sacrifice.

Disadvantage:  Need to escape the reality

Each true Pisces in a way needs to escape from the cruel and cold reality. Some do it by reading, painting, playing music or watching movies and soap operas, but their need for escape can be a problem if they look for it in alcohol or various drugs. These people love to wander into their own world of imagination and due to being irrational, they can often make wrong decisions or do morally questionable things that don’t seem so horrible in their head, but can hurt other people.


HOROSCOPE: Top list of the biggest virtues and disadvantages for every sign. Who is a diligent critic and who's optimistic scatterbrain?