Horoscope and lottery: Certain days and numbers can bring you a luck

What is your chance to win a lottery? Horoscope can help you to find out what your lucky day is and which numbers can bring you a luck

They like to play games and the lottery is not an exception. They will fill out their ticket on Tuesday because that is their lucky day. They pick the numbers carelessly, those that come to their mind.  Those are usually their date of birth or the number of letters in their name. They will always choose the number 1. It can also be a part of the numbers 11, 21, 31. They won't repeat numbers from a non-winning ticket. Why would they change their game if they have won before?


Taurus wants to win but doesn't count on that. At the moment, he fills the ticket out, he considers the invested sum a loss. He uses only 'round numbers'. Thirteen won't bring him luck, but he believes that 25 might. Almost always includes his/her house number, and if it is too high or too low, he will decompose it. The numbers he chooses are often the same week by week, which proves the steadiness of this sign.


Lotteries and games of chance are exciting so that Gemini will take part. The numbers they choose are usually those from the supermarket bill. They will add, divide, subtract and multiply.  Still, Gemini people remain loyal to one number- the number 2. It is, in different combinations, always on their ticket. Football lovers fill out the ticket with the number of goals.  Because the number 2 dominates their game, Gemini-born thinks that luck is not in their favor in odd years. It is good sometimes to change your mind, though. 


Cancer doesn't believe in winning a lottery but nevertheless fills the ticket out. Despite the disbelief, he has the plan how to spend the eventual prize. He/she chooses numbers from the dates of birth of their partner, kids, parents, and friends. Some numbers he splits into parts, for example, if he goes on 214 km long trip he picks the numbers 2 and 14. The 'darkest' among Cancer will buy a book about pyramids which can provide them with LOTTO numbers for the rest of their lives.


Leo is the fortunate one, so why wouldn't he be lucky when it comes to the lottery? When he fills out the ticket, he does it with 'his' numbers: his birth date, his license plate number, his clothing size, his height... Leo's lucky numbers are 3, 33, 7, and 35. If he chooses 13, it is whether by mistake or something interesting is happening on that date.

Horoscope and lottery: Certain days and numbers can bring you a luck

Virgos doesn't believe in luck, but they fill out the lottery tickets. To tell the truth, they do that occasionally, but systematically. Being logical and methodical, they keep the track of numbers already drawn. They assume that even the most rarely drawn numbers have to show up once.  The number 4 has to be among them. Virgos don't hurry, if they go for a vacation or a long trip, they will fill their ticket out few weeks in advance. They are good-natured and won't be annoyed if they lose. They are advised to use their lucky number 4 in various combinations.


People born in the sign of Libra like to live the high life, but they are aware that it is not always possible. They are not spendthrifts and don't like to borrow money. That's may be the reason they play lottery games trying to win something. They choose numbers that look beautiful and harmonious when written down. Libras think that numbers 11, 22, 44 are nice, so they usually appear on their ticket. Libras also have their secret way of picking lotto numbers, for example, some leaves of the plant in their living-room. Or an amount paid for the present to the loved-one.


Who has and who has not a right to tin a lottery? Scorpios want to know that, and they think that they should be among those who win. They are greedy; one or an occasional gain won't satisfy them. They want every ticket to be the winning one. They go for numbers that no one else would choose and think a lot of big winnings. They will write down the numbers 4 and 5, or 19 and 21 because allegedly, no one else does that. The number 7 has to be on their ticket, so that makes it easier to pick others. They don't hesitate to select numbers that 'bring bad luck' such as 13 or 7. They will, out of spite, enter all the numbers from 7 to 13.


Sagittarians often win the lottery, and when they lose, they are not annoyed. They think that every number entered on the ticket has to have some sense. Those are almost always numbers that marked the history in some way: the date of a great battle, or the birth of some great man- important historical dates. Sagittarians like the number 9, and they use it frequently. They also use dates that represent significant events in his life such as the date of their first kiss, or the date they started school. They think that those numbers are meant to bring them luck.


People born under this sign are usually very rational. Capricorns know when the time is right for them, and when the odds are not in their favor. Still, they will fill out the ticket carefully studying number systems. They choose numbers that mean something in science, for example, the height of a mountain, the depth of a sea and so on. They will also take their own height into account, but that won't be a significant number because Capricorns are not usually very high.


Who is likely to win the lottery? Aquarians think it is certainly them. So they will fill the ticket out-eccentrically, even blind –folded.  That's what they are. They will pick the numbers randomly. Sometimes it will be the time or the date that means something to them. They won't go for the same number twice because that is boring and uninventive. They prefer to count the number of stairs in their home or to ask someone to say a number. So they will fill out the ticket fast and easily and wait for the prize.


They hope they win the lottery, but they don't know what they would do with it. Pisces are superstitious when it comes to lottery tickets. Which numbers will they enter? Those that brought them luck before, of course. They will choose the date when they got to raise, for example. Pisces individuals usually dream about numbers and write them down when they wake up.