HOROSCOPE: What does the face of each sign reveal? – Sagittarius is classy and hard to read; Cancer wins with tenderness and Scorpio paralyzes with a look

What does horoscope face reveal? Find out in this fun horoscope what are significant traits of different signs- so you could understand them better.


The cheerful expression on his face doesn't have to mean anything, just like the fact that he looks very young in his mature years. If it's a man, his penetrating gaze will give you chills, because he looks somehow dangerous. On the other hand, he looks like someone for whom you can never tell what's going on inside his head. Woman Aries impresses with her controversial attitude that you can simply see on her face.  


He is so casual, relaxed and witty, but also manly, and his penetrating gaze can sweep you off your feet. The expression on his face is as if he’s telling you that with him you are safe and therefore you shouldn’t be fooled by the casual bohemian atmosphere that emerges from his mischevious and captivating look. Because when Taurus speaks, the tone of his voice says more than his eyes, so pleasant and so soothing, that beside him you feel pampered and safe as a child.


Even when they look youthful Gemini are calculated and rational. If she’s trying to act like the wicked witch from stories and films, a sensitive girl who doesn’t want to grow up hides behind that image. She talks a lot, but the least about herself. If it seems like femme fatale, that’s a mask designed to protect her true nature of a person a bit unprepared for bigger emotional challenges.



His boyish looks, even if he actually has the face of a child or his hair is already thinning, mustn’t fool you. Pleasant and shy, Cancer conquers exactly with that mystery and protective attitude that will disarm you at first sight. He's impressive even though he may be a mama’s boy, and female Cancer, so kind, beautiful, gentle and full of understanding, with cheeks like the full moon, provokes exactly what she wants - your desire to protect her, and after that she will easily handle you.  


Her expression gives away a born star because she is attractive, cheerful and there’s not much chance she’ll stay unnoticed, but if you do not notice her - she will go on acting. She’s all dressed up, and she won’t leave the house without make-up or hair do, and why should she? Mischievous look in her round eyes disarms you at first sight, whereas Mr. Leo really has something noble in his face expression that seems to tell about how dominant, proud and dignified he is. 

HOROSCOPE: What does the face of each sign reveal? – Sagittarius is classy and hard to read; Cancer wins with tenderness and Scorpio paralyzes with a look


Her stylish, elongated face is dominated by the mysterious but inquisitive look. Just like in a fairy tale, she can be transformed from an ugly duckling into a graceful swan, and when she has nice hairdo, she thinks she made her life beautiful. To man Virgo it doesn’t matter what the others think of his appearance, but his expression betrays polite and cheerful boy, even though a penetrating gaze and manly expression usually reveal intellectual and dynamic nature.


Her face expression reveals mostly what Libra wants to show the others, that is, her public image, whether she is a cold blonde like in old Hollywood movies or seductive brunette. She really cares about her looks and due to it she’s often the center of attention and Libra’s youthful look is an addition to her appearance, and with men these are often accentuated masculine traits.   


Eyes dominate her face and the penetrating gaze that doesn't reveal her feelings, so woman Scorpio often seems very seductive, even without make-up, no matter whether she is a brunette or blonde. Masculine appearance of man Scorpio is not just his image but that is what he is truly like, especially if his hair is dark or has a dark complexion, and if his hair is light, he seems somehow more posh, because his face expression reveals strong charisma.


Even though he is mostly smiling, masculine expression of his face betrays nice nature, which makes him popular in society. There is something classy in his face features, regardless of the fact that he starts losing hair early. Although she doesn’t  look so fragile or delicate, woman Sagittarius often has her inconceivable face expression behind which her fantasies about travelling or any nice way in which she can escape reality usually hide.



Her look doesn't reveal much; it's more inquisitive even though it can be a bit naughty. Years do her more good than bad and she retains youthful appearance for long, especially because of beautiful hair or something exotic in face expression. Although a man Capricorn seems cold because of his penetrating gaze, he looks younger with years, but he starts losing hair early.


Expression of his face leaves an impression of a mysterious person with whom you don't want to play games no matter how sociable he may be but still loves to be noticed. Something intriguing and discerning in her look makes her even more interesting, kind of authentic even if she is not beautiful according to conventional standards. She seems a little bit distracted, but nothing gets by her because she notices everything but keeps quiet.


Their look, just like their facial expression, hides a lot, but also says a lot, even though it is inconceivable, no matter whether their hair is tousled or slicked back because male Pisces only seemingly don’t care about their appearance. When you look at their beautiful expressive eyes and enthusiasm in mysterious look, especially with female members of the sign, it is clear how feminine, sensual and graceful she is, both in appearance and in behaviour.


HOROSCOPE: What does the face of each sign reveal? – Sagittarius is classy and hard to read; Cancer wins with tenderness and Scorpio paralyzes with a look