THE MAIN PROBLEMS THAT MAKE LOVE END: Aries is incapable of walking in other people’s shoes, and Gemini...

We highlight five bad things that can create problems in relationships with certain horoscope signs.

- She had too many problems. Only, the thing is, somehow miraculously she managed to control and keep them inside. Sometimes she felt bad as if her bones were broken, and yet she walked head high and proud. She felt abandoned; rarely anyone could suspect that she was missing something. She felt like a stranger, although she was surrounded by well-known people. Indeed, she could always handle these problems. Convinced that a better time has yet to come, and if it doesn’t happen, it didn’t matter. She went through life just as she should. Fighting, in the style of a true Queen.




Aries has a bad temper and easily gets mad.

Immature and naive, Aries can act like a teenager in a relationship.

Aries is always ecstatic when starts to work on something, but it doesn’t last long – they quickly get interested in something else.

Their impatience irritates - they want everyone straight away.

Selfish and narrow-minded, the Aries are almost incapable of walking in someone else's shoes.




The Taurus are very stubborn. Don’t expect ever to win a fight with them - even if they are wrong, they won’t give up.

Good luck in sharing your work around the house! They will lie on the couch so that they don’t bother you when you do everything.

The Taurus will always put their needs ahead of yours.

Sometimes they can be incredibly boring.

Taurus doesn't like to talk about emotions. Even when you know it's hard for them, they will say that everything is fine.




They are completely unreliable.

You never know what kind of person you will wake up to next morning because they quickly change their mood.

They are all talk, but no action.

They easily get bored, so you're probably going to get tired of you quickly.

They almost never finish anything and are not persistent in their ideas.




His moodiness is exhausting.

Cancer will often say harsh words and will not think that he made a mistake telling them.

They are intrusive and like to depend on others.

It often happens that they quickly want their relationship to grow into marriage.

Life with Cancer can be very boring - they are rarely adventuristic, and rarely want to try new things.




You will never feel secure in a relationship with them because Leos flirt with everyone, all the time.

They will never love you more than they love themselves.

No Leo ever admitted that he had made a mistake.

Their arrogance is so annoying.

Leo must be at the center of attention all the time, which is why you will always be in his shadow.

THE MAIN PROBLEMS THAT MAKE LOVE END: Aries is incapable of walking in other people’s shoes, and Gemini...



Virgos are masters at judging. They will never run out of ways to criticize you.

Living with Virgo means that you will always have to be the one who makes the first move.

Virgos are so unsteady!

Insecurity is their permanent trait, which can cool you down.

If you leave dirty dishes in the sink, get ready for hours and hours of complaining.




You will never be sure what they really think because Libra will always tell you what you want to hear.

Deciding on agreement with a Libra is a nightmare, and it can take hours.

They will never really watch your back.

They are vain and obsessed with physical beauty, and always expect you to look perfect.

They have a weak will and are spoilt.




Scorpio’s jealousy is legendary – don’t expect to have many friends if you are with a Scorpio.

You will never know how you really feel, because Scorpio will constantly manipulate your emotions.

They can make you feel small, and they can raise you to the stars! Run!

Scorpios are mysterious and two-timing, so you'll know only what they want you to know.

With the negative and strict Scorpio, even small quarrels turn into big fights.




Sagittarius can’t listen and will always interrupt you in half the sentence.

If you don’t keep them interested all the time, they won’t stop complaining.

Good luck in trying to teach them something new, because they think they know everything!

They are conceited, and they like to control.

They are insensitive and arrogant; they know very well how to hurt you.




They will always put their job before you.

They want everything to be under their control.

All they do is work so that they can benefit from it and it doesn’t matter if you will be hurt.

Capricorns hate spontaneity, which takes away the charm of many things.

They are very quiet, and rarely anyone manages to break through their wall.




Aquarius lives in its fantasies and therefore always seems absent and far away.

Relationship with Aquarius can seem like an endless series of lectures. After all, they know best.

You will rarely ever spend quality time together indoors, as their ideal fun means going out with friends.

They easily judge others.

You will always know what they think, but you will never know how they feel.




They seem to be out of this world.

You can never make Pisces do something, and when they start something, it takes an eternity to finish it.

They don’t know what they really want in life.

Pisces will sacrifice their needs and emotions for the sake of the relationship, and then they will scorn you for doing so.

They idealize the relationship and expect you to live according to their unrealistic expectations.

THE MAIN PROBLEMS THAT MAKE LOVE END: Aries is incapable of walking in other people’s shoes, and Gemini...