HOROSCOPE: What does each sign do wrong, so it doesn't allow themselves to be happy in love

Some philosophers say that love drives everything. And when you look around a bit it actually does! Each person seeks its other half. The quality relationship is something everyone strives for, and for what they more or less fight. What stake does horoscope have in all this?

Astrologers say that horoscope sign determines what we will be like in a relationship, to which extent we will bind and open in a relationship with a partner. Take a look at what they say – what is your horoscope sign like in love relationship and what are their 'brakes'.


Aries want to have everything their way, as they imagined. This creates a sense of sovereignty, which they are afraid will be lost in the relationship. Since you can manage things so well on your own, you restrain from telling the others how much you need them. Also, be careful not to be too demanding.


Once a Taurus makes a commitment, he tries to make it forever. That is why it takes him so much time to choose the right person. And once he enters a relationship, he wants things to stay the same forever and to resist the change. Fear of breaking the routine is the biggest obstacle to establishing intimacy - that constantly needs to grow and not to stagnate. You have to believe that the change is good and to start working on it.


Gemini loves to flirt a lot and rarely really dedicates to staying long in a relationship. Fear of boredom makes them keep things on a superficial level and never invest themselves so much that they would feel bound. Besides that, they are afraid that their partner will discover their 'dark twin' that they are trying to hide so hard. But if you let someone illuminate your darkness with love, you will really become close.



Cancer is afraid to show their vulnerability in front of the others. And since their emotions are so obvious, it happens very often. When someone 'reveals' their emotions, they feel as if they are left at the mercy of their beloved person. Since you feel good when you take care of the others, you should allow them to be there for you when things are tough so you can open up to them.


It is difficult for you to give up the feeling that you have everything under control. This can keep people at a distance. And the division of power is the key to a good relationship. When you find areas in which you are not so good, leave them to others. Control your temperament and practice patience.

HOROSCOPE: What does each sign do wrong, so it doesn't allow themselves to be happy in love


Feeling of not being worthy is Virgos biggest problem. Virgo is afraid to reveal their imperfections, and yet no one can be that good to reach its standards. Don't let your analytical and dominant mind stand in the way of your happiness.


Libra is trying to make everything beautiful and harmonious, and that is why they push all the problems under the carpet, which only creates a distance between her and her partner. In order to be really close to someone, you have to be realistic and not to pretend that things are ideal when they are not. You are afraid to penetrate into the chaotic circle of emotions, but that is what you have to do.


People sometimes feel threatened by you, and it can be an obstacle to achieving closeness. You don't avoid intimacy and strive for deep feelings. But your intensity and sincerity can often be too much for others. On the other hand, you often hide your deepest feelings, because you are afraid that you will be betrayed. You must learn to trust people more.



Sagittarius would prefer to remain an eternal bachelor. He loves freedom and often runs as far as he can when people get too close, his biggest obstacle for intimacy is that he sees commitment as a trap which he associates with boredom. You need a partner who will give you a lot of freedom, but in return you have to give him enough of your presence.


Capricorn wants people to see him as a strong person. Capable, safe, firm, Capricorn stays away from emotions and revealing their weaknesses. Others often rely on him, but he doesn't know who to turn to when he needs help. You need to learn others how to break through your defense and make them love you. Once you remove the illusion that you are not vulnerable, someone will stay with you.


Aquarius always puts logic before the feelings. She always has a problem to express what is in her heart. Since you have the mind that is faster than with most other signs, you think it's okay to indulge all your needs. Your fear of loss of freedom is the biggest obstacle for you. But in order to avoid loneliness, you have to open up and give in.


The biggest obstacle to establishing intimacy with Pisces is the lack of self-awareness. Pisces are like a chameleon, able to approach different people in different ways, so, in the end, they don't know what they want for themselves. When you spend some time on your own, away from other people's needs and feelings, you will understand yourself better and you will lose the need to rescue all the people you love and to let them take advantage of you. Then you will find out what you need for true intimacy.


HOROSCOPE: What does each sign do wrong, so it doesn't allow themselves to be happy in love