HOROSCOPE AND BODY LANGUAGE: Scorpio can't hide her rage, he/she will kill you with a glance!

Gesticulation and mimicry of Virgo are often minimal, but the little you see, tells a lot...


Even though Capricorn's movements are trained, if you observe him for a while you will see a change in his posture when someone he likes appears. And if you can say 'if someone's looks can kill' then it is a Scorpio!

Here's how your body language gives you away!

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Arie's approach is confidence, decisive. Their movements are lively and agile, they look interlocutor in the eye and interrupt him without apologizing. They always push in front of the others, walk in quick and haste steps, often with head in front of the whole body. The Leo create an image of greatness, uniqueness, and authority for themselves.

Vanity and a keen sense of beauty can be seen in the passion with which they take care of their body. The beauty of Leo men, who has almost maniacal need to be in great shape,  is proportional to exceptional sensuality and pliability of women of this sign.

Also, Sagittarius can be unusually beautiful; they have straight posture, they radiate serenity, self-confidence, and carelessness. Many Sagittarius are prone to love at first sight thanks to the irresistible attraction and almost animal instinct. When someone attracts them, they show the clear need for his or her closeness and touch, even in a public place. 


Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

From eloquent glance to frowning, from fine wrinkles around lips to raised eyebrows -  facial expressions of Taurus are true hope of body language. Members of this sign can barely suggest their sensuality and eroticism by their movements and gestures, in case there already isn’t intuitive judgment.

Gesticulation and mimics of Virgo are often reduced to the minimum, but the little you see tells a lot. No matter how hard they try, sometimes they can’t hide their inner nervousness which makes them break practiced and steady gaze with hopping and going through their hair. The more successful they get, the more emotionally stable they are, and their movements are more secure and calmer.

Capricorn’s movements are militarily trained, or if someone is observing him for a while will see a change in posture when someone he likes appears. That’s when his focus is fading, so instead of absorbing every word of the conversation, he asks you to repeat. Events that are connected to their career affect changes in posture and walk.  

HOROSCOPE AND BODY LANGUAGE: Scorpio can't hide her rage, he/she will kill you with a glance!

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

When it comes to their body language, Gemini is the ones who ‘say the most’. They are talkative and curious, cheerful and fun, lively and wild, and they use their hands skillfully as a mime. Transferring weight from foot to foot, the need to constantly roll over or hold something in their hands, as well as mischievous look, tell us that they are true children of their ruler, restless Mercury.

Woman Libra sends seductive, but not vulgar messages, and a man will in a special way make clear that he noticed every woman who passed by him. Drawing attention to the opposite sex is the key to understanding the body language of a Libra- she wants to be liked! The man is more lively and open, and woman more flirty, more distant and smiling.

Composed coolness of Aquarius man who is no longer that young is the result of former ability to express his thoughts and feelings through tumultuous gestures. Woman Aquarius in her mature age radiates quiet gentleness and tolerance as a contrast to the rebellious behavior in her youth.


Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Their restraint and caution indicate the unconscious need for breaking the shell, which is the product of their insecurity. With women Cancer, you can sense sensuality in changing the tone of speech, firmer handshake, a longer glance and trembling in the most intimate moments.

The body language of Scorpio is straightforward and yet mysterious. The way they move reveals their state of mind. In tense situations, their lips are pressed together, and glance is pointed at unknown direction. If you can say for someone that he ‘kills with a glance,' it is precisely Scorpio!

Dynamics and openness in approaching others are related to the inability to remain static and stable with Pisces, even when they have the chance for it. Insecurity and need for a soul mate make them communicate even with complete strangers! Their gestures aren’t  excessive, but pleasant and nice. When they are in the mood, Pisces gesticulate livelily, and when they are not, they don’t even want to look at something. 


HOROSCOPE AND BODY LANGUAGE: Scorpio can't hide her rage, he/she will kill you with a glance!