10 most common dreams and their interpretation

Tooth loss, leg-bail, sex with the boss or teacher ... see the meaning of these and other dreams.

Tooth loss

If one of your teeth or several of them fall out in your dream, or if you are dreaming that you have dirty or diseased teeth, you are probably worried about how you are seen and experienced by others. Also, dreaming of teeth has to do with our doubts in our words or deeds. Maybe you're ashamed of what you have said or did to someone? The real essence of teeth is to grind food, and we can use them to bite someone in self-defense. So, if your teeth are falling out, you might be afraid to lose your personal power and to feel vulnerable.

Ask yourself: Have you recently offended someone? Is there a problem that wasn’t solved the way you wanted? In what field in your life you think you don’t go well?

Perhaps the dream of teeth is a signal that it's time to “bite” something, to show initiative, to take the matter into your hands.


Naked in public

When you are dreaming of being naked in public, in front of other people, it may be a sign that you do not want that some people know that you feel threatened, that you are hiding some of your fears. Some suggest that being naked in front of others means that you are unprepared, uninformed, uneducated or inexperienced for some responsibility.

Ask yourself: what am I hiding; why do I feel like a cheater; how can I reconcile with my shortcomings?

Running away from something or someone

A dream where you are running away from some person, animal, crazy car, an airplane that is falling directly on you, represents your fears of coping with problems that do not depend on you. If, in these dreams, you feel that you are paralyzed and cannot run away or hide, it means that you are blocked with problems.

Ask yourself: why do I feel threatened; what do I want to avoid; who or what stops me from going on?

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Being in your childhood home

Houses are symbols of ourselves, so going back to a house or a condo where we lived as kids, can have a meaning of questioning ourselves whether we made mistakes somewhere, are some of our habits god or bad, and maybe is the time to solve some repressed problems from the past.

A dream in which we are trying to live in an old house that is too small or tight, or looking to the stuff and furniture that have to be restored, means that we become conscious of our shortcomings and that we want to become better. If, in our dreams, our old house has new rooms, it can mean that we are satisfied with new experiences, persons, educations, talents…that we add to our life.   

Perhaps you can ask yourself: which parts of the house, actually of yourselves, have to be “restored”? Are you comfortable in your skin? Which room is your favorite one and why? What is the symbol of new rooms?

10 most common dreams and their interpretation


Dreams about sex often have to do with how we feel about ourselves. Sex with celebrities may mean that you want to be more visible, to be more respected, that you want to have the features of singers, actors you've dreamed of.

Sex with authority like teachers, doctors or boss can mean that you are missing a sense of power to become more successful and happier.

Sex with a stranger or interracial sex may mean that you're looking for the other side of your personality, that you want that the public sees you in a different light.

Sex with the same gender means that you accept yourself well, you're satisfied with what you have done, what you have accomplished.

Maybe you can ask yourself: what are the hidden qualities in yourself that you want to activate, what is that you admire in other people, and can you achieve it by yourself?


To lose important things

Dreams of lost keys or wallet may have a meaning that you are overloaded by constraints, laws, rules, and with what others impose you. With these dreams as you are saying to yourself: "Let's see what can happen if I do something differently than what I'm expected to?”.

Losing the car can mean that you secretly want to run, perhaps to change a job, place of residence, or you want to travel somewhere?

In any case, it's time to define what freedom and independence mean to you.

Ask yourself: Am I what I want to be? Is it time to release another side of my personality?

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To be late

Dreams in which you are not able to get where you're going is a reflection of your nervousness due to obligations, blown deadlines. Maybe you are not ready for the challenge?

If you're late to the exam or work, pay attention to new information or new sources of education, work more on it.

Ask yourself: what is that I have to learn or what is a new skill that I have to overcome? Do I feel ready for new challenges?


To find valuable things

Dreams in which you find money, gold, jewels ... may indicate that you are overwhelmed with debt, or missing financial resources for life, that you are afraid of poverty or afraid of losing what you have.

The background of these concerns is often something else: the fear that you do not deserve to be loved, and that is why you dream what it is like to be rich and happy. Money and valuables can symbolize emotional being.

Ask yourself: in a dream, who is the person that gave you this gifts and what this person means to you? Where did you find the treasure, and why in that place? How did you feel when you found the money - blissful, serene, greedy, have you share it with anyone?


Operation or some kind of illness

Dreams in which you are sick, or you are having surgery, suggest some fundamental changes that you may expect or want to do. On rare occasions, they are a warning about the current health problems or indications that you are exhausted and that you needed to have a rest.

Maybe it's time to change some of your bad habits, to lose weight, to quit smoking, to start with some sport? If you feel anesthesia in a dream, you are probably suppressing some feelings, worries or responsibilities. If you are bleeding profusely or you feel pain, you feel to be out of control in real life, and maybe someone seriously hurt you.

Ask yourself: what or who caused that I feel so wounded and unhelpful? Why am I focusing just on the particular part of the body? What the doctors, in my dream, did to help me? After surgery, did I become better and could do something more?


Car that stops or will not drive

This kind of dreams indicates that you are currently in a state of helplessness, that some events are out of your control, that you feel helpless for someone or something. A car that rolls backwards, the brakes that do not work, or maybe it does not want to start? All means of transportation are a reflection of ourselves, of our emotions, even comets, rockets, UFOs.

Pay attention to whether, in this dream, you are a driver or passenger? If you are in the back seat, for example, may have a meaning that is time to do a step forward in life. If you drive someone else, consider who it is, and then how to take control over your life.

Ask yourself: in what field do you feel helpless? To whom you gave the power to control your life? What should I do to take the control?



10 most common dreams and their interpretation