Zodiac signs: Did you know that there is fruit horoscope?

Did you know that there is fruit horoscope? Yes, you will laugh and think that is a joke, but- you'll be surprised by this one.

Here, the characteristics of 'fruits' are pretty detailed and accurate.


 January 22 – February 19


Sexologists claim that these people rarely have sexual problems. They think that sex is healthy for body and stimulating for spirit, so they engage in it very often as if it were a sport. Their partners think that their biggest flaw is their tendency to cheat; and virtues they appreciate the most are tolerance and willingness to forgive. They do not like chairs. They prefer sitting on the cushions on the floor while watching TV, than sitting on a couch. They are thought to be the agilest people.



February 20– March 20


Oranges are predisposed to become the most ardent fans, the most zealous supporters of certain political ideas, or followers of different sects...They like to sacrifice for the common good and are easily mislead, especially if they bump into a good speaker. Although being thought of as sloppy and superficial, they are the fastest in finding things on a cluttered desk. They are often superstitious and fond of gambling. Pay attention to their behavior when they are focused on something, or in a pensive mood, you will notice that they unconsciously play with their key chain, ring, bracelet... They lead to falling in love at first sight. Members of this sign often tell that they have first met their partners in a dream, and only after in reality.



 March 21 – April 20


It cannot be said that they are good at conducting business negotiations and managing business activities. They can't stand dishonest and deceitful people; they will openly say what they think and cut off all ties. They walk with their head up high, their pace is quick and determined. Thanks to their sports spirit, they maintain to be active even in the old age. When it comes to love, surveys show that the main reasons Ananas terminates the relationship is his partner's indifference, predictability and lack of passion. The reasons for divorce are usually their partners' jealousy and lack of trust. They rarely visit doctors. Their worst enemy is the flu, but their mental strength and willpower are their allies in the fight against illness.



April 21– May 21


It cannot be said that they are the right persons for being superiors. They avoid speeches and addressing the public; they find it hard establish authority and are very obstinate. If things go wrong, they, more than others, go astray and start drinking. Family life is very important to them they consider their home sacred. They do not socialize much with their neighbors. Their home often becomes the storage of unnecessary stuff. These traditionalists of an artistic sensibility get connected to things, so they won't give up on even the most insignificant trifles. In old age they can accurately predict the weather- they strongly react to every change in the environment.



 May 22– June 21


They are high on the list of favorite bosses. They highly appreciate talents and abilities of their subordinates and think that it is important to reward hardworking, reliable and loyal workers. They usually struggle with weight. Strict diets and arduous exercises do not give satisfactory results.  Venus endowed them with generous body proportions. Cherries usually, when meeting people or entering a room, embrace their partner around the waist, watch their every step and are indeed very jealous. But, they are ready to wait for a long time until a person they like to return the love. Astrological explanation of this phenomenon is their patience and commitment. They do not think good of people who use cheap perfumes or live in houses old-fashion designed interiors.

Zodiac signs:  Did you know that there is fruit horoscope?


June 22 – July 22


They belong to the rare group of people who do not panic in situations when they have to speak in public. The biggest number of celebrities was born under this sign. They visit all important and unimportant social event; they are regular guests at all glamorous parties. But, there are not many Apricots among intellectuals and scientist. It seems that their practical intelligence and ambitions don't stimulate them to study. They like to brag with everything they have, including their partners. They will proudly introduce their partners to their friends, and frequently emphasize their charm, education, beauty, and wit. Male Apricots usually have sexual problems, but instead of asking for help, they will blame their partners.



July, 23 – August, 22


If they realize that their hobby brings more money than their actual occupation, Peaches will dedicate themselves to it with no regrets. Many of them are among those who managed to get high on the career ladder. They easily acquire new words and grammar, so they learn foreign languages faster than anyone else. Hey are highly successful in puzzle solving, and real masters in telling a joke. They have the ability to tell their adventures the way that people who listen to lough out loud; having they in your company is a guarantee of having fun. They can get enough of love and romance, so it is not rare that they have several marriages.



August 23 – September 22


They need more time for solving everyday problems than any other sign, because they pay too much attention to details and analysis, so they need more time to examine the whole problem. However, as manager, they are second on the list, although they usually reach the success after the age of 50. When it comes to love, they first find reasons against a relationship, and only after analyzing partners' flaws, they decide to enter it. They are very picky and tend to adopt strange habits, so it is sometimes hard to understand their actions. For example, they will rather spend the whole day trying to buy their favorite toothpaste, than buy a different one and save time. Their digestive tract is very sensitive.



September 23 – October 22


Members of this sign are the prettiest ones, and cosmetic experts confirm that. Their skin is not prone to wrinkles; it stays smooth even in their old age. Maybe male Grapes are those to whom women do not trust. They are, at the same time, the most skilled seducers whose charm is hard to resist. They like having credit cards, symbols of wealth and new trends they blindly follow. Grapes like much older partners. Or much younger. So, it is not a surprise that they are in a marriage where the age difference is 10 or more years. They have a keen sense of smell; their ideal job is in the perfume industry. They can also smell other people's body scent, so be careful if you spend time with someone else.



October 23 – November 22


Chestnut is one of those who like designer items. But, they’re not passionate shoppers, they buy only what they need, and the main criterion for that is quality and durability of a product.  They do not think that marital fidelity is something important, and with age they become prone to cheating. Chestnuts work late in the night. There are many prominent musicians, especially guitar players, born under this sign. They are sensitive more than people think.  Their favorite pastime is chess.



November 23 – December 21


Their tendency to uncontrollable fits of rage is particularly evident when you try to analyze them in public or when you ask questions about their private life. If you like black humor, they are the right company for you. People who know them say that they are very entertaining and that they enjoy their lucid provocations and witty puns. They are completely in their element when the night falls. Their ability to concentrate is the strongest around midnight, the best time for them to study is when others sleep. Their good intuition comes together with the need to best others. They like to provoke and go to extremes. They also like to decorate their bodies and to show their tattoos, or piercings.



December 22– January 21


Pomegranates are usually on job positions that demand originality. Even if they work on the assembly line, they do that their way. They are fascinated by everything ultra-modern; they will start to listen to techno, even if they grew up listening to rock. It is hard to plan for the future with them. The thing that bothers their partners the most is the fact that they want to stay friends with their exes. Their friends resent them their constant need for changes. They cannot stay still, and if you go out with them, you'll probably go from one bar to another whole night. If, on a vacation, you see a person armed with cameras and binoculars- it is, most likely, an adventurous Pomegranate. They consider forest to be the perfect place for living.


Zodiac signs: Did you know that there is fruit horoscope?