Seven things you should know about a man before you sleep with him

Really, it is easy to jump into bed with the first man who gives you a bit of attention, but at what cost?

Finding a handsome man in a bar and taking him home is not only simple but also very fun. But, maybe you should think twice before you get involved with someone this way. As you satisfy you needs for the night, you may face unwanted consequences in case things don’t go as you planned.

This doesn’t go only for men you randomly meet, but also for those with whom you have short relationships. Some consequences can occur if you just jump into bed with anyone.

For this reason, you should be aware of some things about the man, before you surrender to them. Here are some important things you need to know about a man before you sleep with him.

1. His last name

First, why would you want to have sex with someone who you don’t know anything about? To be honest, you should learn his last name at the beginning of the conversation, and that is something you have to do before you end up with him under the sheets.

2. His phone number

There is nothing odd in the fact that you are asking for his phone number to make sure you'll see him again. Although, this is not the worst thing that can happen. You may get a sexually transmitted disease or get pregnant, and this information will be of great use, you will be able to inform him about the situation. And also, if things go as you planned, it is certain that you will want to call him.


3. At least a bit of his sexual past

You don’t need to know how many girls he’s had or how with many of them he slept, but you need to know at least something about his sex life. This means that you need to find out if he had a serious relationship, or he’s just another one of those who find a girl for sex everywhere, and then disappear.

This is very important, because if he had serious relationships, then he is someone who can show respect, and as a bonus, it means that there were fewer women, which automatically means that it is less likely that you will earn an STD. If this is an adulterer, make sure that he doesn’t take advantage of you.

Seven things you should know about a man before you sleep with him

4. How reliable he is

It’s hard to say whether someone is trustworthy or not if you only just met him, but your instincts may be a good indicator. Trust him. People have instincts that can tell whether someone (or something) is dangerous and if they should stay away from it.


5. What is his relationship with his mother

If you are not sure of what instinct is telling you, you should ask him something about his mother. The fact of his relationship with his mother will tell you all you need to know about how he treats women in his life.

6. Is sex a big deal for him

This really shows how much you actually progressed in a relationship, because if you plan to sleep with a man you just met, he probably won’t make a big deal about sex. But you must be aware of what sex represents for a relationship in which you are currently with that man before you jump into bed with him.

7. Do you feel safe with him

The most important thing for you is to feel safe and protected while you are having sex. You should always be aware of how you feel when you're with someone before you allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of that person. If you have sex with someone, with whom you don’t feel safe, you can end up with a crisis of conscience, or even regret your actions later.

Seven things you should know about a man before you sleep with him