How Zodiac signs react in stressful situations? Aries rages, Cancer cries...

In what way do signs react and how they express anger. Do they forgive?


Aries gets angry and becomes aggressive quickly. Every Aries is aware that it would be of great help if they learned how to manage their anger. If you intend to engage in a relationship with these hot-headed people, bear in mind that you protect your interests. Apart from that, you will have to be interesting, because they tend to argue when bored.


They secretly crave for security. They are great hedonists. Insecurity turns them to accumulate money and material goods. Luckily, they are very sensitive, so they realize that the security comes from a self-belief, not from material goods.


Geminis are covert schizophrenics. They have split personalities, so you can never know which one you spend time with. Besides that, they are 'devil's advocate' for themselves, they never know how and what to choose. Every turning point on their way confuses them.



Cancers are big crybabies. This water sign is only concerned with fulfilling their emotional needs, which is the cause of their great insecurity. Apart from being whiners, they are emotional leeches. They want their partners to assure continually them of their values. That's why the phone rings more often than you would like. To avoid that, let them take care of you or buy them a dog.


Their lies are harmless; you shouldn't believe everything they say- Leo likes to exaggerate and change the sequence of events to make things more glamorous and exciting. Furthermore, they like to boast, that is the trait they cannot control. So, pamper their ego and enjoy yourself. You can never be bored in their company.

How Zodiac signs  react in stressful situations? Aries rages, Cancer cries...


Virgo is never satisfied. People born under this sign think that nothing is ever good enough. Their aspiration for perfection cannot be mitigated. Besides being perfectionists, they always tend to analyze things, even minor ones. So, do not take their critics seriously.


Libra always looks like s/he cannot wait to become you lover, which could be attractive. The reason for such a behavior is that they like to be in a relationship, but at the same time, they have bonding problems. From their point of view – the grass is always greener on the other side. Worse still, you will never know that something is wrong because these natural-born diplomats can smile even when they seethe with anger. Libras are passive-aggressive people who attract the attention with their charm and beauty.



Scorpios have many secrets that they will never tell you about. They adore their privacy. If you open to them, they will feel safe and start to open to you. Poking your nose into their business won't help you find out what they're up to. Scorpios are extremely jealous; they will never forget if partner flirted with others. If partners cheated on them, they would not forgive, but leave as soon as they find out. 


Sagittarians don't hide anything about themselves. They are like open books and painfully straightforward. These traits can make them seem untactful. When they don't like something, they pretend that it doesn't exist. That is their defense mechanism. They often behave as selfish and irresponsible people.


Capricorns are sometimes seen as stone-hearted people, but they are secretly worried what people think about them. To make their wishes true, they are ready to work very hard and won't let you know how they managed to achieve what they wanted. They are very serious and demanding partners.


They like humankind, but don't like people. They are snobs, but they hide that, they behave the way they imagine to be right. They say 'No' by habit; don't expect them to be happy if you try to 'captivate' them. Aquarius is ruled by Uran, which makes them be natural-born rebels. If you start a love relationship with Aquarius, you should know that they accept only their rules.  


It happens very often that Pisces cannot achieve harmony between spiritual and physical. They are prone to running away. They are often addicted to something- to food, books, TV, Drugs, sex, anything. They are excessively sensitive and like art. They find it hard to be faithful, but demand their partners to be. They easily forgive their mistakes.