Quick truth about all Zodiac signs: Leos are arrogant, pompous and annoying despisers, Sagittarius are spendthrifts and gamblers

Until now, you were reading the praises for your sign. On the internet, however, is circulating a humorous and sarcastic presentation of traits of the Zodiac.

Prepare yourself, this will hurt



Members of this sign are sick possessive and want to take away all freedom of their partners, but will allow the harem of mistresses to themselves.


Mostly stuck at the impregnable fortress and do not admit defeat until being completely mentally destroyed. They have a very chaotic mind, jump on anything and everything, and it must be here and now, do not know the tactics, and become sick from waiting.




Self - complacent, silent persons, boring as a club of philatelists. Their biggest psychological problem is that they do not have problems. Everything is great for them; do not get bothered with your problems, because they do not have them. You should cause them problems just to make their lives more interesting.


Their peace is perfect until it turns into a manic madness, because when you get them out of the track, then, with their horns, knives and anything they can get in their hands, together with a disfigured face, will go to you as to the matador who is waving a red cloth.


Then bury yourself or prepare the hatchet, because they will not give up not even with an apology.



Main Gossips, traitors and turncoats with double arshine that change every 10-15 minutes. They say that Judas was a twin. They are persons with hundred faces, eternal actors and narcissistic with a superficial view of life.


They do not believe in astrology. If you draw a line under, you will see that, for him, you are standing very low on the priority list. They will always make plans to be with someone else rather than with you. Simply, their story never “holds the water”, the truth is that they are cheating on you. Extremely bad side of this is that Gemini is several personalities in one person. The good side is that they treat themselves the same way they treat you. You're dealing with someone who cannot reaches and provide quality, but can provides 'quantity' '.


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Possessive lunatics that are insulted if your ‘‘good morning '' is not in the proper intonation. 


If you accuse them of lying, you are in trouble, they will weep and nag for years. Cancer is changing its personality from one extreme to another - one-day s/he turns into your worst enemy and sadist while the next, s/he is again his/hers '' old self '' - with mild amnesia.



They are arrogant, pompous and annoying despisers. Leo truly believes that their entry into the room is accompanied by reflectors and that in each room is always, at least, one person that loves them.


The truth is that there is only one person - themselves. So, to be with Leo, you have to learn to suck up to them; to agree with everything they say, and to adore them without reason.




They are obsessive-compulsive neurotics, who treat stress by clearing the house, or by collecting goods and Chinese porcelain. They are excessively demanding sticklers for whom a lot is not enough. Members of this sign do not know love, they are without emotions, and for them, it is all about sex.


If some sign is a '' prostitute '', this sign is. Only the robot may be colder than Virgo.


With Virgo you can be sure of one thing, sooner or later they will stab you in the back. It will be thoughtfully analyzed and confirmed as the best option for them. They act so well that you will not know that they have been calculating for days or months if it is the time to eliminate you.

Quick truth about all Zodiac signs: Leos are arrogant, pompous and annoying despisers, Sagittarius are spendthrifts and gamblers


Narcissistic schizophrenics, whose best friend, is a mirror, they are totally unstable, they need a week to decide whether to order a Coke or Pepsi, they are so lazy that it is a miracle how they get out of bed.


Members of this sign are soulless, heartless, without blood, they will love you only if you are financially strong, or you have a good professional position. The word friend does not exist in Libra's vocabulary, and as much you open your soul to them, do not count on reciprocity because they just listen carefully and will not open their heart.

They prefer 1,000 beautiful lies than one painful truth, because they are the most successful at lying, even to themselves.



They are self-pitying and auto - destructive, they cannot stand alone their wormwood, but must pull another 100 people with themselves.


If tomorrow were the end of the world, they would not be shocked, probably would give a welcome by participating in a sado-masochistic orgy. A death to them is no big deal and get excited to blood and everything that cause chills in an ordinary mortal man.


They are jealously possessive psychopaths, who, without sex, are getting mentally sick and imagine that someone is plotting behind their back.


You are crazy if you decide to tell the Scorpio that they are lying - the details of your tragedy is not recommended to describe due to the stunning series of brutal scenes. If, by some miracle, you're dealing with a good Scorpio (there is one?), s/he will offer you sexual favors.





Spendthrifts and gamblers who enjoy preaching to others and their enthusiasm is so great that they believe that it is quite possible to revive the dead - of course, only if they do so. They are terrified to admit to themselves, that they are familiar with sadness.


Do not enter into marriage with Sagittarius, even not by accident, because when s/he is certain that he loves you, it will pass him in a month. Only if you are not rich enough to keep him by your side or have a status that gives him a greater power.




A real slave driver who believes in destiny, the word 'sorry' does not exist in his vocabulary. You can live next to the Capricorn whole your life, to be married to a member of this sign, but you'll never find out what they have to say.


They do not know how to express their feelings with words, so instead of 'I love you' they will say “go to hell”. They will sell their soul for social status.


Capricorn is a coward who flees headlong as soon as the risk is higher - running away and leaving in the lurch is something that he does and will do whole life.


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He is an unbridled freelancer who, throughout his life, will lose himself in 500 times. Aquarius would be friends to everyone, but, in the end, it does not succeed, so they fool those who have done the most for them. Eternally pry into others private lives, and therefore, you probably will not be surprised by the fact that, according to statistics, most spies of the CIA are born under the sign of Aquarius.


At one point, they will do anything for a friend, but they will count it all. His lies are prone to plant another, live shortest of all because life without responsibility brings an early death.




Self-pitying boring people, waiting for someone to come and comfort them, cannot do anything without help, and even the smallest thing they see as a superior sensation and bothering people around with it.


During the break, when in the good mood, they deal with other people's problems, then fall again into depression - and, again, and again. Pisces do not lie; this is not possible because their faith does not allow it.