What defines Zodiac signs: Cancer feels, Taurus has, Capricorn use, Leo wants....

A life motto is something that defines us and moves us and is deeply rooted into our character.

Aries: ”I am”

An old saying "what you see is what you get", is made for the members of this sign. Their behavior and words are a true reflection of their personalities and they will very rarely conceal how they feel. Who is fine with that - great, and who is not - even better, as written by 2Anchor4 hours, Aries will not waste his time on that.

Taurus: “I have”

Members of this sign appreciate what they have acquired in their lives – from relationships and pleasure to material things. They believe that is due to their efforts and work, and that is what defines them. They are not focused on superficial things, but on those for which they need to work hard, and because of that, they keep them nearby and don’t want to let them go.


Gemini: “I think”

Members of this sign have a strong desire upon knowledge and new information of all kind Their mind is almost always in ON mode, and for them, thoughts are what most define people. To them are important points of view of people around them, they judge them through their points of view, but deeply respect all what brings a new perspective and what teaches them.


Cancer: “I feel”

For members of this sign, life is composed of a series of feelings that inspire its true meaning. They are not fulfilled with material things and business success, although they want them, but without fulfillment in relationships, everything has no sense. They appreciate feelings more than anything else, and they inspire everyone who’s nearby to do the same.

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Leo: “I want”

The driving force of this sign, and what defines them in life, is their will be focused on achieving their goals. Their strength of will is amazing, just because they are focused to do what they decide. The realization of desires and goals gives them a sense of achievement, no matter if it is in business or private life, and they have a plan, even if it seems that it does not exist.


Virgo: “I analyze”

Member of this sign possesses an unbelievable awareness of what is happening around them, and they are excellent in noticing details. At the same time, this is their talent as well as the driving force – they live in the way that they analyze, calculate, plan….It is important to them to find some sense in everything, even when it seems that does not exist.


What defines Zodiac signs: Cancer feels, Taurus has, Capricorn use, Leo wants....


Libra: “I do balance”

In life, members of this sign, mostly appreciate the stability and a peace of mind, and they are talented for that – introduction of order and organization in all things on which they put hands on. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like challenge and pressings, but it means that they enjoy solving complicated situations and to help people, in that way they have the sense to be important and useful.


Scorpio: “I desire”

The members of this sign are characterized by their passionate and intense nature behind a stable appearance. If they want something, they want it without delay and as soon as possible, and not only want but yearn for it. Their „starters“ are more intense than those of other members of the Zodiac, and this is what allows them to follow their heart and instincts.

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Sagittarius: “I see”

Members of this sign have optimistic and curious nature, encourages with the idea of discovering new things, spaces, people, experience… they have a broad view of the world, and do not appreciate anything more than the adoption of new perspectives and collecting stories that others can recount.


Capricorn: “I use”

Members of this sign will find the sense of life in practical things, and in every assignment, relationship, think, they see  means by which they are approaching to happiness. They love enigmas, assignments, hard work, and success, and they do not believe that life and happiness will put together by themselves – but they are those who create their own path.


Aquarius: “I know”

Members of this sign are focused on their knowledge, and this is what they appreciate, but more than information from the book, they appreciate a practical knowledge and adroitness. They believe that man is worth as much as he knows and as much as can do, and they do not like half business or people who pretend to be something that is not – because they do not do that.


Pisces: “I believe”

As life dreamers, members of this sign are big Zodiac idealists. They allow to be led by their intuition, which is the best think they can do – with that they define their inner world with their beliefs, thoughts, emotions and desires.