Horoscope and style: Pisces loves shoes, Taurus vintage clothes

Find out what is the most feminine sign, who feels comfortable in a sweat suit and trainers, and who is a genuine trendsetter.

Aries- This sign will always be attracted to casual and comfortable clothes. Which means that in their closet, there are all kinds of training suits and trainers. They may also look really nice wearing trousers with a high waist, high heels, and a simple shirt. Considering that women in this sign like to be the center of attention, their favorite color is red, which is very striking. They pay special attention to jewelry and accessories.

Taurus- This horoscope sign wants clothes made of natural fabrics. Otherwise they won’t even consider it. What is characteristic for this sign is an exceptional attachment to old clothes. They will always choose elegance, sometimes with a small dose of conservatism. They like to complement their look with necklaces. Colors that suit this sign best are dark brown and light blue. 

Gemini- Just like in life, when it comes to fashion they like change and don’t like uniform clothes, we could say they are masters of transformation. You can see them very often in bright sports clothes, and the next day in an elegant black dress. Their thing, we can also say their obsession, are certainly sunglasses, watches and handbags. They are able to refresh their wardrobe every day with a new piece of clothes.


Cancer- Considering their frequent changes of mood, they also dress in accordance with it. Women in the sign of cancer are famous for enjoying staying at home the most, so it’s not surprising that their favorite piece of clothes is pajamas. Colors which Cancer can often be seen wearing are silver, white and gray. They pay special attention to their underwear, as well as to the choice of jewelry, especially watches.

Leo- Female Leos may as well be called glamour queens. They love any ripped, leather clothes, and if there’s also animal print on it, it’s the right choice. The thing that they always use as an accessory is jewelry made of yellow gold or bijouterie, and different brooches. Their favorite colors are gold, red and black. They always tend to dramatic look. 

Horoscope and style: Pisces loves shoes, Taurus vintage clothes

Virgo- Virgos love provocative pieces of clothes, they are very easily noticed because of their neat and clean appearance. You can almost never see them without a scarf or striking stockings because these are their favorite fashion accessories. Colors that suit them best are white, light shades of blue, orange and gray.

Libra- We can say that Libras are fashion experts, considering how much they like fashion and how they know every fashion trend. They pronounce their curves usually with transparent, flowing fabrics and pastel colors. Perfect make-up and floral fragrances are the main characteristics of a Libra.

Scorpio- Scorpios are sexy, so their style is no different. Their soft spots are boots and high heels. Colors that prevail in their closet are black and dark shades of red and blue. The price of clothes isn’t an issue as long as it looks good on them. Intense make-up is very characteristic for this sign.

Sagittarius- This sign is prone to freestyle, which may not always look pretty, but will always be authentic. Their special passion is sunglasses, and leather jackets and they always have more of these in their wardrobe. Considering that this is an fire sign, they love colors such as yellow and brown.


Capricorn- Capricorns have an exceptionl aversion towards synthetic clothes and always want to have in their wardrobe the best and most beautiful clothes. What makes them different from other horoscope signs is that they don’t wear almost any jewelry or wear only one piece of it. They like clothes in black, brown or gray.

Aquarius- Aquarius is completely indifferent to fashion, so they often can put together incompatible items, but they are often the inspiration for others. Baggy trousers are what they feel the best wearing. They pay a lot of attention to their hair, so you'll never see them without a hairdo.

Pisces- Pisces’  closet is filled with different skirts, dresses and fluttering pieces of clothes. They rarely buy casual and sports clothes. Also in their closet, you’ll see the biggest number of shoes. Almost any color is an option as long as it is glittering, but very often it will be turquoise or purple. Their favorite  accessories are necklaces, as well as rings.


Horoscope and style: Pisces loves shoes, Taurus vintage clothes