Zodiac is unmistakable: How much sleep each horoscope sign needs

Some horoscope signs get up early at the break of dawn, whatever is going on in their life.

Some need more, some less...

Do you enjoy the first-morning coffee while everyone around you is still asleep? Or are you one of those who would like the most to smash the phone when the alarm goes off (only if you could afford it) and you always miss ‘five more minutes’ (or a couple of hours) in bed?



Whichever group you belong to, know that horoscope also affects it a little. (And, of course, the time you go to bed.)


Many of your characteristics, many preferences in life are determined by the position of the stars. Your horoscope sign reveals a lot about your personality and character, the perception of the world, lifestyle, your reactions to certain situations... Then it is natural also to determine how much sleep you will need to shine every day completely.


Here's when you should go to bed, depending on your horoscope sign:




Aries should be in bed at about 9. During the day, they have so many obligations, so many activities, that each hour of sleep is valuable. In order to provide themselves enough of the necessary rest, Aries must be ‘in bed at nine’. OK, if not exactly ‘at nine’, definitely - as early as possible.




The Taurus love early morning. It is their favorite time of day, whether in the morning they first go for a run or enjoy the first coffee and ‘fresh’ newspapers. For Taurus, morning is the right time to do all they need to do, and that's why they go to bed at about 10 o’clock so that they don’t miss a single moment of morning enjoyment.




Gemini has a bad habit ... They like to stay up late. And sometimes they have so much on their mind, that they simply can fall to sleep, even if they go to bed on time. But since they like to get up early in the morning, in order to get everything done during the day, the best time to go to bed for members of this sign is about 11. That way they can use the night to do what they like, but they’ve still got time to get a good sleep before the morning, so they are not completely lost when they get up.




Cancers like to get up early in the morning, but they also like to stay awake until late in the night. Stars say that ideal time to go to bed for members of this sign is about 22:30. Cancers find it hard to go to bed before 11 pm, but it's definitely necessary for them to sleep a bit more, to have enough energy for the whole day.




The right time to go to bed for members of this sign is about midnight. Leos simply can’t go to bed early because they have so much to do during the evening... They want to talk to friends on the phone, watch their favorite series, and then comment on the episode they’ve just watched - you guess – over the phone with a friend... Leos are never ready to get up in the morning, and no matter how much they sleep, it always seems to them that the waking up has come too early.

ZODIAC IS UNMISTAKABLE: Here’s how much sleep each horoscope sign needs



Virgos are methodical and plan everything in advance. In order to secure themselves an ‘advantage’, they like to get up very, very early. That's why it's best for members of this sign to go to bed about eight o'clock in the evening. Yes, yes... It sounds ‘too early’. But Virgos take everything into account and correctly conclude that it is most important that early in the morning they need to be at the height of freshness, power, and energy, and they go to sleep as early as possible.




Libras are not exactly the ‘morning type’. Members of this sign in the morning are sullen, and in a bad mood, and in most cases, they will press ‘snooze’ button and delay the alarm at least a dozen times. Libras like to stay awake until late into the night so that they can relax after a busy day. The best time to go to sleep is about midnight.




Scorpios are genuine night creatures. They love to read or watch the series late in the night, and they don’t want to miss anything, no matter how late something is happening. They hate mornings and wake up tired and cranky, and nothing can change that. For Scorpios, life begins at dusk, and so they are ready to go to bed at one after midnight.




The Sagittarius is the embodiment of the idea of ​​someone who lives ‘at night’. They do their best in the middle of the night, then they are most creative and have the most energy. They go to bed at about two o'clock in the morning, and they are happiest if they can sleep until noon and don’t have to start any activity for the day until early afternoon.




Capricorns are infinitely responsible. They never leave anything half done. In order to do everything the best they can, they like to get up as early as possible. That's why they go to bed at about ten in the evening. It's not too early, not too late, just ‘the right time’, perfect, just like everything Capricorns do.




Aquarius like to stay up late at night, especially if they can enjoy their solitude. They read, write... And before you know it, it's midnight – time to go to bed.




Pisces are not morning types. Not at all. Under no circumstances. The bed is their favorite place in the world, and they hate to leave it. But they like to go to bed early and just lie down and sleep as long as possible. Pisces simply love to sleep, and the dream realm is ‘the place’ where they feel most comfortable. They go to bed at about 11 o'clock in the evening.


ZODIAC IS UNMISTAKABLE: Here’s how much sleep each horoscope sign needs