Horoscope and ideal city to live in: Vegas suits Aries, Paris suits Cancer

Find out which city suits your zodiac sign best and what is your ideal place to live in.


Ideal places for vacation for Aries:Adventurers like Aries like unusual ventures like jumping with a parachute, skydiving, free climbing, white water rafting. Whichever destination offers this kind of entertainment; it will be an excellent choice for a holiday for Aries.

The ideal place to live in: City with an active nightlife and adventure, like Las Vegas, is an ideal place to live in for this sign. 

Ideal home: Since the Aries are in a constant hurry, they like small spaces because they can keep them tidy easier. Flats are, therefore, ideal for them. They like living by the motto - the world at my feet –so it would be desirable for the apartment to be on the highest possible floor, and in the center. The latter is important to them in order to be close to the venue of active day and night life of the city.


Taurus like a relaxed vacation in places that will remind them of home, with a few exotics. They like good food and beautiful landscapes, so Napa in California would be the right choice.

Ideal city to live in: We stay in California because Los Angeles would be an ideal city to live in for Taurus, who like to show off their finances.

Ideal home: Ideal variant is a house with large garden, big kitchen, and dining room. They compensate love for nature with a large garden. Since this is the sign that loves to cook, big kitchen imposes as a logical choice, while the big dining room is a response to their desire to more often dine with friends and family.


Ideal place for vacation: This sign loves being busy even during the holidays. Excursions, visits museums and archeological sites, with a few hours of sports activities that are a dream vacation for Gemini.

Ideal city to live in: Since they don’t tolerate boredom in any form, members of this sign prefer living in cities that never sleep. What better choice than New York?

Ideal home: Living in apartments is more suitable for the Gemini, as long as the apartment is located in the center, has a nice view and a big wardrobe. The need for life in the center comes out from their desire to be at the center of happenings. Since they are creative, it would be ideal to have a beautiful view from the study room. Finally, the big wardrobe is the result of their tendency to collect clothes and shoes.



Ideal place for vacation: To Cancer it is most important to be in the company of dear people during vacation. Since they love water, each destination close to it is ideal for them.

Ideal city to live in: they love being different from the environment, which they usually are due to their specific set of character traits so that ideal place would be Paris, a very special city.

Ideal home: Love for water also influences their choice of residence. They will always choose a house on the coast, and if that’s not possible, they will tend to have a small fountain or aquarium in their backyard or apartment. They are among very few signs that don’t have a problem living on the ground floor. They love the proximity of the ground, so they rarely choose upper floors. It’s very important for them to have a garage.


Ideal place for vacation: Their tendency to glamour and luxury is also pronounced when it comes to the choice of place for vacation. The more expensive and glamorous, the better. New York and Las Vegas would be the cities which they can truly enjoy.

Ideal city to live in:  They love sunny weather, beach and the atmosphere that makes you forget about all your problems, so an ideal choice for the city to live in for a Leo is Barcelona.

Ideal home: Leos think big, so they would be happiest if they lived in a huge, luxurious mansion. Apartments are also an option as long as they are spacious, with a beautiful view and big bedroom. They don’t like to live too close to the ground, nor on too high floors. 

Horoscope and ideal city to live in: Vegas suits Aries, Paris suits Cancer


Ideal place for vacation: As someone who is super organized, to Virgo it is important to have such a vacation too. Yoga centers for relaxation, where every day is planned to the last detail, would be an example of ideal vacation for this sign.

Ideal city to live in: Virgos admire order, routine and discipline, so Berlin, a city that lives by these principles, would be an excellent choice.

An ideal home: Since Virgo is the air sign, it would suit them the most to live in a tree house. Since that is not realistic, they will satisfy with an apartment on the upper floors. The sense of order is very important to them in life space too.They don't like big condos because they feel more comfortable in the company of one person more than several. They are very artistic so they like to have a corner where they can express themselves creatively.


Ideal place for vacation: Romantic and artistic soul such as Libra likes to rest in accordance with these characteristics. Places in which they can enjoy with their loved ones, away from the crowd and rush, are perfect for relaxation for this sign.

Ideal city to live in: They don’t like big and noisy cities. Turned to art, with no traffic jams and with the right dose of romance, Venice would be the city made for Libra.

Ideal home: The manner of their residence reflects their desire for a quiet, undisturbed life. Libra will choose to live in the countryside rather than in the city. They resent apartments close to busy urban areas. They love big and very beautifully decorated living rooms and well-organized wardrobes.


Ideal place for vacation: passionate and smart, Scorpio likes getting to know new cultures. They don't like short vacations during which they won’t have time to get completely to know the place they’re staying in. They love exotic destinations where they can enjoy unfamiliar things.

Ideal city to live in: Wild and strong Scorpio likes living in cities with the same qualities. Chicago would be the right choice for this sign of combative energy.

Ideal home: Unlike the previous signs, to this one it is essential to have a spacious and beautifully decorated bathroom. He likes luxury and life in it. The bedroom is for Scorpio as a very passionate sign, very important. On the other hand, they are tied to their car, so owning a garage is a must. 



Ideal place for vacation: The sign that has traveled in its blood knows what he wants from a vacation. He doesn’t settle for small things but strives to most unusual and most expensive arrangements. Going to Machu Picchu is the ideal vacation for the Sagittarius.

Ideal city to live in: There is no city for which we can safely say would fit this sign. They would enjoy changing the place of residence every year. A city that could briefly quench their appetite for excitement is Rome, as a specific blend of modern and traditional.

Ideal home: This very sophisticated sign is prone to live in urban, city areas. Cultural events and socializing with friends are very important to them, so they tend to live in parts of the city that have a rich social life. They pay attention to the architecture of the place they live in, so they will decide to live in an old building or the one that is the work of an eccentric architect. They are one of the few signs that don’t mind commuting but enjoy it.


Ideal place for vacation: Capricorns like going back to the past, so they take advantage of their trips to learn something new from history. Cancun would be the perfect choice for them.

Ideal city to live in: They would enjoy the city with a lot of museums, theaters and other forms of cultural happenings. Capricorns don’t like big cities so Salt Lake City would be the right choice.

Ideal home: Capricorn adores big space, so they would be happiest if they lived on a farm or in the country. If they, however, live in an apartment or house then they require a large surface area. They like to be close to the ground. Big dining room and kitchen are mandatory in the living space of Capricorn, considering that they like spending a lot of time with family and friends. They are prone to purchasing holiday and summer houses.


Ideal place for vacation: Aquarius prefer specific destinations where they can meet a lot of new faces.

Ideal city to live in: The city that truly pleases the sensibility of Aquarius is fast, modern and challenging Hongkong.

Ideal home: They function great in small apartments because they are prone to minimalism. They love the technique, so it is more important to them to have a good microwave, a fridge and a laptop in their home rather than classic pieces of furniture. Since they are careerists, they need to have a room intended exclusively for work in their living space. It doesn’t matter if they live close to the center or in the suburbs.


Ideal place for vacation: Pisces are addicted to traveling which makes them peaceful and fulfilled. They love relaxing destinations that allow them to recharge their batteries during the break.

An ideal city to live in: In accordance with their peaceful character, Pisces prefer smaller towns, with no crowd and noise. Florence would be the right choice.

An ideal home: Most Pisces prefer life in suburbs. Even though they are water sign, it isn’t important whether they live near water. They like to be near shopping centers and supermarkets, as well as parks and golf courses. Like Scorpios, they love their car so parking space is very important.


Horoscope and ideal city to live in: Vegas suits Aries, Paris suits Cancer