List of five things that lead them: Life principles of each zodiac sign

Here are five things that lead them in life. While honor and honesty are important to some of them, to others, their freedom and independence are sacred.

Discover which five principles “lead” all Zodiac signs.



1. Is not worth fighting with me.

2. It is better to do something than complaint later that you didn’t do it.

3. The man always remains young if a spirit is young.

4. Stubbornness is not a vice.

5. I'm not attacking, I defend myself.



1. I do not want anything that is someone else's and do not want anyone to touch what's mine.

2. Who does not like the food, does not like people.

3. You are never rich enough to buy cheap.

4. Is not worth fighting with a fool.

5. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.



1. Who knows what tomorrow brings.

2. Two brains are always better than one.

3. People just comfort themselves that quality is more important than quantity.

4. Love goes, friends remain.

5. Boredom is the devil's playground.

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1. My house - My Freedom.

2. He who waits is entitled to everything.

3. It is easier to find a flaw than correct it.

4. Smart people are often called lunatics.

5. Those who never change their minds, they prefer themselves than the truth.



1. It is better to leave at the height of fame than an end in failure.

2. Good manners are half the success.

3. If you do something, do it properly.

4. Love that is not shown enough - it's not love.

5. A lie has no legs.

List of five things that lead them: Life principles of each zodiac sign


1. Patience and perseverance - the key to success.

2. Lying is not bad if do well to others.

3. Man meets in three cases - in food, wealth and drunkenness.

4. Spending time on something that is not worth is the greatest stupidity.

5. Always trust the brain, rarely the heart.



1. Happiness is greater when shared.

2. Diplomacy is the way to victory.

3. Keeping the principle is often stupid.

4. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

5. Love should be proved.


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1. If not led by passion, you're doing something wrong.

2. A fox may change its skin, but never its character.

3. Everything that has value should be earned.

4. You do not know the man until you eat a kilo of salt with him

5. What does not kill you makes you stronger.



1. It is better to weep with the wise, than sing with the fool.

2. How many friends you have, the more you're worth.

3. Do not learn from other people mistakes, but on your own.

4. The words are nothing without work.

5. Nothing is hard if you love.



1. Weak is the one who does not believe or has lost faith in himself.

2. Time is money.

3. It is easy to be wise after the event.

4. Rules exist for a reason.

5. A man who does not keep to his word, worth nothing.



1. If I didn’t ask it, then it is not advice but preach.

2. The highest beauty is to live as you want.

3. Everyone is born alone.

4. Love is wonderful but is the most common weakness of people.

5. If you want the enemy, borrow the money from a friend.



1. Why force something today, if you can do it tomorrow?

2. The promises are empty words.

3. Most important things in life are music, laughter and tears.

4. True love loves others flaw and not a virtue.

5. It is difficult to understand others if you do not understand yourself.

List of five things that lead them: Life principles of each zodiac sign