11 types of hugging: The way someone hugs you reveal their intentions

We all know that different types of personality are expressed in different ways.

For example, your style of walking definitely can reveal much about your personality. Confident people often show off through life, and introverted people usually walk quickly, head down.


But what does a hug reveal about two people when their personalities physically meet in one?


Hug from the back


A Strong embrace from the back says that the partner is ready to protect you from all the difficulties and is not afraid of responsibility. He is a real Prince Charming, and you will feel safe beside him.


Hug around the waist


Even if the partner has not yet recognized his feelings, this hug speaks a lot. He is disarmed in front of you and wants to spend as much time with you as possible. But be careful: these people often fall quickly out of love.


Hug from behind


This hug is more friendly than for romantic relationships. If you are just friends now, then romance is unlikely: your friend will help you and protect you. And if you're in a relationship and it's the only embrace you've ever experienced, it's worth thinking about it. It looks like your partner is not with you out of great love.


Hug as you look into each other’s eyes


If he gently embraces you and then looks straight into your eyes, then you can be sure: this is a symbol of the true and strong relationship between you two. He really appreciates you, and everything that's happening is really important to him. Such relationships have future, and perhaps very happy one.

11 types of hugging: The way someone hugs you reveal their intentions

‘London Bridge’ hug


There is a literal distance between you, and the hug itself seems to be awkward and simply polite. It may be that you don’t care about each other and you are trying to save yourself. But why? If you don’t like a person that much, a handshake is enough.


Long hug


This hug is certainly known to everyone: it means a lot when we need the support of a loved one, and then words are not needed, just a long embrace. This partner is ready to be with you in the most difficult moments, which is very important.


One-handed hug


When your partner hugs you over your shoulder, then he tries to protect you from any kind of trouble. If you are just friends, he’s offering you help and support. But if a girl embraces a guy that way, then she probably sees him as a best friend, but a relationship is possible.


Mischievous hug


This guy has a stormy temperature and is very impatient. He tries to show quickly that his woman belongs to him and only to him. If your relationship has just begun, and he’s got mischievous hands, it doesn’t speak about true feelings. He could be a player. But if you have been together for a long time, then there is nothing wrong with this kind of flirting. On the contrary, the fire is still burning, and his love is still alive.


Strong hug


If someone hugs you lightly but firmly, then you are happy: he loves you and takes care of you. Such men are very sincere and romantic and dream of a strong and happy family. By the way, they are also excellent husbands - so pay better attention.


11 types of hugging: The way someone hugs you reveal their intentions