Zodiac signs and lies: Aries, Taurus and Gemini can't lie

If you are among these three signs, then you are one of those people who instantly turn red when they try lying.


The cheerful expression on his face doesn't have to mean anything, just like the fact that he looks very young in his mature years. If it's a man, his penetrating gaze will give you chills, because he looks somehow dangerous. On the other hand, he looks like someone for whom you can never tell what's going on inside his head. Woman Aries impresses with her controversial attitude that you can simply see on her face.   

Three horoscope signs that can't lie


He’s so casual, relaxed and witty, but also masculine, and his penetrating gaze can sweep you off your feet. The expression on his face looks as if he’s telling you that with him you are protected and therefore you shouldn’t  be fooled by the casual bohemian atmosphere that emerges from his mischevious or ravishing look. Because when Taurus speaks, more than the color of his eyes speaks the tone of his voice, so comfortable and so soothing that with him you feel pampered and safe as a small child.



Even when they look youthful Gemini are calculated and rational. If she’s trying to act like the wicked witch from stories and films, a sensitive girl who doesn’t want to grow up hides behind that image. She talks a lot, but the least about herself. If she seems like femme fatale, that’s a mask designed to protect her true nature of a person a bit unprepared for bigger emotional challenges.


Three horoscope signs that can't lie