ZODIAC SIGNS AND MARRIAGE: 3 zodiac signs that are the best for marriage: Are you among them?

Learn among which Zodiac signs are the women that are the most suitable for marriage



Once you manage to seduce Cancer woman, she will love you unconditionally and will be ready to go with you to the end of the world. Her feelings are always intense. Once you have her beside you, you will finally realize what it means to stand by right women. She is ready to do anything to make her sweetheart the happiest man on earth.

She is predisposed to experience everything in life in a dramatic way, and her presence will make your home look like a theater. However, that is a small price to be paid to live in a heaven like the one from the Thousand and One Nights. With her, you will live like a king, who is always surrounded by the most delicious dishes and comfort of carefully nourished home. Every man would like to have such a running into his arms after a hard day at work.

For her, children are sacred, and she always puts their needs before her own. That is when she will need you to jump in, to replace her, and to create a bit of free time for her to return her a favor. Everything she expects from you is to be cuddled, taken care of, and to be honest with her.


Leo Woman is strong and sharp. She is a real woman and a warrior. She has an incredible strength and ability, but she needs someone if the lid on a jar of pickle gets stuck. She seeks someone who is equal to her, so she needs a Superman rather than an ordinary man. You will adore her, and she will never have to do anything special to be adored by you, and you will always wonder what’s the catch.

Everything she does, she does for you and she gives herself fully. You will never meet a woman who will loves you more deeply than her. When she is angry, she does it in her adorable way. Every her wish is your command and with her, you will be able to realize finally what’s the true love.

She fights for her children like a lioness. She will always be there for them and protect them. If someone tries to hurt them in any way, even just verbally, they are in trouble. The only request she has for you is to adore her. You require only that you love, and what is that compared to the passion she gives you. 



Everyone would be on her knees in front of her, so why would not you? She is strong as a rock and able to handle anything. She invests enormous efforts to do what she has planned, and you will never see a drop of sweat on her noble forehead.

This woman can handle things that would broke the back of an average man, and she will do so discreetly and with dignity, so you'll wonder whether you are at worthy I of having her beside you. If you think you deserve her, be sure that your love will be have a constant flame and be warm, when all other fires fade.

Love with her will be maintained by the flame of responsibility, commitment and dedication. With her, every day gets better and better gradually, until one day you realize that from the frog you became the prince who enjoys respect and has authority over people around you. She is the one who loved you when you were ‘no one’, but with her, you will certainly become ‘someone’ – a man worthy of attention, stable, strong and responsible person. She does not live in a fantasy, but she is firmly on the ground, and she knows very well what she can expect from other people.

If you managed to attract such a woman, and you wonder how you managed to do that, you should know that she probably see you better than you see yourself. She knows what kind of person you are and how worthy you are. For that reason, she will do everything to take the best out of you. As a mother, she will be strict, but fair.  She raises the winners and the rulers. All she asks from you is to show your character and persistence, and she will gladly show you how to do it by her own example.