Horoscope and break-ups: Cancer handle break-up extremely bad, Gemini don't enter any major discussions

Aquarius never breaks up completely; Libra is very good at hiding whether they are really hurt or are just good actors


Representatives of this sign usually don't have time for long discussions and waiting for something concrete to finish. As the sign of Mars, in life they may be direct and extremely fast. When they realize that their relationship is not going anywhere and that the emotions are fading, they can very quickly turn around and end the relationship. They don't have much time to think and possibly collect the pieces, they quickly regenerate, says the website astrousluge.com.


A little bit more sensitive type in comparison to the previous sign. Great hedonist and a little slower in making decisions. He’s getting out of the relationship when there are no emotions left when they feel very bad.  Break-up ends in great sadness, and these people need a break from such decisions. You can’t blame them if they miss something or fail to meet deadlines because emotions are their forte. They don’t do anything, nor start something if they don’t have a motive for it. 


The break-up doesn't influence them at all, so they don't enter any major discussions. They get over things along the way; they don't have time for deeper examination of their feelings and for regretting and wondering why that happened to them. You may get the impression that they are not too emotional.



These people are recommended to think carefully about who they are getting into a relationship with. They are extremely sensitive, so any harsh word is like a stab with a knife to them. They can love and feel more than they would talk out loud about their emotions. They handle break-up extremely bad and they can be in long-lasting isolation and extremely inaccessible...


Their nature is always to attract extremely good things to happen, so they look at break-up with one eye closed. They pretend not to be affected and their ego doesn’t allow them to shed a tear. When they love, they do it with all their heart and often remember their first love for a long time. This fiery sign regenerates well after the break-up and doesn’t leave any big consequences because with them it’s all the matter of will.   

Horoscope reveals: Who will be ruined by the break-up, and who doesn't care that the love is dying


The pensative type of horoscope is not prone to tears so much; they are calmer than emotionally torn. Only a fine dose of relaxation is advised in their own special way, only to let out the grumpiness. Otherwise, they tolerate break-ups well. They can be obsessed with work, and they regenerate that way. 


You will never find out if they are really hurt or they are just good actors. Women especially can be covert and extremely good in calculating things. The situation in which their loved one is not on their side is not very pleasant, but you will see their tears only when they choose to do it.


They stay in a relationship with the point when they can no longer be hurt. They handle the fact that the person doesn't love them extremely bad. They simply feel it and they don't need words, everything is obvious. There is no middle here- they either love you or hate you. You can expect drama from them and revenge in which they are very skilled.  



They are optimistic by nature so that they can forgive long enough. The end for them comes when they realize that they can no longer love the person with whom they once had so much to talk about and with whom they travelled everywhere. There is simply too much of everything here, and they have no further motive to stay in that relationship. They are not vengeful; they even remember their partners for a long time with a smile on their face... 


It's not in their nature to ask for too much from their partners. Modesty exactly is their virtue, and their flaw can be that people besides them realize their restraint and cold. Basically, they are not really like that because Mars in their sign is exalted so they can really give a lot to their partner. Being cold is more of a camouflage here.


They never break-up completely. In order to be in a relationship, they have to be friends first. This air sign recovers quickly because it doesn't have that kind of emotions like signs of the water element. They recover quickly and on their feet. They are not the type who will cry or read romance novels.


They can attract extremely bad partners to their life because for them it's only important to be in love. Sometimes they can come in second place because their partner is busy. They will tolerate even that because they are the sign of exalted Venus, so everything is allowed here. A little unusual behaviour, but for them it's quite bearable.


Horoscope reveals: Who will be ruined by the break-up, and who doesn't care that the love is dying