Horoscope and hygiene: Virgos are masters in cleaning, Pisces will postpone as long as possible

Each sign of the Zodiac is different in many aspects, so the hygiene and the house cleaning are no exceptions.

Check which signs enjoy cleaning, and which don't really


Aries people are of those that go from one extreme to another.

At one moment they will lie down on the couch ignoring piles of garbage and unwashed dishes, at another they will clean as their life depends on it.

Their thorough and detailed cleaning will confuse their family, and Aries will keep complaining that they were living in a mess, and s/he is the only one cleaning

They won't rest until they finish everything they intended to do.

Taurus is organized

Taureans have a strategic approach to cleaning; they always do one thing at a time.

They make a plan and stick to it, so the cleaning won't irritate or disturb them in their everyday duties.

They take a break to rest and to have lunch; so even top-to-bottom housecleaning cannot annoy them the way it annoys other signs of the Zodiac.

For Gemini, cleaning has no end

Geminis go from one room to another doing a dozen tasks at once, while holding a cell phone in one hand.

Being pretty disorganized, they find it hard to determine when the cleaning is finished and will always think that there's something more to be done.

Gemini can get annoyed by their folks that don’t clean after themselves and give them some extra work, although they don’t notice that very often.


Cleaning is an everyday work for Cancer

There are two types of Cancer people; the first one who don't like cleaning and see it as an unnecessary evil and the second, more big one who spend a lot of time cleaning.

Their motto is 'What needs to be done has to be done'. They are perfect housekeepers if they want to be, and have everything under control.

Still, the will not pay attention to insignificant details, because what you cannot see, doesn't bother you.

Leos are detailed

Although Leos don't pay much attention if everything is nice and tidy or not, they are, just like Arieses, extremely detailed if they start cleaning.

They don’t do it because they have to or because they're expected to do it, but only when that suits them or when or when they are bothered with the mess.

They like when others recognize the effort and dedication they put into their work. Otherwise they'll be disappointed.

Horoscope and hygiene: Virgos are masters in cleaning, Pisces will postpone as long as possible

Virgos are masters in cleaning

Housekeeping, tidying up and cleaning are the main hobbies for the majority of Virgos.

It is a big question whether they ever stop cleaning. Even when resting they'll do some household chores.

Virgos will turn the volume up, open all windows and systematically clean room by room until their home becomes spotless. And after the work is done, they'll be very satisfied.

Libra likes to clean in company

Although Libras like a harmonious layout, they are not crazy about cleaning.

It is more important that things are in their places than that floors, windows and dishes are washed.

Anyway, if motivated, they will do their best, but they will still prefer to work in the company of their friends.

They will expect their partner to join and do his/her part of the job.


Scorpio is motivated by the rest after cleaning

Just like everything else in their life, Scorpio has a serious approach to cleaning as if it were a matter of life and death.

They take their tasks very seriously, focusing at one at a time without taking rest in between.

They would rather spend 10 hours cleaning so that they can enjoy afterwards than to clean bit by bit, and do it for days. Unfinished jobs drive them crazy.

Sagittarius is the best at scrubbing

Sagittarians boast to be the best in everything they do.

So it is not a surprise that they believe that no one can scrub a bathtub or a cooker as well as them.

After they're finished, they will demand others to do their best, nagging at the same time that they would do that better.

No one denies that, but people consider them a nuisance.

Capricorn delegates the chores

Capricorns tend to make to-do lists, form the must- do to things to be done if there are time and will.

Capricorns will demand that everybody do their part of job, at the same time negotiating about who will do what

They will enjoy after they have finished their part; they like he feeling of accomplishment after a successfully done job

Aquarius is a creative cleaner

Aquarians have very specific cleaning method. They are of those people who can't do the up-to-bottom cleaning in a day; they need a week at least.

In fact, they stick to their plan, elaborating the advanced techniques of cleaning to shorten the time needed. While doing it, they come up with new ideas how to organize, move or decorate something.

Pisces will postpone as long as they can

Pisces are people who will postpone the cleaning and tidying up as long as possible.

They don't see the point of cleaning when everything will soon be the way it was before, so they consider it to be a waste of time.

Still, they will do it if they are expected or told to.