Why you always have your heart broken: To Aries the greatest enemy is their explosive nature, arrogance to Leo

To Aries the greatest enemy is their explosive nature, arrogance to Leo, and to Capricorn constant complaining about nonsense.

This behavior is the most common reason why people leave them


Not everyone can handle you. More precisely your mood swings. Even though your moment of temporary insanity passes quickly, sudden rage outbursts may keep many people from staying with you. You are definitely not the match for the weak.


At first you play 'cold', act like you are unavailable and completely 'cool', and actually you are head over heels in love. Once you relax and show what you really feel you become too possessive and obsessed with your partner and you're constantly looking for attention. This may begin to suffocate the other side if you are not understood the right way and then your heart will inevitably be broken.


Your main drawback is inconsistency. You may seem very insincere to others because it is not clear whether you want to be in a serious or casual relationship. You let everything take its course, not wanting to risk anything by being too serious, and it is precisely this excessive 'casual attitude' that may cost you a good relationship.

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Your insecurity and the constant need for your partner to show that he loves you and that he needs you, may chase people away. Unless you find someone who thinks in a similar way, this is the most common reason why you will be left. If your partner doesn't assure you that you are loved, you will become suspicious and jealous, which won't help this situation.


Sooner or later each of your partners will realize just how important you are to yourself. If you are arrogant on top of that, many won't tolerate it. Even though you can pack this into your distinctive charm of a Leo in the beginning, in time people will see through you.

Why you always have your heart broken: To Aries the greatest enemy is their explosive nature, arrogance to Leo


You think too much and analyze everything. That is simply who you are. But this is also how you'll treat your partner which can make him feel as if he's not good enough for you and that he never does anything well. In fact, you will be the first to break a heart to your partner, and then they will be forced to break yours.


Constantly self-pitying and whining over their own destiny is not attractive at all. Nobody wants someone who's constantly thinking only about negative things by their side. With such behavior, your partner may feel worthless with you, as if he can't do anything to make your world better and more positive. That's why they will most often decide to break up.   


You simply have too many secrets, and that doesn't go together with the honest loving relationship. Trust in a relationship is crucial, and if that doesn't change in time, the other side will go away.


Empty promises are the most common reason why partners leave you. If you keep making them, your partner will expect you to keep them , and if you don't, they'll realize you're lying or making up.

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Your biggest enemy is complaining about nonsense. Learn to choose your battles because a lot of things are simply not important, and they can make you lose a good partner.


Running away from feelings or displaying them can cost you your partner and his heart. People can't wait forever for you to open up and show what you really feel. Your fear of broken heart can actually lead you exactly to it if you don't do anything about it.


You are actually never satisfied with your life. The constant search for something better and escape from reality can chase away people who want to be part of your life.