It is definitely not a Cancer, or a Scorpio: Which is the most handsome horoscope sign?

Even being skinny, Scorpios has quite a strong physical constitution, while a Cancer is slender in youth, but puts on weight after thirty.

Take a look at your astrological sign and find out what the stars have to tell you. Find out who is the most handsome sign of the Zodiac


Arians are athletic, have muscles in spite of excessive weight. They look strong and have strong facial features. Often they have a darker hue of the skin and straight, thick and sometimes red hair. Their appearance is in line with a strong and energetic personality that is characteristic of this character. They are not prone to put weight on and usually dress sporty and simple.



On a pleasant and symmetrical face of Taurus, there are highlighted eyelids, rounded nose, fuller lips and a radiant complexion. Members of this sign usually have a harmonious figure and proportional body, and weight is proportionately distributed even when overweight. They look very pleasant, but strong and fragile at the same time. They like to dress elegantly.



They are always ready for action. With expressive faces, they often appear younger than they are, and their eyes are very conspicuous. They have quite long arms and legs, usually are slender and tall, and seem very graceful and elegant. Members of this sign have not a prominent muscles and waistline. They like to wear different styles.



Usually, Cancers have a round face and prominent cheekbones, but also a striking nose - it does not have to be big, but has the specific form. Chin is round, dark and thin hair. Although being slim when young, most Cancers significantly put a lot of weight on after thirty. Their neck is usually shorter, and they usually have sensitive skin. With their look, they leave an impression of gentle and subtle people.



Leos are famous because of their mane, their thick and shiny hair is a real trademark. Also, Leos are adorned by the broad forehead and wide jaw, as well as a beautifully shaped nose. Usually have strong musculature. They like to dress modern and to spruce up.



Whether they are men or women, they are quite slim and if overweight, they usually accumulate in the hands and stomach. With harmoniously body structure and facial features, they are classified as a beautiful sign. They have highlighted cheekbones and eyebrows. They like to wear clothes of neutral colors, and they dress stylishly.

It is definitely not a Cancer, or a Scorpio: Which is the most handsome horoscope sign?


Libras have a very pleasant face, oval. They are often taller than the average, and they seem very sophisticated. They usually have a very distinctive eye color. The lower part of the body is often stronger than the upper, and their chest and waistline are narrower than the rest of the body. Libras love to dress up, and they nurture their look.



Even when skinny, Scorpios have a quite strong physical constitution. They have broader shoulders, distinguished face with sensual lips and piercing eyes, and with the irregular nose. Members of this sign usually have a brown and thick hair. Scorpios love to be dressed up, but do not like to seem pushy.



Sagittarius is the most handsome of the entire Zodiac. They have an average body structure, they are athletic, but this natural gift can easily be spoilt with the excessive consumption of food. They had an oblong face, round forehead and expressed and bright eyes. They like to dress sporty and simple.



Capricorns seem unremarkable, but stand out because you are quite bony. They possess an elegant and long neck, and bony shoulders. Usually have lower and medium height, and their eyes are large and conspicuous. They have a receding chin, striking teeth and a nice smile. Capricorns like nice clothes, but do not like to wear vulgar.



Aquarians are usually of medium height or low, and have a fuller face and a brighter hue of the skin. When they get fat, often have a dewlap, and after thirty can have problems with weight. Usually have smaller hands and feet, but beautiful legs. Their eyes are a little watery, but nice and soft, they have big lips. Members of this sign do not give great importance to the clothing.



They are characterized by a beautiful hue of the skin, soft skin and fine facial features, which is usually round or oval. They have a strong and thick hair while their eyes are the most beautiful thing they have. The upper part of the body is usually thinner than the bottom that is round and wide.