THIS WILL STUN YOU: We all have mysterious bioenergy field, and we are not aware of it!

Biochemist, Dr. John Norman found evidence of a bioenergy field around human beings.

He conducted hundreds of experiments with a dozen subjects, and his results are incredibly reproductive. Other scientists, such as William H. van den Berg and William van der Sliss, managed to achieve the same results.


Previous research on the human bioenergy field included photon sensors. Dr. Hansen opted for a different approach. He wondered if the bioenergetic field if it exists, has enough power to move torsional pendulum - a device sensitive enough to be moved by a slight force. He hung the pendulum over the head of the respondent and noticed clearly visible swinging of the pendulum.


‘After I’ve conducted control experiments to exclude air currents and other possible causes of moving, I concluded that the pendulum was moved by some kind of force field created by the subject sitting under the pendulum. We do not know of any force within the electromagnetic spectrum that can produce these results. It is possible that we will reveal the conventional explanation for these surprising results, but it is also possible that we have discovered a phenomenon that requires the development of new theoretical concepts’, he explained in his 2013 study.


It was also noticed that the effect of human presence remained there for about 30-60 minutes after the subject left his place. When other forces are concerned, like the air current, the pendulum returns to its immobile state as soon as the source is removed. Each subject influenced the pendulum with the same force, indicating that ‘influence on the pendulum requires no talent or exercise’, Hansen wrote.

THIS WILL STUN YOU: We all have mysterious bioenergy field, and we are not aware of it!

"However, it has been observed that some subjects, especially those who have been practicing meditation for many years, have very different effects when they are in a state of meditation and when they are not ... which indicates that the mental state of the subjects strongly influences the movement of the pendulum’.


Is there a conventional explanation?


Van der Berg and Van der Sliss used the same pendulum as Hansen did and noticed the same results. They say that a change in air temperature could create convection. They placed a layer of plastic between the head and the pendulum and found that the influence on the pendulum disappeared. They said that the plastic cut either a mysterious bioenergetic field or a source of heat. Hansen replied to this study, giving the reasons why heat is not what moves the pendulum.


For starters he said:


‘If you put a thick plastic shield between the subject and the pendulum, the force of the energy field will work on the plastic, and the pendulum could move if a part of the force exceeds the shield. The force cannot pass through the shield and influence the pendulum, because it conflicts with the basic laws of Physics’.


Hansen said that Van den Berg did not take into account the effects that remain after the departure of the subject. He wrote: ‘The basic law of physics of the pendulum is that a pendulum, which is moved by an external force, returns to its immobile state when the source of force is removed’. Any heat transfer by convection would disappear shortly after the subject left its place. For this reason, convection does not explain the effects that remain after the subject leaves the place. Hansen said that the effects of the bioenergy field somehow remain ‘recorded’ on the pendulum. He also said Van den Berge's study did not take into account different frequencies in which the pendulum oscillates in the presence of the subject. The pendulum oscillates only on one frequency when the subject leaves his place.

THIS WILL STUN YOU: We all have mysterious bioenergy field, and we are not aware of it!