Zodiac signs: What were we like, and what we will be like when we get old

This analysis will come in handy to those who intend to spend life with somebody.

 Some traits typical of a certain sign in youth, for example, when you marry someone, can become quite the opposite when a person gets old. So, choose your partner carefully and take a look what you can expect in future.


A young Aries is a real menace to his/her parents. These kids are full of life and always in action. Ready for all kinds of escapades, they often get injured. They are interested in everything, the life especially. They won't wait before they get engaged in what they find attractive, so it is the best to be open with them.
They can quickly rush into marriage or forever avoid it since they consider the idea of marriage quite unclear. Being of individual nature, they are always ready to surprise and excite their husband or wife. Life with them is everything but boring.               When they get old, they can still continue at the same pace, and the problems begin when their health and age do not allow this anymore. It is hard for them to lead a quiet, established life and if they miss sports activities and excitements, they can become real nuisances. If they, they will be engaged in sport till their last breath, and you'll have to follow, whether you like it or not. If you cannot, they will go into adventure alone.


Taurean kids are cuddly and comfortable. They have a weakness for sweets and tend to take the path of least resistance. They can ingratiate themselves and to charm people around them. If they live in good material conditions, they are happy. If they live in poverty, they will remember their childhood as a truly painful period.                                                                          

They usually get married out of love, or wealth. Their properties are as important as their loved ones. They will avoid a marriage with a person of a weaker financial status. Taureans like to enjoy life and earthly pleasures.                                                                       If they have increased their fortune in the course of life, the will spend their old age enjoying it. They are not ready to share, especially with those who didn't deserve. If they happen to be poor, they can become old people full of bitterness and discontent.



Moves and contacts are what make Gemini kids happy. These kids always have to be on the move to prove their identity. They easily communicate, and that's why social life is important to them. They like to talk and express themselves; when they start talking, they can hardly stop.

If they're in a relationship, their partners must know that their friends are an important part of their lives. Travels and socializing are something that enrich their lives and make them happy.

When they get old, it is important to keep in contact with their friends, so to have someone to talk to. If they are lonely, they become unhappy, and they should find a hobby that could help them find new friends. If their partners are communicative enough, their old age can be very amusing and full of new experiences, whether through travels, different social activities or those of intellectual character.


This introvert and sensitive child usually worries his/her parents. S/he should be treated carefully and gently, but not kept under a glass bell. S/he should be introduced to adulthood gradually, to get used to the harshness of everyday life. The need to retreat into his world of dreams and imagination is good, but if you notice that it happens very often, encourage the child to take a part in some open activities.

 Cancer marries with a true desire to start a family. Occasional instability is in connection with a subjective mood change, but deep inside s/he has clearly identified goals.

If they manage to create a home and family, they will spend their old age visiting relatives and socializing with friends. If they stay alone, they will become nostalgic and melancholic individuals. These people remember everything, so they often live in the past.


„I have to be the center of attention, and if I am not, I will do anything to be noticed“. That is how Leo children behave. If they do not get enough attention, they become a real nuisance. They have to be shown that it won't always be the way they want.

The moment they enter marriage has to be pompous and noticed. They marry out love, but it wouldn't hurt that the marriage brings a certain status. They like splendor and luxury. If there is no audience, they are unhappy.
When they get old, it is important that people know about them. If they achieved something in their lives, they could speak about their achievements for hours. If not, they turn into people ready to pretend that they are something they are not. When they get home and analyze their lives, their pride will not allow admitting the failure. They will make up stories about their achievements and deceive others.  

Zodiac signs: What were we like when we were children, and what we will be like when we get old


Virgo kids are usually well-mannered, almost refined. They are well behaved and try to be decent and good. They usually set an example for other kids. Parents do not have problems with them.
Before they enter marriage, they will analyze even the smallest trifle when it comes to a partner and their future life together. They will be occupied with unimportant details, so their life will sometimes lack spontaneousness and passion. There are also those who will always find something about their partners that bothers them, and they will postpone marriage for as long as they can.

When they get old, they turn to real hypochondriacs. Sometimes, it happens earlier. If they are in a harmonious marriage and had a job where they could show what they can do, they will lead a good and organized life even in the old age. Small things that mean nothing to others can become everything to them. If a Virgo missed something important, s/he will nag and suffer from something, in psychology, called transfer- nagging about things that have nothing to do with the thing missed.


Libra children can charm everyone around them. They are those kids who always have a smile on their faces. They have no problems in making contacts, and their behavior are very steady. There is a problem when they have to decide something, but they are still young to do it on their own. As a parent, if you want to please them, they can drive you crazy by their hesitance. If you see that they are not mature enough and ready to decide, do that for them if possible.

The marriage is one of the most important things in their lives. They think that life shouldn't be live alone. Love and honesty, together with righteousness are their ideals.

If they succeeded in personal relationships, they would live a harmonious life in their old age. If they stayed alone, they would feel lonely and, even at that age; try to find their better half. If they manage to do it, they will be fulfilled and happy.



Provocation is a topic these kids like to play with. They like to tear down old patterns and build up new ones is their favorite game. Sometimes, they are too serious, and being emotionally immature; they can fall into the trap of revenge and fight for the sake of fighting. When this happens, their parents should stop them and show them the right direction.

When they enter marriage, they do it seriously. They can't stand superficiality and indolence. Sex is crucial to them, and they try to improve it through relationship or marriage.

If they manage to overcome all difficulties and win all important battles, they will spend their old age in thinking what was left behind them. They will sometimes laugh cynically, and feel strong because of everything. Even then, they will try to be as active as possible, whether in sport or in sex. If they are alone, it is most likely that they will turn to studying the occult, especially death. Sometimes these old people wholeheartedly prepare for departure, and they often teach others to do the same. For them, the death is just a part of life.


Sagittarians are the children that make the life relaxing and exciting for their parents. There are no problems and worries with them; everything is smooth and easy. They like to travel and explore, even when young. They can easily gain weight, so they should eat fewer sweets.                                                                                                                                                                                      When they get married, they do that spontaneously. They are well-balanced and pleasant; people like to socialize with them.  They have a good sense of humor which is crucial to them and helps them to overcome potential difficulties.
When they get older, some of them turn to real 'philosophers' who can always give a good piece of advice. Others, the more down-to-earth types, put on some weight and enjoy. They become either respectable citizen or a hermit. If they missed something important in their lives, they wouldn't be embittered, but try to overcome that with humor.


Capricorns are specific when it comes to time. This sign is almost inversely proportional to the time sequence. In the childhood and youth, they behave and act like old people- too serious, cold and stern. But, behind that, the great sensitivity, vulnerability, and desire for achievements are hidden, as well as the fear that something could go wrong. That's why they carefully prepare, organize and behave maturely. They are usually defensive; in school, they are smart students.

 They enter marriage thoughtfully unless they postpone it for the sake of their career. They use both their heart and their head when they choose their partners.

As they get old, there is an interesting twist. All those seriousness and maturity give way to cheerfulness, relaxation, and casual attitude. They are like wine. It is not until they reach the maturity, which they let themselves have fun and enjoy life. That's why their faces become cheerful and bright. 


These kids are usually specific or have rare talents. They like to surprise with all sorts of antics, which their parents cannot even imagine. If their parents are tolerant and open, they will enjoy together with their little Aquarius, but if they are conservative, the little Aquarius could encounter resistance and frustration. However, it is important not to give them too much freedom, and to teach them basics of social conventions, so to fit easier into society late in life.                                                                           For them, marriage is a partnership of two equal people, and they will live it that way. Sometimes, they rush into marriage, and sometimes live alone maintaining some occasional discontinuous relationships.

They like to have different hobbies. They are very amusing. If you share their interests, the life will continue as if there is no old age. There are those cases when an old lady of 80 passes a driving test or take yoga classes or learns something completely new.


Pisces are usually gentle children who often confuse reality with imagination. They have an artistic talent that should be nurtured. Their parents should teach them to have a realistic view of life, so that they are prepared for its harshness, and to handle with problems.

 They expect to get married out of love and tend to idealize the person they love. So, they sometimes get hurt when the see the real situation. If the marriage is harmonious, they are happy.

 When they get old, they surrender to the imagination, creative work or simply doing nothing. When they get bored, they make up intrigues. Sometimes they lack sincerity, so they tell things that are not true, whether on purpose or not. They can be confused, and depending on their character, they can act it. There are those that enjoy lounging around. If you are with someone like that, try to give their imagination a more useful direction.


Zodiac signs: What were we like when we were children, and what we will be like when we get old