CALCULATE! Numerology of house number: The coincidence does not exist!

In the next steps, you will discover which mental energies attracted you to your homes, those past and present.

They say that when choosing the condo, there is no coincidence. Subconsciously we choose our homes for a reason. Numerology of the house number reveals the energy that sustains us and teaches lessons that we need.

In the next few steps, you will discover that the subconscious energies attracted you to your homes, those past and present

How to calculate the numerology of your home? Write down your house number and reduce it to a single – digit number.

For example: Lisbon Street 658

6+5+8=19  1+9=10   1+0=1

Your number is number 1

If your apartment has a number than the apartment number is your primary number, and the street number is secondary.

For example: Lisbon street 252, apartment n. 59

5+9= 14  1+4=5


The biggest impact on you has a vibration of number 5, and secondary of number 9.

Number 1 represents the independence and the beginnings. It indicates a self – development and individuality. The challenge for you will be the termination of projects, and you can feel isolated.

Suggestion: Work on good relations with others.

CALCULATE! Numerology of house number: The coincidence does not exist!

Number 2 represents a marriage, partnership, good relationships, generosity, diplomatic relationships and the compassion. The challenge can be a queasiness or dependence on others.

Suggestion: Listen to your internal voice; be involved in the larger world and not only in those with your close one.

Number 3 represents miracles, openness, optimism, progress, expansion, great vision and a rich social life. Possible challenges are spreading too fast, pumping energy and attitude of "buy now, pay after."


Suggestion: Remain grounded as much as you can, focus on taking care of yourself, and do not forget the others.


Number 4 represents stability, treatment, volunteering, helping others, objectivity, reality, fulfillment and job satisfaction. Possible challenges are that your job can take domination over your life or work without pleasure.


Suggestion: Find time for fun and focus on life balance.


Number 5 represents change, freedom, adventurous spirit, excitement, communication, travel and romance. The problem can show as you will exaggerate in all, in good and in bad.


Suggestion: Take time in making decisions. Be persistent regarding objectives, and make sure that this enormous energy will be manifested where you want.


Number 6 represents harmony, balance, social responsibility, family and creativity. Possible challenges are the giving and the aloofness.


Suggestion: Strive for a balance between giving and receiving. Hang out more with other people and be sure to see more of the world.


Number 7 represents poise, inner wisdom, holiness, dreams and visions. Possible challenges: You will difficultly share the space with others; you will be more focused on spiritual than on material world, and you'll feel as no one understands you.


Suggestion: Use your creativity to find people with similar views and become friends. There must be a lot of them.


Number 8 represents wholeness, abundance in all areas, strength, leadership, public recognition and inner peace. Possible challenges are money problems and self-centeredness.


Suggestion: Express gratitude more often, learn from the lessons of experienced and think about someone else's well-being.


Number 9 represents humanity, wisdom, generosity, compassion and good luck. The possible challenge is that because you look at the bigger picture, you will not notice in which fields of life is necessary to focus the energy.


Suggestion: Live your truth and be an example to others; use your energy to experience the life mystery.

CALCULATE! Numerology of house number: The coincidence does not exist!