DECADE HOROSCOPE: Each zodiac sign has three faces

This is the main reason why two people born in the same sign are not the same.

Decade horoscope in front of you reveals your traits, character and destiny more accurately than any other...

Zodiac in length consists of 360 degrees, and is divided into 12 signs, each sign has exactly thirty degrees, which can be divided into three equal parts of ten degrees. These parts are called tens or decades. Tens are given to signs of the same element, to which the sign they are part of belongs.

That is how decades in the sign of Aries are associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, so all three decades represent fire signs. Each decade is ruled by the ruler of the sign it was assigned to, so in the example above the first decade will be ruled by Mars (Aries), the second by Sun (Leo), and third by Jupiter (Sagittarius). Every decade has its own meaning and can further clarify the nature of man and his preferences.


I DECADE (03/21-30)
Ruler Mars

You are full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. Your life is full of excitement and adrenaline, and what you are missing is patience and self-control. In love you are rash, you quickly lose temper, and shut down emotionally even faster. Pay attention to head, teeth, eyes and ears.

II. DECADE (03/31-04/10)

Ruler Sun

You are a born leader, you seek a dominant role, walk with your head high, preserve pride and enjoy admiration and compliments from your surrounding. You are generous and giving. You have a lot of friends and active social life. You posses a talent for seduction.

III. DECADE (04/11-20)

Ruler Jupiter

You are active and entrepreneurial. You strive for high and respectable positions in society and at work. You are a great adventurer and explorer. You are capable to realize your ideas. Success and money await you on a business plan, and marriage out of love on the intimate.


I. DECADE (04/21 -29)

Ruler Venus

You are endowed with beauty, charm and sensuality. There's something about you that attracts people near you. You like music, fashion, tasty food and fine wine. You are erotic, seductive and can’t imagine life without a partner and love.

II. DECADE (04/30- 05/09)

Ruler Mercury

You are communicative, eloquent, you can be successful in writing, design, trade and public relations. You have a lot of hobbies. You early start to earn a living. Your relationships usually start from friendship and it is important to you to share the same interests with your partner.

III. DECADE (05/10-20)

Ruler  Saturn

You are ambitious. Financial security and professional success mean a lot to you, so you invest a lot of energy into it. You are very persistent, stubborn and unadaptable. You don’t give in to feelings.


I. DECADE (05/21- 31)

Ruler Mercury

Communication, educational institutions, the entertainment industry, work in media are some of the areas in which you can achieve success. You are talkative, funny, nice, love to be admired for your cleverness, and your gestures are lively. Watch your temper.

II. DECADE (06/1-11)

Ruler Venus

You enjoy seduction, you know how to make others like you, you are always in the center of attention, you have many acquaintances but few true friends. You follow fashion trends. Staying in a long relationship quickly bores you.

III. DECADE (06/12-20)

Ruler Uranus

You are intelligent, resourceful, you are attracted by people of strong character and unusual way of thinking. You have many talents and can do more things at the same time. You love your freedom and it is not easy to keep you in one place. Your relationships are full of ups and downs.



I. DECADE (06/21-30).
Ruler Moon

You are romantic, sensitive and intuitive. You are loyal to family and traditional values. Your mood can change several times in a day. You are a dreamer and you are caring with those you love. You hide feelings, you are vulnerable and afraid of emotional injuries.

II. DECADE (07/1-11)

Rulers Mars and Pluto

In childhood, you are reserved and shy, in adult age you turn into self-conscious warriors, not allowing anyone insult and belittle them. They find it difficult to cope with the storm of emotions and passion that they are hiding from others. They are generous, sensitive, sometimes arrogant and provocative.

III. DECADE (07/12-22)

Ruler Neptun

You are the artistic soul and can’t imagine your life without a good book, dance, music. You love sea and water, it relaxes you. You are prone to illusions, especially when you fall in love. You are not afraid of solitude, but fear the loss of love and loved the person.


I. DECADE (07/23- 08/02)

Ruler Sun

You are theatrical, you can impose yourself, draw attention, seduce, show self-awareness and the richness of character. You don’t tolerate authority, although you are happy to impose it on others. You love children, play, fun, beautiful things and the high life. Pay attention to your heart and blood system.

II. DECADE (08/03-12)

Ruler Jupiter

You are generous, optimistic and fun. You know how to handle money and basically it comes easy into your life. You have high moral principles, and appreciate truth and honesty. You may spend a part of your life abroad. You have many love relationships through life.

III. DECADE (08/13 - 22)

Ruler Mars

You are energetic, passionate, active and determined. You can’t stand monotony and you're always looking for some new experience. You find it difficult to control emotions and your love life is turbulent and unpredictable. Greatest danger to your health is the crazy and stressful pace of life.

DECADE HOROSCOPE: Each zodiac sign has three faces


I. DECADE (08/23- 09/02)

Ruler Mercury

You think a lot, analyze for long, you want to plan everything and nothing is left to chance. You appreciate quality and excellence. You try to give the best out of you. You're a great workaholic. You suppress feelings and can never stand up for yourself.

II. DECADE (09/03-09/12)

Ruler Saturn

You look cold and calculated, you control your emotions and you are often too suspicious and cautious. You hide feelings out of fear not to be hurt. You are rational at managing money.  Financial stability is important to you, and you don’t trust emotions too much.

III. DECADE (09/13-22)

Ruler Venus

You are meticulous, with fine taste, always dressed well and carefully styled. You have a sense of diplomacy, you don’t like rudeness and try to be polite to everybody. You are good at your job. You run away from intense feelings, and observe partner with a critical eye.


I. DECADE (09/23-10/02)

Ruler Venus

You have a magical smile, irresistible charm and with nice words you open all the doors. Marriage and love are very important to you. You simply don’t know how and can’t be alone. By nature you are indecisive and not independent. You are often engaged in activities that are related to beauty or women.

II. DECADE (10/03-12)

Rulers Uranus and Saturn

Behind the friendly nature there is a strong character hiding. As much as life may hit you, you'll always stay on your feet. You are like an iron fist in a velvet glove. When you get angry, you can be dangerous and ruthless. Ambition can take you on a journey of business success.

III. DECADE (10/13-22)

Ruler Mercury

Maybe life hasn’t been kind to you, but it has initiated you on the path of self-realization and personal development. You are gifted in music, dance, acting. You retain youthfulness and vitality for long.


I. DECADE (10/23-11/02)

Ruler Mars

You often you have exceptional skills, sometimes supernatural. You have strong character, you are passionate and you always want a challenge and proving. You can be vengeful and jealous. You may be in highly stressful or risky business. In love, you are not particularly faithful.

II. DECADE (11/03-11/12)

Ruler Neptun

No matter how hard you experience emotional tempests and storms, it won’t show on you. You have a great power of self-control, but also charisma. In one phase of life you may turn to mysticism. You are deeply intuitive, creative and intelligent.

III. DECADE (11/13-21)

Ruler Moon

You are complacent, but also very imaginative and sensitive. You radiate sex appeal, seduce with a glance which is impossible to resist. Although you can be self-destructive and you can go through a difficult life crisis, you have a great capacity for regeneration. You are indestructible.


I. DECADE (11/22-12/01)

Ruler Jupiter

You are adorned with great optimism, thirst for knowledge, interest in distant travels and other cultures. You have a nose for business. You know how to enjoy and your favorite motto is ‘live and let live’. Happiness often awaits you far away from the place where you were born.

II. DECADE (11/02-11)

Ruler Mars

You may come into possession of secret knowledge, study history and ancient civilisations or engage in work that will awaken awareness of other people of their role in life. You can’t stand it when someone imposes authority or holds you back. You leave parents’ home early.

III. DECADE (12/12-21)

Ruler Sun

You strive for success. You have to achieve something more, be above the average. You are vain. Although you have many friends, your personal space is more important to you. You like nature, travel, philosophy interests you, research work. 



I. DECADE (12/23-31)

Ruler Saturn

In your life everything is a quest, and no matter how many thousands of kilometers you have to cross, you will not give up until you get to your goal. You are persistent, consistent, serious and responsible. Early in life you are faced with a renunciation, but it is only your way towards the top.

II. DECADE (01/01-10)

Ruler Venus

You early mature, and feel pleasant in the company of more mature people. You are rational, thrifty, but it is possible to be blinded by luxury, and even greed. You are good in the organization of work and work with people. You are faithful in love. 

III. DECADE (01/11-19)

Ruler Mercury

You have a high opinion of yourself, you invests a lot in education and career. In adult age you enjoy your achievements. You strive for spiritual development, but material pleasures are not unknown to you. You like black humor.


I. DECADE (01/20-29)

Ruler Uranus

You are sociable, funny, hungry for progressive ideas and unusual experiences. You like people, you are original, direct, and for most people elusive. In your spirit, you are ahead of your time, you love science, science fiction and everything can excite and intrigue your mind.

II. DECADE (01/30.-02/08)

Ruler Mercury

You are very communicative, direct, think a lot and talk fast. Creative work and teamwork suit you best. You love the company of young people, you can make interlocutors laugh and have fun. In the intimate plan you will often confuse love and friendship.

III. DECADE (02/09-02 /18)

Ruler Venus

There is a conflict between the old and the new within you, between the desire to move on and stay where you are. You can achieve a lot in work related to fashion, design, new technology. No matter how skeptical you are, you don’t cease to explore everything that is new and unknown.


I. DECADE (02/19-28)

Ruler Neptune

You are imaginative, creative, can be gifted for composing music, writing lyrics, dance, literature and acting. You are extremely intuitive, prone to idealizing and platonic love. You don’t have much sense for practical, you trust your first impression and your intuition.

II. DECADE (02/29-03/09)

Ruler Moon

You are romantic, vulnerable and emotionally insecure. You love children, and care about the family and those you love. You help the weak and the powerless. It's hard for you to leave parents’ home. Mother has a special role in your life. You fall in love easily and you are in eternal search for a soulmate.

III. DECADE (03/10-19)

Rulers Mars and Pluto

You are endowed with sex appeal and you are very skilled in seduction. You are possessive with your loved one and often put pressure with high expectations. Intuition is your guide through life. For you it is important to have a clear goal in life, and developed strategy for its realization.