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Fun, games and making people laugh are just some of the things that people born in this sign do best.

This is the sign that likes to think about a million and one possibilities and they decide on the one that will bring a good mood. When they make jokes, they don't do it because they are mean, but because they are playful, love to laugh and like to see you laugh.

They are - Gemini!

Gemini will always be able to see the bright side of any inconvenience and will help you to laugh at the insanity of it all.

Gemini is a child in his soul and if you are looking for someone with whom you can laugh and have fun, just call him and make a plan. Just be prepared for the change of plans, because Gemini always changes things.

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They can't help themselves, they are spontaneous creatures of nature who have more sides of personality. While some people are able to hang on to same things forever and ever, Gemini can't stand that.


In love with Gemini, the main advantage is his playful and inspiring spirit. Life will never be boring with him and he will keep you in suspense the whole eternity. Gemini wants to give you excitement and moments you spend together are far from ordinary.

Finding unusual and super unusual things is something that is always a priority for Gemini - especially in relationships.

Regardless of how you look at this sign, there are tons of magnificent things he can offer.

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If you are lucky enough to have a Gemini in your life, then you know that your world sparked when you found him. He gives us excitement, turns our world and helps us see the bright side of life.

We thank them for helping us realize that life is for living and laughter.