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Feng shui has become very important in recent decades when it comes to home decorating and

entering objects into the house for which it is believed to bring good luck, peace, wealth.

But very few people know that a pet can bring an incredible amount of good for the whole family, and it is a goldfish.​

This animal is very much valued in the whole oriental world and Buddhists respect it very much, because it represents one of the sacred emblems of the Buddha.

Eastern nations firmly believe that families that have goldfish in their home live long and healthy, and the Egyptians since ancient times believed that this pet brings happiness to the entire family.

In a house that has this pet, there is no illness and divorce

Just married Greek women receive goldfish as a gift to be happy in marriage and have children, and many believe that goldfish is the most powerful talisman to attract wealth.​

The Chinese believe that goldfish draws and retains good chi energy in the house, without which, according to their belief, there is no peace, prosperity and money in any home.