Zodiac signs and their biggest fear: Gemini is afraid of not being good enough....

Stressed moments and disappointment are main factors for having incertitude.

Virgo and Gemini crave to be accepted and appreciate by others, and Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius want to be loved.​

The main fear of Aries is to depend on others

On first sight, a member of this sign seems to be independent and self – confident, but this attitude often is only a camouflage. Their fear is to depend on others because, in this way, their mood will also depend on others. From close people, they need to receive backup and attention, if not, they become insecure and depressive. At that point, they assume “negative Libra” characteristic.  


Taurus is afraid of incertitude   

No matter of whether it comes to loving, finances or business aspects, the main inner fear of this sign is incertitude and the feeling of not controlling the situation. For that reason, when talking about relationships, they will need much more time to gain confidence in the partner, and lose the feeling of being the one who might give more love. If they do not feel good, they assume “negative Scorpio” characteristic - possessiveness, anger, vindictiveness.


Gemini is afraid of not being good enough

No matter how communicative and expressive they are, members of this sign are aware of being complicated and having changeable behavior. Although surrounded by a person with whom they agree, they secretly suspect of being loved and accepted for what they really are, or for what they get from that relationship. In a crisis situation, they assume “negative Sagittarius” characteristic - do not want to listen to other people's explanations. Their head is in the clouds, and they become sarcastic.


Cancer is afraid of underestimation

Members of this sign are very sensitive regarding how important they are to the other persons. Their incertitude comes out in situations when they feel  neglected, unloved or when called out when something is not done properly. In this kind of situations, they assume „negative Capricorn“ characteristic – become pessimistic, withdraw into themselves, and feel sorry for themselves.


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Leo fears that you will stop loving him  

Losses of position and public humiliation are the situations in which the members of this sign will show their weaknesses. If you ignore their needs and wishes, you will see their inner insecurity - the fear of not meaning so much to close people as they think they should. In this situation, they assume “negative Aquarius” characteristic – sarcasm, pulling back into themselves, and running away from those who hurt them.


Virgo is afraid of being figured out by others

Members of this sign are used to wear the mask of sangfroid, which rarely can be breached by anyone, but necessary to hide inner insecurity. Their primary complex is the feeling to not be so good, hardworking, capable and charming as people experience them, and because of that, they feel constant pressure to maintain an excellent impression. In the stressed situation, they assume “negative Pisces” characteristic - weepy, emotional, destructive and hysterical. 

Zodiac signs and their biggest fear: Gemini is afraid of not being good enough, Virgo is afraid of being figured out by others

Libra is afraid of backbiting

Social standing with the members of this sign is the top one, but the biggest incertitude for them is the idea of talking badly about them, underline their shortcomings or misinterpret their actions. They are afraid to be rejected and have little confidence in how much they mean to others. In the stressed situation, they assume “negative Aries” characteristic – become aggressive. They yell and squabble.


Scorpio has a need to turn out as brainy one

Members of this sign do not have many complexes, but one incertitude is always by their side – to not be perceived as smart or capable enough. If they feel to be exposed or vulnerable, they think that others may take advantage of this and gaining ground among them. In the stressed situation, they assume “negative Taurus” characteristic - become sarcastic and passive.


Sagittarius has a fear of being forgotten

Although it seems not having ambitious, the philosophical members of this sign have a huge need to be liked by people. It’s important to them to be remembered by good things, and all critics about themselves are received in a very personal way. If they do not receive compliments about their work or behavior, the sense of inferiority will appear. At that point, they assume “negative Gemini” characteristic – become superficial with unrelated speak, upset and very unpleasant in communication.


Capricorn is afraid of letting themselves go

The members of this sign are insecure and distrustful when emotions are in question. They consider not be up to other’s people games and are afraid of being hurt if showing their trust and emotions. Because of that, they act as cold – blooded, but in the stressed situation, their vulnerability comes to the fore. At that point, they assume “negative Cancer” characteristic – moody, possessive, jealous and very emotional.



Aquarius covers the lack of self - confidence  

Although they look like the opinion of others does not affect them, members of this sign often cover the lack of self – confidence. However, since they do not want to merge with the masses, but want to stay as an individual, they act as not touched by other's conviction. At the same time, they are afraid of being easily replaced by loved one. In the stressed situation, they assume “negative Leo” characteristic – do not want to listen. They run away from discussions and assume high heel's speaking.


Pisces is afraid of being taken for granted

The members of this sign are not insecure. They only think too much about human relationships. One of the biggest fear is to be taken for granted. Exhausted by caring for others, tired and disappointed, in stressed situation Pisces will assume “negative Libra” characteristic and will become a critic, cold, perfectionist and will not choose the words to hurt other with.


Zodiac signs and their biggest fear: Gemini is afraid of not being good enough, Virgo is afraid of being figured out by others