Zodiac signs and humor: Aquarius laughs from heart, Scorpio is very original when telling the joke

Some horoscope signs are real jokers, and some are so rigid that even when they tell the best possible joke, no one finds it funny. What signs should you hang out if you want to get a good laugh…


He will tell short jokes, listen to even shorter, and laugh if he has time to get them. They are the funniest when they try something in superhero style and have a close encounter with the sidewalk. If you think that's funny and it was done on purpose- you are wrong so don’t laugh too loud.


If you are telling jokes to Taurus, do it at a full table, because the path to his heart, and even to the laughter, goes through the stomach. Never tell jokes about being lazy or stingy, Taurus may think it’s about him. They are the funniest when they want to understand something that can not be touched, cooked, or kept in the wallet.


When you see that someone is often laughing like crazy with or for no reason, it is quite possible that this person is a Gemini. While you are trying to understand the point, Gemini is already telling the twentieth joke, and he went into another street, looking at puberty laughing by a group of students.



Never tell jokes at the expense of their mother.That could trigger serious criticism of your personality. They are very funny when they fall in love because they don’t mind kissing plenty of frogs that are potentially a Prince or a Princess. Their jokes are mostly about marital disputes and the role of neighbors in all of that. 


Making Leo laugh means being a jester in front of the king. But you need to have to be natural with innate skills; they recognize plagiarism. Leos are never funny, but even when they are, you should refrain from jokes at their expense. Be sure to laugh at their jokes because they are the best in everything, therefore, even the funniest. 

Here's how funny horoscope signs are


When a Virgo spills coffee or wine on himself, don’t you dare laugh, even if the scene is hilarious. That is tragical, not funny, for God's sake. They like jokes with a clear point, don't bother them with some stupid word games, they will start analyzing them into detail, and then you won’t get the point.


You can’t tell Libra that she is beautiful or that he is handsome under no excuse if she were not wearing the latest clothes from her closet and didn’t get her hair and facial in a beauty salon. This is not funny, but you will laugh your heart out over the drama regarding the choice between Fanta or Schweppes and turning left or right in a department store. Tomorrow there will be some new difficult decisions to make.


They are very original when it comes to telling jokes. In every political joke there is a possible conspiracy, and that is not funny. The way they gather information when they suspect that their spouse is cheating on them resembles films about Inspector Clouseau. So, laugh all you want, but at a safe distance. 



If you ask a Sagittarius to explain you something, by the time he tells you everything about the philosophical emergence of this phenomenon, or in short, ‘the ancient history,' you will forget what you were talking about. They are the funniest when they cheat on their partners, because their attitude is ‘do you trust me or your own eyes’, and if you are there, don’t laugh.


What jokes and childish things, don’t you have anything better to do, you will be asked by Capricorn. With goofs such as those who tell jokes all day long, Leo doesn’t have much in common. He's funny when he needs to use humor to win the sympathy of the new boss; he will surf the internet in order to find jokes and he will be the best as always.  


While Aquarius laughs from her heart at a situation or a joke, you are wondering for the third time now whether you are really that stupid, so you don’t understand, or Aquarius is a little weird. You’ll figure out their word games three days later. If at that moment you are in the middle of lunch at your in-laws, don’t laugh out loud. Laugh when you see Aquarius.


The most important thing to know is when to tell a joke to a Pisces; it is possible that they are suffering today, so they don’t feel like it. It’s not a problem even if you tell them the same joke for the eighth time; they’ve certainly forgotten it by now. And when they tell jokes, concentrate, it is possible that in the middle of a joke they remember how their parrot escaped, and start crying.


Here's how funny horoscope signs are