Astrology reveals the secret of your beauty

Taurus has fantastic skin, and Leo, of course, beautiful hair...



Accented face features. You are a fire sign which, besides your significant energy and charisma, also shows on your face. Clever contouring can change, highlight and improve some parts of your face. With a little help from an expert you can learn the art of highlighting and shading in order to emphasize good parts and hide flaws. You should invest in the fine make-up kit: brushes, sponges, make-up itself, and contouring will become an integral part of your daily routine.


Fantastic skin. Considering that this sign is ruled by the planet Venus, your face and body skin is very silky and sensual. Treat your skin with creams and lotions that will make you look and feel fantastic. Start with a good scrub, and after the treatment be sure to use nutrient cream. For the stunning result, that is, tight and shiny skin, use oil or a seductive shimmer.


Youthful look. Regardless of how old you are, as a Gemini, you have a youthful look that is very attractive. So no matter whether you're 20 or 60 always chooses to emphasize your youthful features with make-up, rather than over do it with strong makeup. Emphasize what you consider to be most appealing about you, but also, take care that other things (clothes, accessories, perfume) go along with your appearance. 



Stunning beauty. Cancer really has unusual beauty, and if she wants to emphasize her wonderful, tender and sensitive energy, then she should learn how to use blush- as her secret weapon! Experiment with colors. Choose dark ones for the evening, and use light and soft ones during the day. Try contouring your cheek bones and part of the T zone with dark shades. The result is stunning looks! 


Beautiful hair. When you have great hair, then you should use it- literally speaking. Work with best hairdressers and ask for specific instructions for special care. You shouldn't leave just the salon with gorgeous hair; you should keep it shiny and smooth all the time. Once you find your hairdo and color, it is time to invest in fancy hair clips and headbands- become your own hair styling expert! 

Astrology reveals the secret of your beauty


Perfect skin. As a perfectionist, you are willing to put in extra effort to look great, and you want your skin to look perfect as well. Considering that it is naturally beautiful- pay attention to its care. Start by using products that deeply cleanse face and regulate the appearance of pimples, red or brown spots. Then find a good primer that you should apply to your face before applying make-up. If you are using concealer or powder, choose the right shade because it is necessary for a natural and nice look. 


Manicure and pedicure. When your finger and toe nails look fabulous, ready for any important event and going out at any time. You can do your nails at home, in case your budget and time are limited. If you decide to visit the salon, besides comfort and letting others worry about you, you will have time to relax and maybe in those pleasant moments contemplate about everything that is on your mind.


Seductive lips. There is no one more sensual than Scorpio. If you still haven't mastered the art of highlighting the mouth and achieving the sexy look, then go right now in front of the mirror and start practicing. For a bold look, start with a lip pencil in order to achieve the natural shape –  this way in addition to pronouncing them, it will make your lipstick last longer. Then choose your favorite color of lipstick and finally put on some lip glow. For hypnotic appearance (the one that no one will be able to resist) use a lip glow in color. Don't forget – the one thing that should always be in your purse is lipstick!



Beautiful eyelashes. You are a true queen of a flirt, so the more you emphasize and curl your eyelashes, the more seductive power you will be getting to fascinate anyone who has had any contact with you. If you want them longer, you can try out false lashes that will help you overcome the length problem. Then buy the best mascara that will either make your lashes longer or thicker depending on your needs.


Strong eyebrows. As a Capricorn, you have extremely strong character but also strong eyebrows that make you look a lot more serious. Considering that Capricorn often has very thick eyebrows, it is very important to define their shape first. The person who can help you the most in that is a beautician who will accurately adjust the shape of your eyebrows to your face. The color is also important so let a specialist do the job. Then invest in care products such as pencils, brushes and color itself.


Distinctive looks. You are an individual and your appearance should be recognizable and unique. Celebrity trendsetters in the sign of Aquarius, Farrah Fawcett, and Jennifer Aniston had the courage to pronounce their different look, so why shouldn't you? This is the right time to relax and express yourself – through make-up, hair and perfect outfits. 


Eyes – mirrors to the soul. You have the possibility to make significant contacts with people who feel pleasant around you- and think of you as the only person in the universe. You have your eyes which are full of warmth and are a true mirror of your soul, to thank for that. That is why it's important not to do over it with eye makeup because you are supposed to emphasize them, not cover or hide them.

Astrology reveals the secret of your beauty