The main characteristics: A woman in the mirror of the Zodiac

A woman is a source of eternal inspiration, beauty, joy, all divine gifts, but also of mysterious secrets and changeable nature.

Women and its beauty were studied by many philosophers, painted by many painters, described by many writers and poets. We will present you a woman from the astrological point of view, and some of their traits which reveal the main features of woman's nature, but which are recognized through the characteristics of certain astrological constellations.

ARIES 21. 3 – 20. 4.

She is determined, likes everything that is clean, clear and precise. She responds quickly and actively to everything. She pays more attention to acting than to thinking. Worries overwhelm her only for short periods and don't leave deep marks. She does not succumb easily to discouragement and pessimism. Her self-confidence is amazing. She is courageous and venturesome. She is able to go step by step in order to achieve her goals.

She also takes some risks, so not to get lost in the labyrinth of hesitance. Her enthusiasm and dynamism are strong enough to overcome every difficulty. She takes initiative and when on a turning point, she decides quickly. She is ready to take risks and challenges, often showing a lack of style.

She can't stand complicated situations; and doesn't like people who find pleasure in confused stories and events. She is casual and direct. It happens that she hurts somebody by her impulsive reactions, although she didn't intend to. Her character has a big influence on her behavior in love. She cannot be considered to be a love slave. She is too independent to be put into a cage, even a golden one.

She is looking for mutual understanding, which will provide a life free from doubts and scenes. She is jealous, and she doesn't hide it, she demands clear answers. If her partner starts avoiding her, she will confront him. If he cheats on her, her pride will be hurt and her ego shaken; she will not easily get over that. She wants to be an equal partner in a relationship. If she finds a man weaker than her, he can get submitted. But, she doesn’t like that kind of relationships.

An ideal man for her is one with a strong character. Her courage, enthusiasm, spontaneousness will play a great role in her emotional relationships. She is gentle to her partner even in public, and he is touched by that. But she will ask him to show his emotions as well. Both in life and in love, she asks for complete engagement. She gives all or nothing. Sometimes she is extremely kind, and sometimes shows signs of egoism: she thinks of herself first, then of others. She doesn't like lies and deceits.


TAURUS 21. 4 – 21. 5.

She has both feet on the ground and likes everything constant and tangible. Daydreaming is only her way to relax. She never fantasizes, and can't be deceived by empty promises and sweet illusions.

As a friend, she is very loyal and expects that her friends be loyal too. If she gets betrayed, she will not react violently. Her reactions are slow and almost invisible, but very deep and often permanent. If she makes sure that someone behaved badly, or used her, she will never forgive. She is a very vengeful person. She is not a proponent of changes or reversals, or anything that can change established a course of her life.

She respects principles, prejudice and concise ideas. Her personality is strong, although few weaknesses exist. Her way of life sometimes leads to passivity and indolence. She runs away from problems and troubles, she doesn't like complications. Love has a big role in her life. She is not a personification of passion, turmoil, and romantics, but of tenderness and indulgence. A physical appearance is what attracts her to men. In the beginning, it doesn't concern her much what is behind that, but if it becomes serious, she wants to make sure that he is the right one.

She finds it hard to bond. Love matures slowly in her heart, and her feelings gradually develop. She cannot stand the presence of other women, even if she is a colleague of her partner. She can easily weave the web around him, to keep him for herself. If she finds out that her partner was unfaithful, she is ready to retaliate.



GEMINI 21.5 – 21. 6.

Dynamism is the most important trait of her character. He extremely appreciates freedom and independence. She doesn't allow anyone to rule over her, or to impose their will. She is brilliant, but not very insightful. Sometimes she has the wrong opinion of people who wish her good and is even able to insult them.

Likewise, she misjudges those with bad intentions. She is capable of finding her way to success. She is ambitious, but not overly ambitious. When she works, she wants others to recognize her efforts but also expects the material gain. She will never accept a job that is not well-paid. She spends money easily.

In love, as well as in life, she highly appreciates her own freedom. Even if she falls in love, she is afraid to bond. She is faithful in love and in marriage. If she divorces, she never forgets her ex. She is not jealous and appreciates modern customs and habits. She will forgive if a partner cheats. But, sometimes she will rather end a relationship than stay with someone who deceived her. She is very dynamic in love but doesn't show her feelings in public. She is the communicative and sociable person who has a lot of friends. That is why she cannot be with someone who is not as dynamic as she is. In her constant search for a company, she will not always be successful. It happens that she's alone even when with people. She will probably never realize that it is better to have a few loyal friends than a lot of those who pretend and are insincere.


CANCER 22. 6 – 22. 7.

She is very sensitive, sensual and emotional person. But, to protect herself, she hides her feelings. Sometimes, she hides in her world surrounded by high walls. Getting into that world is hard. In childhood, she feels safe in her parents’ home. Later in life, she tries to create her world where peace and tranquility will prevail. She is not too energetic, nor too realistic, nor too active. The fear of the unknown prevents her from moving forward and overcome her problems. She is satisfied with herself and doesn't want to change much.

Her running away from the unknown can be understood because she often faces troubles, inconveniences, and uncertainties.  Her sensitive nature swiftly reacts to every kind of aggressive behavior. When she faces a serious problem, she can turn to a' dragon-women' who sacrifices herself to the end. She can be a dreamer, and she likes to think. But, she has one big shortcoming: she can be easily influenced at. If people who are not very close to her cannot influence her, those whom she loves certainly can.

Love means everything to them. That's her greatest need. She searches for a man who can provide support and security. Her nature is very sensible and romantic. She dreams of an infinitely romantic love and passionate feelings of two soul mates. Her thirst for absolute love is hard to quench. Just like in everything else, there is a difference between dreams and reality. And that's what she's afraid of the most.


LEO 23. 7 – 23. 8.

She is a strong woman who will not let the life play games on her. Her vitality, will, and determination make her a woman that dominates. She likes action and movement. She finds it hard to be at one place all the time, to daydream and do nothing. She cannot stand indolence, even when she's relaxing. Her pride, and often vanity, plays a big role in achieving her goals at all costs. She is very precautious. Her self-confidence is too high to meet the current state. In the relations with others, she follows certain rules. Soft and unidentified feelings drive her crazy.

Her personality can't be easily adjusted to people with restrained feelings. That's why she cannot stand people who sit on two chairs. Although being honest, she likes to make jokes. She can present her little troubles as big ones, just to attract the attention. She is generous and likes to make people happy. But, sometimes she is too self-centered to think of anybody except herself.

Faithfulness is her greatest virtue. To change her opinion of someone, she has to be seriously deceived. She has a strong character; she cannot be influenced at. In human relations, she hates whining and complaining. If a man attracts her attention, she will let him know. If she is in love, she completely succumbs. 

The main characteristics: A woman in the mirror of the Zodiac

VIRGO 24. 8 – 23. 9.

She analyses everything that happens around her. She has an aversion to everything that is dictated by instincts. She is not spontaneous with people and doesn't show fascination or desire for socializing.

She is reserved and shy by nature. When she meets a man she likes and who likes her, she will not immediately fall into his arms. Mainly because she is not certain what she feels. She will always wonder is that the real love or just a temporary fling. To make it clear, she will first test herself, and then the person she likes. She hesitates to succumb to her feelings because she is afraid of being hurt.

She is a slave to her habits. She lives in a safe nest that she created for herself, and keeps asking herself is that person going to destroy that peaceful place. Once she conquers her fear, she will show the man she's chosen how devoted she can be. She is a faithful woman. Discreet and considerate in everything. What she has inside is of much bigger significance than what she shows.

LIBRA 24. 9 – 23.10.


She is not determined or energetic. She always hesitates in decision making, and it appears that she cannot make up her mind. She is not ambitious, and she always needs someone to take over some of her duties. In everything she does, she gives her best. When she thinks that she cannot solve her problems, she retreats and reconciles with her destiny. She wants to please others, she is sociable and likes to go out.

There are two personalities in her: one to be shown, sometimes quiet and timid, sometimes quite the opposite, furious and explosive, and other which she never shows, which is hard to be revealed. Afraid not to be revealed, she pretends to be different than she is, often hiding behind the mask of kindness and smile. She is an excellent actress, even before her friends. She doesn't like scenes and arguments but often cannot avoid them.

She is not even aware that it has her who provoked them. She is very sensitive and passionate. She possesses an exquisite charm. People see Libras as charming, pleasant and mysterious. Libra is brilliant. Many Libras make mistakes, considering the choice of their partner. Libra thinks that her partner has to be her main support, but that she usually gets attached to someone who turns to a tyrant as soon as he senses her weakness. The best partner for Libra would be a man who can appreciate her qualities and who wouldn’t complain about her lack of energy.

She needs a partner with a strong character, but careful and tender at the same time. She doesn't like to change partners often.



SCORPIO 24. 10 – 22. 11.

She is not passive, quiet and timid. Her nature is impetuous and passionate. She never does things partially. Disappointments and failures affect her deeply. Her instinct dominates in everything. Her best decisions are dictated by her intuition. Her first impressions about people and things are usually accurate and precise. She doesn't make tactical or psychological mistakes. Some women want peace, but not Scorpio. Her feelings are intense. You can immediately tell if she likes you or not. She is not of the cold kind of women.

Her passion and strength make her a seductive woman. Many women born under the sign of Scorpio, although not being natural beauties, have a fascinating and magical effect on men. Someone might think that love is just a game for her, but that is not true. She is very sensible.

She is ready to give herself in, and her partner becomes a center of her world. She doesn't settle down even when she gets married.   She likes action and to be on the move. For her, love represents, not only passion but an eternal battle with life challenges. She subconsciously wants to dominate people, things, and events. Her partner cannot avoid that. She will always want to impose her will.


SAGITTARIUS 23. 11 – 21. 12.

Her character is expressed in two ways. The first one leads her to a peaceful life while the second is quite the opposite. She is daring, independent, wants to overcome current obstacles, takes risks. She is very ambitious.  She is not indifferent to anything that may help to enhance her reputation. She has a great sense of all life's values, and she doesn't like mess and anarchy. Her temper is hasty, impetuous and wild and always pushes further.

That vitality, hardly understandable to her environment, has to be shown up. Although sometimes she wants to be alone, she likes to hang out with friends. She cannot stand hatred. Her natural cheerfulness and sense of humor have a big role in her relations with other people.

She is open and loyal. In love, her first wish is to meet a man who is going to praise her and whom she can introduce to her friends. She despises mediocrity and hence cannot be satisfied with just anybody. For her, love means devotion and her partner has to be a man of a strong character. She doesn't like people who don't show their feelings. The man of her life has to show openly his love and to prove it consistently. Is she jealous? Not much. But, she will never forgive betrayal.


CAPRICORN 22.12 – 20. 1.

Her relation to life is realistic. She likes stability. She respects only those people who have certain values according to her. She doesn't like to waste her time on irrelevant and volatile situations. She despises small-talks. She is realistic. She can accurately estimate a sequence of certain events. And she is a great organizer. At work, just like in life, she doesn't like to attract the attention. She works hard and diligently.

The solace is her haven. She decides, in a way, to live aside.  It cannot be said that she is a big optimist; the life is a serious matter for her. She doesn't expect much fun, nor does she believe in miracles. She is not easy to conquer. For her, love cannot come out of the blue. Capricorns very rarely experience great love stories. When she falls in love, or better to say when she admits it, it is usually after a long friendship with a man. When she decides to get attached, it is for a lifetime. 

Neither long periods of separation nor time can disturb her love. Her partner has to be patient to the maximum. It is good to know that many Capricorn women stay unmarried. Those who get married, mostly in their mature age, do that out of need, and not love.


AQUARIUS 21. 1 – 19. 2.

Behind her, sometimes ironical, attitude there is uncertainty and low self-esteem hidden. She lives in her dreamland and isn't brave enough to face the truth. Her world view is idealistic. She can easily be influenced. She is aware of that, she fights it, and put a mask of irony, and sometimes, cynicism.  He possesses an open spirit. She analyses every person tries to understand. She does this out of a wish to get close to people, not just out of curiosity.

She is not very ambitious, but she easily gets promoted. She is extremely sensitive. She likes changes and travels, but being hesitant, she rarely does that. She is very seductive and attracts the attention of men.

She needs time to choose the right one, but once she weaved a web of love, that is for the lifetime. In love, she is very generous. Her partner will get all the love and emotions. She cannot stand a tyrant. She needs a man who has a strong character, and who is more realistic than herself. She hates lies and fake friends.


PISCES 20.2 – 20.3.

Her character is full of contradictions. She is probably not aware of this, but for a majority of people, she is a strange and elusive person. She is prone to mood swings. She finds it pleasing to be covered in a veil of mystery and doesn't allow anyone to get through. Her tendency for daydreaming and strange situations makes people thing that she is over' Fantasmic', deprived of any sense of reality. Harsh words, critics, malice, can hurt her emotions deeply.

She has no strength to fight, or to face life troubles; she lets others lead her. Still, she is not entirely deprived of the initiative. If she manages to get a real support, she will bravely go forward. She is a pure idealist and a dreamer. She wants or would want, to sacrifice herself for something big to reach her ideal. She is completely tolerant to people. She is very intuitive. Her personality is very complex. Love gets her confused from the beginning.

If she feels sympathy towards someone, she is not sure on herself, so she keeps quiet. She fears that she would be cheated, rejected and abandoned. She thinks that she couldn't endure suffering. She always balances between desire and restraint, and that balance provides comfort. The man she chooses has to be careful not to say something that can hurt her. In love, she seeks for tenderness, tact, and secrecy. She needs her dreams. Her daydreaming will not disturb her real life. Still, the love that will attach her to one man won't be simple at all. Her feelings will always be full of turmoil.