Zodiac signs and alternative medicine: Scorpio have a tendency to acupuncture treatment, Taurus – chromotherapy and music therapy

Depending on the characteristics of the rulers, some Zodiac signs are attracted to alternative medicine technics.

As for example, Scorpio, due to the sharpness which is their symbol, have a tendency to acupuncture treatment. Find your Zodiac sign and discover which method suits you best.

Aries – Physiotherapy and Kinesitherapy

Your sign is ruled by Mars, so if you are not moving enough, there is a possibility of energy deadlock in the organs and of other disorders such as allergies, headache and eye inflammation. To prevent them on time you should be on the move as much as possible – practice some sports or gymnastics. Helpful can be physiotherapy, shiatsu and reiki massages, Kinesitherapy and reconnection. Useful are the diets based on oligoelement, iron, and copper.


Taurus – Chromotherapy and Music Therapy

Your peaceful and patient nature affects your body that has a slower biorhythm. That is why relaxing therapy suits you best. Chromo and Music Therapy, as well as alternative methods that are using the power of color and sound, which are ruled by your planet Venus.  Ability to secrete many glands in the body depends on the intensity of the light. Change of day and night in different ways stimulates a function of the epiphysis, a gland that produces melanin, which helps us to fall asleep.  

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Gemini - Macrobiotic

Because Mercury is a ruler of your sign, you are using your intellect much more than your emotions. Although you are outspoken, you are prone to impatience and nervousness. Nutrition based on natural food that didn’t suffer a bigger treatment process can prevent or mitigate respiratory diseases, which are your weak point. The macrobiotic diet involves consuming different types of whole grains, especially rice, legumes, vegetables, nuts, and fruit. Avoid use of meat and fish.


Cancer – Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies are formed by dissolving in water, the element that is managed by your ruler, the Moon. Same thing that causes a disease, in minimum quantities creates a kind of vaccine that increases the body's resistance. Homeopaths treats the disturbed energy manifested through disease, and the cure depends more on you than on the type of disease.


Leo – Thermotherapy

Members of the Leo zodiac sign are not suited for long-term therapy, and they would prefer if the body could heal by itself. Therefore, heat treatment can be very effective because your sign is ruled by the Sun. Thermotherapy resources - water, paraffin, healing mud or mud mixed with paraffin, allows quality expansion of blood vessels, they reduce pain, make muscle to relax, and speed up your metabolism.


Virgo – Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy – therapy with vegetable herbal extracts  - it is in accordance with your love toward nature, but also resistance to surgical interventions. With healing herbs, very valuable substances (essential oils, vitamins, natural antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, enzymes) get into your body, making it stronger and more resistant, improves metabolic processes and eliminates harmful substances from it.


Zodiac signs and alternative medicine: Scorpio have a tendency to acupuncture treatment, Taurus – chromotherapy and music therapy


 Libra – Aromatherapy

Because of the ruler of your sign, Venus, aromatherapy is the best choice for you, helps to prevent diseases or speeding recovery. Aromatic vegetable oils and essences have an antibacterial effect, as well as antimicrobial and antiviral, and oils increase the effect of massage and healing touch. These are methods that work for you. The power of essential oils is not reduced with time, but they have to be properly kept. As your sign is ruled by Saturn as well, metallotherapy and crystal fit you as well


Scorpio – acupuncture

Your sign is ruled by Pluto, planet of regeneration, so you are recovering quickly after an illness. Do not be afraid to deal with any treatment, including a surgical knife, with the condition that are able to help you. A sting of Scorpio, that is present in the symbol of your sign, shows that you are attracted to all that is sharp, so acupuncture suits you best, an alternative method in which needles are used. Fixed on meridians, channels that are covering the whole body, needles can help to establish the proper flow of energy.

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Sagittarius - Astrological Medicine

The symbol of knowledge, Centaur, is a ruler of your sign, and that's why the astrological medicine can help. From the natal horoscope of the patient, doctor astrologer can conclude which organs are most susceptible to disease, and through the planet, the transition can determine the most favorable period for the start of treatment. For you, best are homeopathic medicines selected based on which planet in your horoscope is "attacked," which is usually a sign of the weakness of a particular organ or body functions.


Capricorn - Chirotherapy, metallotherapy, crystal therapy

Your ruler Saturn is managing the bones, and that’s why chirotherapy suits you. In addition to the knuckles and bones, this therapy has a beneficial effect on the muscles, on respiratory, reproductive and digestive organs, nervous and endocrine systems. Appropriate is also a crystal therapy and metallotherapy. Crystals concentrate and leak a certain length of light that penetrates the appropriate organ, which favorably affects the immune system, nervousness, and depression.


Aquarius - Oriental Medicine

Thanks to your ruler Uranus, you are an open minded, attracted by various forms of alternative treatment, yoga, and meditation. Oriental medicine is for you, massages and stimulations of energy flows, with medicines based on plants. Ginger has an analgesic action, and for centuries is used to treat knuckles diseases and rheumatism, toothaches and headaches, your weak points. Fresh ginger root is recommended for warming up the body, to sweat up and to discharge harmful substances, while the dried root is for a cough, rheumatism and stomach pains.


Pisces – Pranotherapy

You are emotional and caring, so anxiously experiencing any disease. As you are ruled by Neptune, a symbol of extra sensitive ability, you do not like aggressive, but quieter forms of treatment, such as pranotherapy. Laying on of the hands of your healer above your body without contact, his energy starts moving through your body. Good communication between you allows to prana, the vital energy, to circulate evenly.