TEST: How old you really are?

Many people feel a lot more mature than their peers, and some, on the other hand, consciously or unconsciously, act and think as if they were much younger.

Answer honestly to questions in this test and find out if your age is in accordance with your birth certificate.

1. For going out with friends you would choose ...

a) ... karaoke bar

b) ... jazz club

c) ... pub with live music

d) ... restaurant with soft sounds of piano

2. How do you react to criticism from your boss?

a) You scared listen to his monologue

b) You tell him that you will quit your job tomorrow

c) You defend yourself and point out to your virtues

d) You let him believe that he is right

3. Your parents announce a big surprise. How do you react?

a) You listen to them stunned

b) You wonder what they mean by great surprise

c) You are impatiently asking what it is

d) You tell them they behave childishly

4. Which out of these four colors you like the most?

a) Orange

b) Red

c) Green

d) Blue

5. How do you react when your partner preaches?

a) You offended leave the room

b) You fight back by listing his flaws

c) You ask him to explain in detail what’s the aim of criticizing

d) You tell him that he’s exaggerating

6. You often start your sentences with...

a) I love to...

b) Let me explain...

c) I can see that...

d) I understand that...

7. What do you like most in a partner?

a) His mysterious look and smile

b) Teasing remarks

c) Gentle touch

d) Baby talk and gentle declarations of love

8. Do you remember something from the earliest childhood, when you were less than five?

a) Absolutely nothing

b) I vaguely remember one or two events

c) A lot of things and very clearly

d) I don’t know if it happened like that or it is imagination


9. You get the chance to meet your favorite person from the world of celebrities, how do you react?

a) The closer the moment is, the more you think it is a dream

b) You immediately call everyone you know to boast

c) You remember what you've always wanted to ask your idol

d) Not sure how to behave when you meet them

10. What music do you listen when you are feeling romantic?

a) Reggae

b) Blues

c) Jazz

c) Classical

TEST: How old you really are?

Solution of the test

Most answers in (A)

Ahead of your peers

You've always been much more mature than your peers, quiet and composed person, as if you were born much older. You don’t like crowds, superficial and accelerated modern lifestyle and prefer to retreat to a quiet place, away from other people's looks where you freely indulge in relaxation. You never try to reach a goal at all costs, because you don’t want to waste energy in vain. You calmly resolve life problems.

Most answers in (B)

Great child

It’s as if you remained forever locked in the magical garden of your childhood. You are very spontaneous and easily change the mood. In no time you start crying or laughing and you experience everything very intensely.

The world of ‘adults’ doesn’t suit you at all because it is, in your opinion, too serious, stiff, dull and uninteresting so you often flee to the fantasy world, from which you draw enormous creativity.

Most answers in (C)

Rebellious as a teenager

It seems that your teenage spirit is very active. You like it when you are surrounded by friends and you very skillfully fought for your place in society. You are insolent, rebellious, provocative and happy to test the boundaries to which you may go with such a behavior, ignoring other people's reaction. Your only goal is to be different from the others, save personal freedom and not subordinate to the authority.


Most answers in (D)

In accordance with the birth certificate

You manage your life without mistake. You are very rational and always put emotion in the second plan. You define your goals in advance, always finish whatever you started and build the stable world around you, that perfectly suits your wishes and needs. You had a carefree childhood, exciting youth and now you are ready for a successful and stable career and peaceful family life.


TEST: How old you really are?