Four horoscope signs with the biggest salaries

Research showed which signs are really liked by the stars. By analyzing answers and salaries that rich members of different zodiac signs earn, they came up with some interesting coincidences.


As it turned out Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Cancer on average earn more than 100 thousand dollars a month, which is more than any other average income. Many astrologers associate money with the second and eighth astrological house ruled by Taurus and Scorpio, so it’s not surprising that these two characters are on the list of the richest.

Many Taurus under the influence of Venus develops a refined taste so that luxurious life for them is a necessity that will create a sense of security, stability and comfort. However, hard-working Taurus are talented to manage their money so that they won’t allow unnecessary waste of money. 

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Scorpio is also looking for comfortable life, which their innate ability to invest usually gives them. Due to powerful energy of a Scorpio, even the most hidden desires can become reality. Leo wants to be noticed and respected and they often achieve that.

Their energetic approach is something that everyone will remember and why they will be adored. Such social reputation often requires a lot of money because the Leo will be investing large amounts of money to pay for clothes, gifts and dinner for their close ones.

However, natural leadership abilities that this horoscope sign possesses will bring many Leos leading positions in various companies, so their wealth will often increase faster than it gets spent.

Four horoscope signs with the biggest salaries

Sacrificing Cancer is driven by a desire to provide for their family and carefully arrange their home. In order to achieve that, they will develop their work ethics and ambition, and this desire will soon become a reality.

Hardworking and successful Cancer will most often go on living their lives modestly, enjoying the blessings and security that they provided for themselves. Find out here who earns the least.

Web site CareerBuilder in its study came to a conclusion which zodiac signs earn the least. On top of the list of the signs that are not so favored by the stars are Aquarius and Capricorn, who on average earn under 35 thousand dollars.

Imaginative Aquarius often follow their ideals, they don’t settle for compromises between desires and reality, and that gap is noticed in their field of finances.


Due to their desire for ideals, these signs will often find work in public services or do humanitarian work which will keep them satisfied, but will also bring them paychecks that are slight below average.

On the other hand, Capricorn strives for acknowledgment and respect in society, so we can find them at leading positions of many non-profit organizations.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all the Capricorn and all the Aquarius will be complete failures in the financial plan, because in the world scene we can see many successful representatives of these horoscope signs.

Four horoscope signs with the biggest salaries