Which month in 2018 is the worst for your horoscope sign?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to avoid unwanted situations, the stars impose problems and bad phases.

Find out which month of the year will be difficult for you and be prepared to face the difficulties.


Astrologers in this article are trying to help you avoid problems and negative thoughts in difficult times in 2018.



According to astrology, June will most likely be a difficult month for this sign, as their 6th house of health and daily obligations will be compromised. Aries must devote time to themselves and take care of their health. They don’t like the slow pace of life, but they have to slow down to make it easier to handle the difficulties that expect them.



September is the month when the Taurus will see a lot of turn overs and changes, as Uranus has a strong impact on their astrological chart. They have to stay patient and wait for the changes to make their own.



In August, your seventh house of love and partnership will be endangered. There may be potential misunderstandings, but this will end by the end of the month.



March is a hard month for Cancer. They need to pay attention to communication, slow down and talk directly about their problems in order to solve them.



For Leos, August - as a birthday month will also be difficult because it is a retrograde period. While making birthday plans, they must make sure that they will be able to realize them before or after the retrograde process. They need to avoid misunderstandings with their loved ones.



December will be a difficult phase for Virgos. They can expect that conflicts will occur in their personal and professional lives, as their eighth house will be somewhat disputed during this period. They have to try to breathe deeply and even with the presence of great problems, realize their life plans.

Which month in 2018 is the worst for your horoscope sign?


January and beginning of February is the most challenging time for these individuals. They may be filled with tension, anxiety, and lack of sleep due to too much work. Their health could be compromised, so they should make time to go and see the doctor and address these issues.



April may be a difficult time for Scorpios as they tend to feel a little more sensitive than usual. There are chances that they will face past relationships during this retrograde phase in March, which will make their April days difficult.



November is the month to correct mistakes. The sooner you take responsibility for your previous mistakes; it will be better in the future. However, this can be a difficult phase for you.



April is the month when Mercury's retrograde life creates certain chaos when it comes to your health, so if you're dealing with any health issues at this moment, you have to take care of it.



July is the month in which you will feel as if someone is testing your health and love life. Although this year is generally good for Aquarius, this month might feel like they are alone in the world. They need to pay attention to certain areas of their lives where it is needed.



May is the month when Jupiter influences this horoscope sign, and this could lead to some serious overload. They have to devote time to themselves, try to be calm because things can get worse.


Which month in 2018 is the worst for your horoscope sign?