DO YOU HAVE BAD KARMA? Find out easily, and here’s how to get rid of it! React as soon as possible, make your life easier!

Karma is a repetition of certain events in order to heal and change our spirituality. Discover the tricks to help you get rid of bad karma, and make your life easier.

Sometimes we constantly attract the same negative energy through people or the environment until we discover the weak side of the personality, our spirit, or the things we do.
For example, if you have recently changed the job - it's a different place and different people, but a tense atmosphere and relationship with colleagues are similar to your previous job. The same problem can occur in love relationships by regularly having fights with each partner.
All of these familiar situations that repeat regularly represent a signal that the change is necessary to cure the problems of the past and finally move towards the desired point.

That's why we give you a few steps that will help you recognize and deal with bad karma:
1. Identify your karma
Wherever you go, or whoever you meet, you will go through identical situation under different circumstances. For example, you often argue with people who have different views from yours.
These situations, which you create yourself, prevent people from approaching you or make them uncomfortable when they are next to you, and you feel isolated and wonder about why you are not able to establish a stable friendship.
This is one of the cosmic obstacles that can prevent you from spiritually evolving, but they can be anything that is regularly repeated in your life.

2. Be awake
In order to recognize bad karma, you need to be awake, in touch with your spiritual needs, and understand what the obstacles in front of you are.
Sometimes we allow people to hurt us, we allow certain situations to be repeated or simply we are not aware of our inner strength.
Because you are not spiritually alert, you allow things to happen outside of your control.

DO YOU HAVE BAD KARMA? Find out easily, and here’s how to get rid of it! React as soon as possible, make your life easier!

3. Make a change
Once you discover the reason for repeated bad karma in your life, the next step is to make a change. If you have an unhealthy relationship with someone, and there is no longer a way to save it, give up on the people who hurt you.
If you understand what mistakes you make, make a change, be more gentle towards people, forgive more, be more calm, self-confident or stronger.
Start working on things that you want to happen, define what you expect from yourself and your life.

4. Control your attitude
Your attitude towards life, people, or situations is sent away and at the very end, it returns to you. Be relaxed and positive because - what you give, is what you will get.

5. ... and your reaction
The way we feel or think is reflected in our behavior. Certain situations are repeated in our lives to help us change.
A classic example of bad karma was best described by Professor David Isaakson: a man is yelling at a woman who then yells at the son who then kicks a dog that eventually bites his father.
If you control your thoughts, you control your reactions and finally, you control karma.
Karma is not a punishment, but a teacher who is there to teach you how to live your life better.